You've been doing the fake freckles hack all wrong – it's all about using a kitchen utensil

OVER the last few weeks, the TikTok beauty community has gone crazy over a hack that promises to give instant freckles with a root spray.

Whilst there have been a fair bunch of attempts, many of these have also been unsuccessful, leaving beauty lovers with dark patches on their face – ones that look nothing like natural freckles.

One such person was the famous UK-based make-up whizz, Sophie, who was determined to find a way for the hack to work after claiming it left her with ''big blobs'' all over her face.

''There is definitely a knack to it, you can make this look good and make it look like fake freckles,'' the 25-year-old said.

''If you have natural freckles, I think they're beautiful and I'm very, very jealous.''

Looking for a solution, Sophie, who first gained prominence after sharing nail art videos on Instagram, came up with a rather unusual answer – which involved using a sieve.

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''I am well-aware that putting a sieve over your face is ridiculous – but I'm gonna try it to see if it makes smaller blobs on my face,'' she said before demonstrating the hack.

Rocking a trendy yellow eyeliner look, she then proceeded to shake the product (Sophie used Magic Retouch by L'Oreal) before holding a sieve in front of her face.

Spraying from a slight distance, Sophie attempted to create smaller, more natural-looking freckles with the hair product.

Although the first try appeared to not give the desired look, the make-up whizz gave it another shot – this time successfully.

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''It works!'' she said after explaining that the freckles would probably look better if she was wearing a fresh layer of lightweight make-up.

The 25-year-old guru also topped it off with some powder – this, she claimed, will dull down the dark spots a little bit.


''I definitely would try this with my face a bit more fresh-looking but – who thought?''

Viewers were stunned by this trick, with many liking the video – by almost 40,000 people – and taking it to comments to share their thoughts.

''Woah wait you might be onto something here,'' wrote a fan, whilst there were also a few who claimed you're not supposed to shake the product.

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''Don't shake it! and hold it closer to your face, and don't press down fully, just a little bit,'' corrected one.

''I've never tried fake freckles but would spraying that on a brush and then flicking the brush at your face work?'' read another suggestion.

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