Wigging out! How Cardi B gets her amazing hair

Rub-a-dub-dub, Cardi B’s in the tub. Along with Kahh Spence, a celebrity hairstylist who often finds himself in splashy situations.

“Miss Cardi just wanted me to take her wig out, take her braids down, wash her hair and blow-dry it,” says the OGX Brand Ambassador, explaining that he perched on the side of the bath after her sink was deemed too small for a shampoo. “She was singing along to ‘Finesse.’ We were both dying laughing.”

Spence is only 23, but he’s hardly wet behind the ears. The Brooklyn-born-and-raised mane man has already toured the world with Kehlani, transformed Justine Skye for the red carpet and wrapped Cardi’s mane in a black leather turban for Alexander Wang’s February show. Versatile and inventive, Spence is known for his prowess with wigs — from the pink Anna Wintour-esque bob he constructed for Kehlani to the Lady Godiva locks he built for Cardi.

He estimates that he works with hairpieces 60 percent of the time, painstakingly sewing his own designs with human hair, a mesh dome cap, cotton thread and a curved needle.

“I get to create a masterpiece in my own time,” Spence tells Alexa from Kehlani’s tour bus. “I take their head measurements, sit in my own space, put all my energy into it. I can install it on their head and it’s done,” he continues. “I think that’s what separates me from other hairstylists in the industry: I’m able to create something new and fresh every single day.”

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