10 Things Beyoncé Does on Sundays to Relieve Stress

Anyone who’s watched a performance or seen a documentary about Queen Bey knows she’s a self-proclaimed workaholic. She might look sexy and care-free up on stage dancing to her hit music, but when the curtain closes, Beyoncé has a hand in almost every single element of her performance — from her costumes and lighting to her backup singers and sound tests. It’s easy to see how she’s been able to achieve so much success — the woman does not stop working for a second!

So what does it take for Bey to unwind? Apparently, it’s enjoying a full day of rest(ish) on Sundays. Here’s a (Sun)day in the life of Beyoncé, and why you might want to follow suit (anyone can afford No. 7).

1. Pray and meditate

Beyoncé believes in meditation, and so should you. | beyonce via Instagram

It’s no doubt she’s a religious and spiritual woman. In an interview with BEAT magazine, she says the first thing she does each morning is pray and meditate, which helps her drown out the constant noise that surrounds her every move.

In her 2013 HBO documentary, Life is But a Dream, she revealed praying is also about family. “I am a result of my grandmother’s prayers,” she said. And Bey may have praying and meditating to thank for helping keep her in such good health. In addition to reducing stress, medical professionals have found that it can also boost the body’s immune system.

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2. Cuddle in bed with her man and baby

Beyoncé cuddles with her little one on a regular basis. | beyonce via Instagram

It’s clear Jay Z and Beyoncé have a strong, unbreakable bond that was made even stronger after the birth of their daughter Blue Ivy in 2012. In her documentary, Beyoncé shared footage from a birthday celebration for her hubby back in December of 2006, where she praised him in a speech. “You’ve given me so much in life and this is not enough. It’s not enough I can give you. I just want you to be happy,” she said. “And every year, I’m even more in love with you and want to spend every day of my life with you.”

And it turns out, their snuggle sessions might do more than strengthen their marriage. “Research shows cuddling lowers blood pressure, diminishes feeling of loneliness, reduces the level of cortisol, stress hormones, in the body and soothes fears,” Robin H-C, behaviorist and bestselling author of Thinking Your Way to Happy, said in an interview with The Cheat Sheet. “It’s also responsible for triggering the release of oxytocin, considered the love or cuddle endorphine.”

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3. Brunch with family

Beyoncé always makes time for family. | beyonce via Instagram

Beyoncé is notoriously close with her mom and sister, and has even reconnected with her father, Mathew Knowles, whom she split with professionally back in 2010. Just one glance at her Instagram page shows emphasis she places on family. She is consistently seen in photos with her husband and child, as well as her mother and other close family members.

In all these photos with family, Beyoncé’s always smiling and laughing, which is a well-known stress reliever. “When we laugh, our body releases positive body chemicals that reduce the brain’s perception of pain in the body,” H-C explained. “Even fake laughter triggers the release of the happy juice in your body.”

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4. Go for a swim

Beyoncé likes to go for a swim. | beyonce via Instagram

If the exotic trips she takes with Jay Z don’t spell it out clearly, Beyoncé loves the water. This is a good thing, considering swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. “There’s nothing more therapeutic than water to humans,” Chris Ryan, C.S.C.S and founder of Chris Ryan Fitness said in an interview with The Cheat Sheet. “Swimming offers the most efficient way for us to move our body and build strong, lean muscles all while burning fat and releasing endorphins to increase our energy levels.”

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5. Paint and listen to great music

Beyoncé believes in the power of painting. | beyonce via Instagram

In addition to appreciating her own music, Beyoncé’s a huge Coldplay fan, and so is her husband Jay Z, which we learned during her documentary. In case you missed it, the insanely aww-worthy scene features her and her hubby crooning to Coldplay’s hit “Yellow.” 

Painting was a bit more of a surprise, but she said once in an interview with Rolling Stone that she’s drawn to painting as well as photography. “There’s a release and an immediacy there that helps me escape from my other projects.” This is one smart hobby to have, considering the fact that color has been used as a means of alternative medicine and healing since ancient times.

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6. Have a beer

She’s not afraid of indulging a little bit. | beyonce via Instagram

Beyoncé might be responsible for the song “Drunk in Love,” but the paparazzi don’t catch Queen Bey throwing one back all that often. Maybe this is because she saves her sips for Sundays. Take this adorable Instagram pic of her and sis Solange holding two beers at Jay Z’s Made in America fest in 2015.

While, technically speaking, alcohol is a depressant, studies have shown it can relieve stress when consumed in small amounts.

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7. Nap

Even Bey likes some snooze time. | beyonce via Instagram

Okay, we agree that it’s bizarre to think that Beyoncé has any time to nap — even during her once-a-week day of rest. Plus, she did say she doesn’t believe in “I need to sleep,” and that “If I’m not sleeping nobody’s sleeping,” in her MTV documentary, Beyoncé: Year of 4

But science has proven the power of the nap. Naps — even just 20-minute cat naps — can significantly improve our mood and ability to manage stress. So, if sleeping is hard to come by for the diva, naps just have to do the trick — at least during her day off. The next day, she’s back to running the world.

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8. Eat pizza

She’s just like us! | iStock.com

When she’s not sticking to her strict, vegan-based diet, Beyoncé enjoys a cheat day. And what better cheat meal to enjoy, especially when your home base is New York City, than its infamous pizza. While appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jay Z  revealed their favorite spot is Lucali, a Brooklyn pizzeria that specializes in thin crust. Bey’s favorite pizza toppings? Extra tomato sauce and jalapeños.

While pizza might not be considered a health food, there is some research suggesting that indulging in occasional cheat days can actually benefit your diet. There are certainly limitations to these examples, but we’ll take any excuse we can to eat more pizza.

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9. Make love

Beyoncé likes to set aside time to be intimate, which is a pretty good tip. | beyonce via Instagram

Turns out, sexy time with her husband isn’t a Sunday-only event. Beyoncé revealed it’s actually a pre-performance ritual that helps calms her nerves. While speaking at a press conference in New Orleans ahead of her 2013 Super Bowl performance, she said, “When I get nervous or I don’t have everything together I like to make love to my husband.”

Science backs up Bey’s point — sex can improve mood and combat anxiety by lowering the amount of stress hormones in the body. We have to wonder whether or not she did this before crooning the national anthem at former president Barack Obama’s 2012 inauguration!

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10. Go to sleep

Bey makes time for beauty rest. | beyonce via Instagram

Despite the times she’s been quoted saying that sleep is hard for her to come by, the superstar does wind down. “I am a person who has a hard time shutting off my brain,” she said in an interview with People. “But if you are active during your day, you will be so exhausted you can’t help but fall asleep.” She went on to say; “Having peace, happiness and healthiness is my definition of beauty. And you can’t have any of that without sleep.” Amen, Bey!

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