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As we come to the end of summer, we’re ready for a fresh start, and that back-to- school feeling can inspire a mini overhaul.

You might not be keen on making drastic changes as the post-holiday season arrives – but there are many small ways to boost your health and wellness.

Perhaps you’re looking for thicker, fuller hair, or are experiencing hair loss that you’d love to tackle once and for all.

You might want to embrace your passion for sports, or overhaul your diet with a meal-delivery plan.

Maybe you’re looking for a way to manage your gut health, brighten your smile or make sure your eyesight is the best it can be.

However you choose to boost your wellbeing, these ten leading brands can help you start the new season looking and feeling great.


Problem hair can give your confidence a serious knock. If you’re keen to banish bad hair days, it could be time to overhaul your product collection.

Watermans recently won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, and its Grow Me shampoo and Condition Me conditioner – for men and women – come highly recommended by trichologists.

These supercharged products are packed with vitamins and minerals to help fine or thinning hair look thicker. Made right here in the UK, Watermans shampoo and conditioner are suitable for all hair types. Regular use can turn bad hair days into good ones – so start your great-hair journey now.

Buy both products together and save at watermanshair.com.


With the cost of living rising, we’re all keener than ever to cut down on food waste.

ZENB uses as much of the whole vegetable as possible, which includes parts that are often overlooked, like seeds and stems, to make delicious plant-based products.

ZENB’s award-winning pasta is made from 100 per cent yellow peas, making it not only gluten-free, but high in protein, fibre, phosphorus and potassium too.

Yellow peas are the greener choice because they put amino acids into the ground, which are good for the soil. They also use less water to grow than durum wheat*. But ZENB isn’t just good for the planet – it’s delicious too, and still has that familiar al dente bite.

ZENB helps raise awareness around the issues of food waste by offering a range of products that heroize the vegetable by using as much of the whole vegetable as possible, including parts often discarded.

To access handy hints and tips and receive 40 per cent off your first order, head to *zenb.co.uk – and join the ZENB community on Instagram and Facebook.


Whether you’re a lover of the beautiful game, addicted to athletics, a sporting participator, simply a spectator, being involved in sport is all about community.

SportShare is a new social media app that aims to bring everyone involved in sport into the same space, wherever you’re located and whatever your personal passion or level of interest.

Designed by a university student, the app makes it easier for athletes and sports professionals to connect, find clients and reach their goals. It can even help enthusiasts book appointments with the pros.

It helps friends and fans to find out what’s happening in their area, and allows sports teams to share their successes and communicate with their teammates – all on one, easy-to-use platform.

SportShare is about creating a community of sports lovers, so find out more and get connected with a like-minded crowd at sportshare.co.uk.

Diets 2 Go

The meal prep involved in a high-protein, low-calorie diet can be pretty time consuming – but if you’re looking for balanced ready meals that are packed with proper flavour,

Diets 2 Go’s tailored meal delivery packages could be for you.
Diets 2 Go’s healthy meal plans are designed by professional chefs, and include vegan, fish and meat dishes, to save you time and money without compromising on taste.

Choose from bestsellers including honey glazed salmon noodles, jerk chicken with fried rice, or fresh grilled sea bass with brown rice – or pick one of the delicious snacks, juices and breakfasts on offer.

Meals start at just £3.99 each, are delivered to your door, and can be ready to eat in just three minutes. To take the dullness out of dieting, and to receive five free snacks and five free juices with your first order, visit diets2go.co.uk and use code SUN10 when you sign up.

Boutique Whitening

Your smile says a lot about you – and being able to dazzle with a set of pearly whites can give your confidence a major boost.

Teeth whitening is an ever-popular cosmetic treatment – but what many people don’t realise is that it’s illegal for beauty salons and hairdressers to use professional teeth-whitening products.

Unregulated formulations used by unqualified beauty professionals could cause burns or scarring, while at-home products such as coconut oil have no proven whitening effect. Abrasives like charcoal and bicarbonate of soda could thin your enamel, making teeth ultimately appear more yellow.

Trusted, professional formulations such as Boutique Whitening are up to 60 times stronger than over-the-counter products, which is why you should find a qualified dental professional to give you a whiter smile.

For the safest treatment and the best results, use Boutique Whitening’s dentist finder to discover the clinic closest to you that uses the UK’s best-selling professional whitening product.

Jennifer Effie’s Hair Solutions

Losing your hair due to age or illness can have a devastating impact on your self-esteem, especially for women. Jennifer Effie’s Hair Solutions is a female specialist, treating women for hair loss caused by chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania and female pattern baldness, with hair-replacement options.

The London-based clinic has created a bespoke hair-replacement system for women, with the aim of recreating their natural hairstyle before hair loss, matching its colour, texture and density.

Jennifer Effie’s high-end system uses the best-quality human hair for a natural, comfortable and styled result, leaving you with hair that’s easy to manage, and looks and feels great. An undetectable hairline means no-one will know you’re wearing a wig, while its breathable base won’t affect hair regrowth.

Both permanent and temporary solutions are available, so for more information on how Jennifer Effie’s Hair Solutions could transform your look, visit jehair.com, email [email protected], or call 020 3752 5089.

The Functional Gut Clinic

Did you know that gut health can have a knock-on effect on your overall wellbeing, including your digestion and immune system? When things in your gut aren’t quite right, it can cause a host of related symptoms, including bloating, nausea and acid reflux, as well as impacting your sleep quality and skin health.

The Functional Gut Clinic is the UK’s first** UKAS-accredited, independent gut-physiology service. It is run by a team of expert clinicians and scientists who are on hand to help diagnose gut problems and give you back control.

Based in London, with locations in Manchester and Cambridge, the clinic uses the latest technology to offer a trusted and proven service that is designed to swiftly identify any problems, then match you with the right treatment programme to help support your symptoms or potentially put things right.

To find out what the clinic’s team of experts can do for you, head to
thefunctionalgutclinic.com, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
** https://www.ukas.com/find-an-organisation/browse-by-category/?cat=295

Vision Express

When it comes to your eyesight, it pays to put yourself in the hands of the experts. Vision Express has been serving customers ever since its first store opened in Gateshead over 30 years ago.

Today, the optician boasts more than 550 stores across the UK and Ireland. So when you choose Vision Express to take care of your eyesight, you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

The eyewear specialist’s goal is simple: to provide customers with the best tailor-made service in friendly, welcoming surroundings. Eye tests are available in store – and while you’re there, you can browse a range of glasses and sunglasses from designer brands. Contact lenses and eye care products are also available.

If you prefer online ordering, you can get free delivery on orders over £35. And Sun readers can get a massive 25 per cent off when they spend £59 or more at visionexpress.com. Clearly a great deal. T&Cs apply. Please visit https://www.visionexpress.com/offers/sun-online for more information.


Want help keeping your gut in tip-top shape? VSL#3® contains eight specially selected strains of bacteria, and each sachet has a total of 450 billion colony-forming units of live bacteria (the ones that promote a healthy gut microbiome and digestive system).

This concentration and diversity is important, because there are trillions of bacteria in your gut, and a high concentration is needed to make the biggest impact. Research has shown that VSL#3® probiotic is proven to reach the gut alive – so you can be sure it’s doing its job.

VSL#3® is easy to fit into your daily routine, available in a convenient sachet that you simply sprinkle, stir or shake onto cold food, or into a non-fizzy drink. To find out more, browse some delicious recipes and order your sachets, visit vsl3.co.uk.


Many women struggle with hair-related woes such as thinning, split ends and excess shedding. Both environment and lifestyle can impact our hair’s quality and shine.

Hairburst understands the challenges your locks can face, and has developed a range of award-winning vitamins and cosmetics to combat them.

Scientifically formulated to deliver a blend of essential nutrients, Hairburst products are designed with vitamins and minerals such as selenium to encourage your hair to stay in its growth phase for as long as possible, working from the inside out to promote length and strength.

Accessories are also available, including the soothing Scalp Massage Brush and Scalp Roller, which helps you to target thinning spots.
After using Hairburst, 98 per cent of customers noticed faster hair growth, while 63 per cent said their hair felt healthier. Products are kind to animals, and free from parabens and SLS.

Subscribe today and save up to 50 per cent at hairburst.com, and follow the team on Instagram.

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