Woman mortified to be told her guardian angel back tattoo looks like something VERY rude & now she can’t unsee it

AN ILL-THOUGHT out tattoo can haunt you for life, as a permanent reminder etched onto your body.

Now one woman has been left mortified, after she was told her guardian angel ink looked like something MUCH ruder.

Posting on TikTok, Bekah Milly showed off her new tattoo, which spans the entire space between her two shoulder blades.

In it, a woman is hugging an empty space – her guardian angel.

But the unfortunate addition of a line near the woman's mouth completely transformed the meaning.

Many soon drew parallels between the design and a sex act – leaving Bekah red faced.

She captioned her TikTok vid, which showed her sobbing over the revelation: "When someone says your new tattoo looks like a girl eating a**."

It's now been viewed more than 6 million times in just two days, as well as racking up 400,000 likes.

Commenting on the post, people said: "Can't unsee it now. Just. Can't" and "You need to go get that touched up ASAP!!!!"

Others wrote: "Yeah…pretty much burned in my eyes" and "didn't see it at first – now that's all I see".

Another dissed: "Wow, that is really bad. Guess anyone can be a tattoo artist if this was paid for."

But one helpful commenter suggested: "She should put a halo and some Angel wings!!!!!"

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