You're reheating your pizza all wrong… the secret to keeping it crispy is an air fryer

LEFTOVER pizza is a divisive topic – some people prefer to eat it cold, and others like to warm it up again.

If you do like it warm and blast it in the microwave until it gets a soggy bottom, then this hack is for you.

If you want your pizza to stay crispy steer clear of the microwave.

Food blogger and air fryer recipe expert Farwin Simaak told Insider the perfect way to reheat your pizza quickly without compromising on texture.

The best part of using an air fryer she says over a microwave or oven is that it doesn't go soggy or take ages to heat up.

Air fryers take around four minutes to pre-heat so you won't be waiting long to eat your pizza.


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First pre-heat your air fryer to 350 degrees and for best results spray your pizza slice with a little oil to make it extra crispy.

Pour one to two teaspoons of water under the air fryer basket to create steam as your pizza cooks.

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This way your pizza crust won't dry out.

Once you've prepped the air fryer and your pizza slices, place them into the air fryer and make sure they don't overlap to get maximum crispiness.

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Your pizza should take around four minutes to cook but if it isn't done to your liking, put it in for as long as desired – checking the pizza every minute.

Once made in the air fryer there will be no going back to the microwave.

There will be no more soggy bottoms and the cheese will taste just as good as it did fresh with this hack!

Did you know there are plenty of other ways you can use your air fryer?

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Low and behold, you can even make cakes and muffins in your air fryer, and they will still come out as fluffy as they usually do.

The size of your air fryer will determine what sort of cake or muffin you make, but you can follow this recipe for a quick and easy lemon sponge.

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