You’ve been using your clothes airer all wrong – woman proves how you can get WAY more on there than you thought | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the very smart way to air your clothes so you can fit more on the drying rack.

The TikTok user demonstrated, in a popular video, how most of us seem to have been hanging out our damp laundry all wrong.

In a post, the woman called Beatriz asked: "Did you know about this space-saving hack?"

She then shared a clip showing how most people usually hang their clothes lengthways on the airer.

However, in the next shot Beatriz had rearranged a series of tops so they were clipped sideways with pegs along the metal rungs.

As she demonstrated, this allowed her to fit far more on – and with plenty of space for each item to dry.


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Beatriz claimed the "laundry hack" could "double space" on your drying rack.

Her post has received more than 273,000 'likes', with over 2,000 people leaving messages of praise.

One person wrote: "This so works, I have done it."

Another commented: "That’s great."

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Her tip was popular with fellow social media usersCredit: makelifesimpler_

A third shared: "Very smart."

Another suggested: "Or you could just hang them on coat hangers?"

However, some still felt that her laundry tip would slow down the drying process.

One person noted: "Nice, but it dries twice longer."

Another added: "That could make the clothes smell funky though."

A third shared: "Not enough airflow. It will smell."

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