You need eagle eyes to spot the rogue number in this optical illusion in less than ten seconds | The Sun

YOU need the eyes of an eagle to spot the rogue number in this optical illusion in less than ten seconds.

This mind-bending puzzle consists of a green background and a red maze of the letter "S".

But hidden somewhere in the optical illusion is a pesky digit which blends in with the crowd.

The red letters fill the rectangle box but we challenge you to spot the rogue number in just ten seconds.

Don't let the hypnotising colours distract you from the goal as you focus your eyes on the puzzle.

The illusion is made up of 12 rows and 28 columns of letters but lurking somewhere in the box is a number.


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If you manage to complete the challenge in ten seconds or less, you might just have the eyes of a predator.

Optical illusions are becoming a popular daily activity for those who want to test not just their eyesight, but brainpower too.

Many internet users have been left scratching their heads trying to locate the rogue digit in this tricky brain-teaser, but don't worry if you're struggling, as we have the solution below.

Have you found it yet?

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Try focussing your eyes to the far left of the image, you might just spot something suspicious.

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