You've been chopping into cheese wrong – grandma's hack will keep your cheddar fresher for longer

IN our household, a fresh packet of cheese gets torn into the moment we've finished unpacking the shop.

But rather than just ripping open the plastic and slowly letting the block go stale, one savvy woman has revealed her life hack that'll keep it fresher for longer.

Plus it's WAY more satisfying too.

In a viral video that's racked up almost 750,000 "likes", TikToker "Nanna Bea" – who has four grandkids – insists the key is how you cut into it.

She explained: "I'm sure most of you already know this but when you're opening a block of cheese in a wrapper, cut off the end.

"Then take out [that slice of] cheese and pop the [excess wrapper] back on the block.

"It keeps your cheese nice and fresh."

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After popping the wrapper back onto the end, Bea's technique effectively re-sealed the packaging. Mind = blown.

And let's just say, we're not the only ones who are fuming that they'd never thought of this before.

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One replied: "Life hack I didn't realise I needed – thanks Nana!"

"I can't believe I've never seen that," another added. "Nanna you're a legend."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "OMG how did I not know to do this!

"I have to cut the hard bit off and throw it away."

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