Woman urges people NEVER to try viral strip cleaning hack after it destroyed her fluffy rug & almost flooded her house

OVER the past couple years, we've slowly been copying each and every room in Mrs Hinch's home – and while that white fluffy rug might not to have matched the grey interiors to begin with, it certainly does now.

Sound familiar? Well then you might have thought about jumping on the strip cleaning challenge that's all over TikTok right now.

But having learnt the hard way NOT to do this, Issy Price is here to save us all some trouble.

Earlier this month, the TikTok user decided to give her formerly white fluffy rug a long soak in the bath to restore it to its former glory.

Describing it as "quite f***ing grimy", Issy began by adding two laundry pods to the hot water and then added a splash of Zoflora disinfectant over the top.

To finish, she poured in some fabric softener, Lenor Unstoppable scented beads and two capfuls of Vanish powder.

After initially struggling to squeeze her gigantic rug in the tub, the cleaning fan was left horrified by how filthy the water became within just a couple of minutes… and it only got worse from there.

In a follow-up clip, Issy wrote: "This is the bit they don't tell you about."

Unsurprisingly, it was even harder to remove the sodden rug from the bath once it was finished soaking.

From there, Issy and her boyfriend had no choice but to place it over their dining table to dry – where the never-ending amount of water has threatened to flood their home.

The couple have laid multiple towels underneath the rug along with a mop bucket and two bowls to capture any extra drips.

She added: "[There's] water f***ing everywhere."

In a third update video, Issy said the rug was "still very f***ing wet and smelly" days later and the couple have decided to just bin it and buy a new one.

What's more, the clips prompted other users to share their strip cleaning fails – and let's just say, this is a trend we're happy we never got around to.

One replied: "I'm a carpet and upholstery cleaner. You might as well throw it away. It'll take day to dry and will develop mould pores."

Speaking from experience, another added: "I stuck mine outside… it went stiff."

"I did this the other week," a third said. "Absolutely knew it was the worst life choice – off to the tip it went!"

Cleaning expert Aggie Mackenzie previously told Fabulous: "If something takes too long to dry, then it can get a bit smelly. This is particularly true when it comes to cushions and pillows – which you’re supposed to wash once or twice a year. 

"If they stay wet too long, the smell is absolutely disgusting and you will not get rid of it. So don't leave them on the clothes hanger for days on end.

"You put pillows in the dryer because you want them to dry as quickly as possible. Then you can put tennis balls in there too to help redistribute the filling of the pillow."

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