The women who live their lives by the cycle of the moon… from sex rituals and one-night stands on a full moon to getting divorced when it wanes

But to millions of believers, the cycle of the moon is a religion to live their lives by.

From boosting sex lives to summoning a new home, lunar devotees won’t make a decision without a nod to what’s in the sky first.

But does it actually work? Psychologist Dr Katherine Sparks reckons trusting the moon is akin to flipping a coin.

She said: "Some people make their life choices according to whether it’s heads or tails. Others will use a belief system like the moon.

"The fact that it’s been around for a long time makes it easier for people to justify using it – just like astrology."

Yet across social media more and more women are sharing how the moon has changed their lives.

We spoke to three who manage their personal and professional lives according to what they see in the night skies.

'I have sex rituals on a full moon'

Tantra teacher Rebecca Lowrie, 52, lives with her partner in North London

While we make love on other occasions too, every full moon my partner and I always set aside time for sex.

The power of a full moon is a force for amazing sex. There is something magical about the energy given off when it’s at its fullest in the sky.

It's not just us humans who have more sex during the full moon – scientists know that animals do too.

I've been with my partner for ten years and we're still just as into each other today as we were when we first met.

The energy of a full moon helps us reconnect and set our intentions as a couple. Those aims might be to do with us making more time to see one another. It doesn’t have to be to do with our sex life –  it could be work, money or healing the planet.

Setting an intention is when you consciously choose something – it could be a direction you want to go in, an opportunity, feeling or experience you want.

By focussing on it we're using the moon energy and our sexual energy to help us manifest it. It always works.

Before we have sex on a full moon we light candles and create a cosy atmosphere. If you create a sensual situation you feel sexy too. When you are tuned into your body you can feel the heightened energy.

I always feel sexier around this time. The sex is powerful and deeply fulfilling. Orgasms are more intense as well – this is down to the moon being at its fullest and the energy sent out.

Sunday AF ??☀️

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Sunday AF ??☀️

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On a super moon the sexual energy is even more intense. When the moon is closest to the earth even oceans create high tides – why wouldn't it have a pull on our bodies too?

Sex is more pleasurable too. It took Todd two years before he could feel the energy on a full moon. He describes it as being like lunar Viagra – it gives him an extra boost!

I’m really open about it with my friends. Many people feel the moon energy – they just don’t understand what it is. So many people don't sleep well around a full moon – why not make love and get a better orgasm at the same time?

Rebecca’s website :

'I left my marriage on a new moon'

Pet sitter and dog walker Victoria Bullock, 44, is a mum of two boys, they live in Macclesfield.

In December 2012 I was at Dubai international airport departures lounge with my two sons then three and seven.

Two months earlier I’d specifically booked our one-way tickets to return to the UK on a New Moon.

I wasn’t just leaving Dubai where I’d lived for five years but I was walking out on my marriage.

New moons are about fresh starts. What better time to begin life as a single mum than on a new lunar cycle?

I first got interested when I was doing a gardening course in my late-twenties. My teacher explained about that when the moon is waxing – or getting bigger – it’s the best time to plant things that grow above the ground. It made total sense.

From then on I would always look at the lunar calendar – especially where my love life was concerned.

If I’d been asked out I’d only go around a new moon.

I’d never have a first date on a full moon because it’s an incredibly energetic time. Everyone’s libido is really high and I'd be more likely to have sex!

It’s why so many women have out-of-character one-night stands.

Andy and me met in 2001 and wed in 2008.

We’d moved to Dubai a year earlier for his job with a broadcasting company.

I became a full-time mum and loved it. I stayed aware of the moon’s phases – especially when it came to us as a couple.

During the first quarter of the moon I’d broach anything that was on my mind. Talking about important issues around the full moon is out because things get heated very quickly.

But it was just before a full moon I found out that Andy had been unfaithful.

A mutual friend told me he’d been seeing someone else. I was devastated.

Breaking my own rules I ended up confronting him on the full moon. I wasn’t surprised we had a full-blown argument.

While I was sad my marriage ended – doing a new moon ritual massively helped me focus on my future.

Today I’m single and our boys are doing well.

My sisters now follow it too. I haven’t converted my mum – she thinks we’re all mad!


Lunar calendars have been around since 8,000BC and were used by the Ancient Romans and Greeks. Followers referred to them for everything from planting crops to understanding the tides.

The lunar month is divided into four quarters, each lasting seven days:

The new moon – when you can’t see it in the sky – is the start of a new cycle. This is when believers set goals and intentions.

The waxing moon – as the moon gets bigger and appears as a crescent it’s known as the waxing moon. This is the time to take action on those goals – organise meetings and interviews.

The full moon – this is a powerful period when senses are heightened and emotions run high. This is also the time to let things go.

The waning moon – this is when it gets smaller and is a time to rest and cocoon.

'I found my dream home thanks to a new moon'

Alexandria Vallely, 25, is a vegan chef and lives in South West London.

Even though I’m in my mid-twenties I’ve been living by the moon for most of my life. Mum is psychic and is into goddess work. I am following in her footsteps.

I’ve been running a moon group for women for just over a year.

We get together in Richmond Park twice a month – on a full moon and on a new moon.

mushroom land ?

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mushroom land ?

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We set our intentions on a new moon – that's things we want to draw in to our lives.

I advise everyone to wait until the new moon before starting a new project – and I counsel against making big decisions on a full moon.

People are surprised when I explain my ‘moon circle’  is made up of women from all walks of life. Everyone from those working in banking and financing to chefs, charity workers and artists. The youngest person is 19 and the oldest is in her mid-forties.

There is a massive interest in the moon among people my age.

Not because it's fashionable but because we respect ancient ways and how they lived their lives. It worked for them – so why not for us?

Following the moon helped me attract my most recent flat.

My friend and I wanted to be flatmates and live near Richmond Park. So we did a new moon ritual together.

We created a vision board for our perfect home. We wrote down exactly what kind of place we wanted to live in – I needed a room where I could host moon circles too.

By the next new moon we were sitting in that exact dream flat with every single thing we asked for.

The lunar cycle has helped me give up many unhealthy habits by setting intentions on the new moon including overeating, negative self-talk, over-exercising and spending too much on clothes!

Instagram: @alexandriavallely

In July, the full moon is called the Buck Moon, as new antlers emerge from bucks' foreheads around this time of the year.

You can catch a glimpse of this full moon on July 27.

Meanwhile, the Zodiac is the term used to describe the circle of 12 divisions of celestial longitude that are centred upon the path of the sun.



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