Woman gets roasted for video of all the items she's only worn once & will never wear again

INSTAGRAM, YouTube and TikTok have all become notoriously famous for shopping hauls.

With fast fashion becoming available to more people due to its low prices, many people have fallen victim to this unsustainable mania.

We see trendy items that won't rob our bank accounts and instantly purchase these without even thinking of the garment as a long-term investment.

And, more importantly, most of us also don't reflect on the negative impact this has on the environment.


There are many reports which show that for the most part, young people wear items only once – and the TikTok star, Jessica Kayal, is one of them.

Although she occasionally does thrift, the fashion influencer is famous for her ''Items in my closet that I wouldn't wear again'' videos.

''U guy seem to love these!''

In Part 3, Jessica shows off a total of five items that she longer will make use of.

Amongst these, is a pastel colour puffer jacket, a vibrant neon green top with clips, white joggers with a flame design, the currently-trendy faux fur collar cardigan and lilac bottoms.

While getting rid of these unwanted items made her happy, the viewers, on the other hand, didn't seem as impressed.

''Fast fashion vibes.

''Why do people buy stuff like that and then just don't wear them anymore.

''People are trying hard to get clothes please donate them.''

Another commenter summed it up: ''Landfill haul.''

''These comments passed the vibe check,'' wrote one, ''Good on y'all for calling her out!''

''And that's why you don't build your closet off trends!'' thought one frustrated viewer.

Someone else called her the ''Queen of fast fashion.''

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