Women are sharing their anti-chafing solutions…including aloe vera gel and roll-on deodorant

But, one undeniable downside to the soaring temperatures is the painful red rash caused by chafing. If you're a long-time sufferer, we have some good news: women all over the country have been sharing their useful hacks, so we can conquer chafing once and for all.

Influencer and presenter Emma Hill took to Instagram to share her wonder product: an anti-chafing stick by iVYVERDURE.

100% vegan and organic, Emma couldn't stop gushing about it.

"I’m so gassed to put you guys onto this because it helps to prevent ALL forms of chafing," explained Emma.

"Whether that be the dreaded chub rub (which is a major killer for me), shoes that rub on ankles or feet, bras that rub against skin."

Another user, Zoe, revealed she simply wears a pair of cycling shorts under dresses with "excessive amounts of talc".

Blogger Kiera, meanwhile, recommends a roll-on deodorant – and has even written a blog post on all her favourite solutions.

"With the lovely yet sticky weather we have been having , i updated my chub rub post. I am still 100% recommending the Lanacane anti chafing gel, but i've added in my latest find in the form of a roll on deoderant," explains Kiera. "[It's] on offer in @bootsuk atm for €1.49. A Godsend! This one is great for boob sweat AKA humititties too. Around the neck and hairline, pretty much anywhere you tend to glisten."

Other recommendations include aloe vera lotion and opting for leggings.

We've already been provided with one genius solution this summer – PrettyLittleThing's anti-chafing bands which – at £8 – are a total no-brainer.

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