Woman shares genius hack to speed up the fence painting process – as she gets five panels done in just 30 minutes | The Sun

IT'S arguably one of the most boring tasks when it comes to maintaining a garden.

But one woman has come up with a genius hack to speed up the fence-painting process, and all you need is a microfibre dusting glove.

Alex took to TikTok to share the clever trick, as she wore one of the dusting gloves over a rubber glove and dipped the top of it into a pot of paint.

Once the top had enough paint on it, she used her hand to drag the paint up and down the panel.

And she admitted the hack made the painting a lot quicker.

"Wish I’d tried this sooner! All you need is a washing up glove, a microfibre dusting glove and your fence paint," she wrote.

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"Managed to get 5 panels done in half an hour and it covers just as well as a brush."

People quickly took to the comments section to weigh in on the hack, with some praising her while others insisted she was losing too much paint.

"The amount of paint wasted, and the fact that you’re going to get one serious splinter!" one wrote.

"Great idea, but you'll loose so much paint," another added.

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To which Alex replied: "If you keep using it before re-dipping it you don’t waste as much paint."

"This looks like it would feel horrible… my teeth are hurting watching it for some reason," another commented.

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But others were more complimentary, with one writing: "Thanks so much I will try."

"Thanks for the tip," someone else said.

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