World's biggest make-up fails prove you should never leave the house without looking in the mirror

However, these make-up users have gone a step too far and ended up with terrifying results.

Some have completely removed their eyebrows and drawn thin, wonky lines in their place.

And others have decided to line their lips in bold brown, without filling in the colour.

And others appear to have left their fake tan on for a few hours too long – and missed out large patches.

These women are proof that sometimes less can be definitely be more in some make-up cases…

Fright night

Eye'll be damned

Feeling blue?

Getting lippy

Make-up mishap

Brow blunder

Crossed the line?

Reaching new heights

Separation anxiety

Too close for comfort

Feline chic

Straight up shocking

Dolly gosh

Fake bake


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