Woman shares simple hack to keep canned food fresh once it’s open & it's a 'life changer'

A WOMAN has shared her simple hack to keep canned food fresh after it's been opened and it's absolutely genius.

If you're cooking for one, you'll probably only use half a can – whether it's baked beans, soup, chopped tomatoes or coconut milk.

With the lid open to the elements, that food could go off much quicker than you'd hoped.

But Yvie Alexandra has shown how the airtight lid from a Nescafe pot fits "perfectly" over her can of tomato soup, meaning it'll stay fresh for longer.

She shared the hack in response to TikTok's trend: "Show me the life hack you randomly saw one day, that is now an unconscious standard practice in your life."

Yvie described it as a "life changer" and we'll be sure to remember this one for tonight's dinner.

Yvie explained: "Say you've got a can of something that you haven't quite finished yet, get your old coffee lid from Nescafe, it fits perfectly on the top to keep it fresh."

Absolutely genius. Yesterday, one woman revealed her simple tip to revive wilting veg and it will save you loads of cash on groceries.

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