Woman lashes out at H&M because she can't fit into their size 28 clothes – but they do fit her size SIXTEEN girlfriend

Despite the claim to improve sizing, some items are already slipping through the net, as plus-size blogger Lottie L'Amour, 24, found out on a recent shopping trip.

Taking to Twitter, the London-based writer vented her fury when she discovered she couldn't squeeze into a size 28 shirt or size 28 denim shorts, despite them being two sizes larger than her typical go-to of size 24.

The items in question however did fit her size 16 girlfriend. Just a whopping six sizes off the mark.

And Lottie is not alone in her fury.

H&M shoppers everywhere have called out the brand for knocking their confidence.

Back in May 2017, a H&M spokesperson told The Sun online: “H&M hugely values all customer feedback.

"It is only ever our intention to design and make clothes that make our customers feel good about themselves, any other outcome is neither intended nor desired.

"As there is no global mandatory sizing standard, sizes will differ between brands and different markets.

"H&M sizes are continually reviewed by our in-house sizing department.” [sic]

But after yet more anger from customers over its irregularity in clothing sizes and the difference in sizing to other brands, the store's bigwigs decided to take action and make clothing bigger, back in June.

Listening to its customers, a spokesperson for the high street chain said: "We are taking the steps to change our womenswear measurements to be in line with UK sizing."

The Swedish giant's EUR size 36 should translate to a UK size 8, as it would with most other brands, but for some reason they label it a UK size 10, which is where shoppers come unstuck.

But the one size difference does not explain why Lottie's shirt and shorts were six sizes smaller than advertised.

It's no-brainer that a size 28 should not fit a size 16 body perfectly.

And when Lottie showed her Twitter followers the new supposed changes to sizing it's clear to see why the store is receiving yet more backlash.

Other Twitter users were quick to back her up too.

One wrote: "I legit resent ever going into @hmunitedkingdom now, the sizing issues are SO bad, and at thie stage so well documented…are you ever going to anything about it @hmunitedkingdom??"

Another said accompanied by a rolling eye emojii: "These dungarees are a size 28 from H&M. I'm normally an 18."

H&M has been contacted but declined to comment.

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