Wife shares her husband’s epic laundry fail after he put washing powder in the tumble dryer because he ‘thought it was the washing machine’ – The Sun

A MUM is on the hunt for a clothes line after her hapless husband broke their washing machine – by confusing it with the tumble dryer.

Australian TV presenter Lisa Wilkinson shared a hilarious text from her daughter, Billi FitzSimons, while she was away on a two-week trip.

It seems while the mum-of-three had been away, chaos had ensued in the house.

Her husband, Peter FitzSimons, 58, seems to have mixed up two similar appliances – the tumble dryer and the washing machine.

Sharing a snapshot of the hilarious text on her Instagram, Lisa asks Billi: “Hey sweetheart.

“Are you sure the dryer is broken.

“Or have the filters just not been cleaned out?”

To her horror, her daughter replies: “Dad threw washing powder in with the clothes because he thought it was the washing machine.

“Soo probs filter? I don’t know.”

In shock, Lisa replies: “You. Are. Kidding?????”

The 59-year-old captioned the text: “When you’ve been away from home for almost two weeks and your daughter thinks there’s something you should probably know…

“Anyone got a spare washing line I can borrow?”

More than 14,000 people have liked the post, with people gobsmacked at Peter's hilarious blunder.

One person commented: “My house exactly. They’re not allowed to touch my machines.”

Another said: “They all have this plan. Do it badly and then never get asked to do it again.”

A third wrote: “Lol. Men. They would die in their own dirt if it wasn’t for women.”


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