Woman’s £28k engagement ring brutally mocked for looking like an ‘ugly cockroach’  – The Sun

WEDDING shamers have slammed an engagement that cost a staggering £28K but looks like an “ugly cockroach”.

Photos of the ruby ring were uploaded to Facebook and internet users didn’t not hold back with their comments.

The dark red ring was shared on the That’s It, I’m ring shaming Facebook group and the poster asked people to share their best insults about it.

It had the caption: “Saw this bad boy in a jewellery store. Centre stone is a 33.5 carat ruby and just over 2 carats of diamonds.

“This thing weighed a ton on my hand. It absolutely did not go home with me.”

After slamming its appearance, the woman confirmed that the ring costs a whopping £27,726 to buy.

One person wrote: “That’s an expensive cockroach.”

Meanwhile, another slammed: “Wow that is really the ugliest ring I’ve ever seen.”

And one Facebook user added: “I'd like to know how the jeweller got his hands on the blood clot I passed after I had my twins.”

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