Woman shares brutal Secret Santa gift she was given in the office and everyone agrees she’s definitely being bullied | The Sun

A WOMAN was left in tears after being given a brutal Secret Santa gift by the people in her office.

Her friend took to Mumsnet to reveal the situation, explaining that her pal had started a new job recently, but had been excluded from the socialising in the "toxic" workplace.

"Everyone else seems to spend the evening bantering away on the office WhatsApp group, talking all day at work about the group chat and not inviting my friend to join it," she wrote.

"They regularly go out for drinks / nights out, discuss these in front of my friend in the office but don't invite her to join.

"Manager joins drinks/ nights out about 50% of the time."

According to her friend, she believes the reason she's being left out is because "everyone else is very 'cool girl, pretty vibes', ( slim, work out, good make up, hair nails ), and she feels 'her words', she is overweight and plain".

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She can't afford to leave the job, and has become "very tearful" about the fact she's "trapped" there.

Things got even worse with the office Secret Santa on Friday.

"Everyone got nice gifts within the £15.00 limit , think candles, nice bath stuff, stationary, nice chocolate, nice personalised xmas tree decorations etc," the woman wrote.

"She got given, ( anonymously via secret Santa), a pigs calendar and a pig mug.

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"She has no special interest in pigs, and it's clearly a dig about her being overweight.

"She came to my house in tears directly after work, and phoned the manager to ask he deal with this as bullying."

Despite complaining to the manager, he was "very irritated" by her claim that she was being bullied, and insisted: "I never thought I'd have a grown women phoning me up to whine about her secret Santa present."

"As for the rest, he just said he can't make them like her, want to go out drinking with her, want to include her or talk to her on WhatsApp," she concluded.

"Am I being unreasonable to think actually this is bullying and my friend should take it further with HR?"

People in the comments section were quick to agree that the woman was being unfairly targeted by her colleagues, with one writing: "You wouldn't pick two pig things out knowing someone doesn't even have interest in pigs.

"They're bullying her and definitely take it further."

"She definitely needs to take this to HR," another added.

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While a third commented: "They’re horrible, it is bullying, but I’m not sure that going to HR would sort it out.

"She just needs to get a different job asap."

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