The 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Trailer Is Simultaneously Chilling and Exciting

13 Reasons Why was officially greenlit for season two not long after its massively successful first season premiered on Netflix, but the streaming giant has made us endure quite the wait for its release date. The first big clue came in the form of a teaser on Instagram in May 2017. The brief clip features flashes of familiar locations from the series, including Liberty High, a street where you can see Tony’s car driving, and the Bakers’s drugstore.

Chillingly, the caption is, “Their story isn’t over,” which gives us the huge hint for what season two is about: the next chapter in these characters’ — even Hannah’s — story. Fortunately the latest footage finally confirms a solid premiere date: May 18.

The video is also pretty vague as far as plot details go, but it does provide us with some legit clues. Hannah’s mom appears to be taking on the role of detective, while Hannah’s former classmates (the ones included in her infamous tapes) are being threatened by notes scrawled in red ink that read: “You talk, you pay.”

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