You can now get a one-of-a-kind Disney ballgown custom made, from a sparkly Elsa number to a stunning Belle dress

EVER wanted to dress like a real life Disney princess? Well, thanks to one very clever fashion designer, you can – and you can rest easy knowing it'll be like no other.

Crafting stunning ball gowns complete with corsets, puffed skirts and crystals, Nephi Garcia can make your dreams come true by creating a custom frock designed just for you.

It doesn't have to be just wedding dresses either – although, wouldn't that be great – but you can have an outfit made for any occasion, so let your creativity run wild.

While the designs are based entirely off the Disney princess originals, each and every outfit is created differently – ensuring no two are the same.

If you want to save some cash though, you can skip the custom design and go for a pre-made outfit instead – which will cost you as little as $79.99 (£60.81) from his website.

You'll no doubt be spoilt for choice too, as there's no Disney Princess Nephi hasn't drawn inspiration from -with designs replicatingSnow White, Elsa, Cinderella and even Tinkerbell among others.

The fashion designer shares his designs on both TikTok and Instagram where he boasts a whopping 468k followers who tune in to watch his magic unfold.

What's more, the skilled fashonista also offers classes so you can even learn his art form and make your own Disney inspired pieces.

He teaches everything from simple corset making to creating your own puffy ball gown – and even has tutorials on how to make a Cinderella dress or an Elsa gown from scratch.

In a video on his website, the fashion designer and father details his humble beginnings.

He says: "One day I took my family to Disneyland and my daughter wanted a princess dress.

"I knew I could not afford it so I promised her I would make her a special dress of her very own.

"When I got to work my wife challenged me to make something special, something more than a simple dress.

"What we created was magical a dress that could transform from an ordinary dress to a beautiful princess gown."

From there, his basic designs transformed into more extravagant ones – and attracted thousands of fans worldwide.

While we have certainly provided a snapshot of his work here, it's well worth scrolling his Instagram or TikTok for a full scope of his amazing work.

We'll be doing just that while dreaming of all the amazing designs we can be frolicking around in… stay tuned.

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