Woman proudly shows off her new lip filler to her mum – who has a VERY extreme reaction

A WOMAN has shared a shocking video of the moment her mum reacted to her having had lip filler.

Kiara took to TikTok to share the clip of her mother reacting to her new look, after having the injections in just her top lip.

"Have you had your lips done?" the mother could be heard saying as Kiara walked in the house.

"Yeah, only my top lip though," she replied.

"Don’t talk to me, I’m so disappointed. You look like a ****," the mum hit back.

"F**k off, you look like a dirty f**king ****. 

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"How did you do that to your f**king self? 

"They look f**king disgusting."

"They’re just swollen," Kiara insisted as she tried to conceal her laughter at her mum's reaction.

"Kiara, get out of my face," her mum continued, refusing to be placated.

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"Last time you swore on Nanna’s ashes that you’d never do it again and you’ve done it again."

"That was last year," Kiara sighed.

Her mum then concluded: "Get out of my f**king face, f**king grubby ****."

And despite people being shocked by her mum's bad language, Kiara admitted that the reaction wasn't as bad as it was last year.

"She took it better than last year," she captioned the clip.

In the comments section, hundreds of people vented their shock at the way Kiara's mother talked to her.

"Oh god why does she think it's OK to talk to her child that way," one person wrote.

While another added: "omg I can honestly say I've never heard someone speak to their child like that – even when angry."

"Don’t know how you can talk to your daughter like that," a third wrote.

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And another comment read: "So sad that she talks to you like that."

"Sorry, but no mum should EVER speak to her child like that," someone else added.

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