15 Rules Dwayne Johnson Makes His Daughters (And Newborn) Follow

Dwayne Johnson is a 46 year old popular American wrestler, actor, and producer. He started his life as a college football player at the University of Miami. He had varied interest and tried his luck in wrestling. Following his huge success as The Rock in WWE, he was chosen to work in Hollywood as an action hero. He puts out excellent work all the time in everything he does, and every time he is cast in anything, you can be sure it will bring in millions at the box office.

This wrestler turned actor, is a father to three beautiful daughters – Simone, Jasmine, and Tia. His world revolves around these three cuties. He feels that he is a lucky dad who is gifted with having these three children. He adores women who are strong, and he feels he is surrounded by tough and talented women around him; his mom and wife being on the top of the list. The Hollywood hero spends his time at the gym, in films, and with his family. He is a father to a newborn and loves his kids more than anything. It’s a great sight to observe a strong man behave like a kid when with kids. We have researched and found out some rules or principles he follows in life, which eventually will be followed by his daughters. His kids will definitely inherit his qualities apart from his wealth. But, Dwayne is a loving and successful dad who would like to see his daughters become successful as well.


Dyawne Johnson mentioned that the newborn baby Tiana Gia Johnson is nothing but God’s gift. The mama laboured and delivered the child, who is like a true rock star. The Hollywood hero held her in his arms as though he had never seen a child before, but he was simply truly astonished. For Dwayne, all of his daughters are a wonderful gift to his life. And about papa’s commitment to the little born, it’s a great virtue. He posted this truly adorable photo of the two of them, where he places his child to his chest and just seems completely at peace. He vowed to protect her, as he has already done before, and will promote the same values that he has been doing thus far. Well, Tia is an inspiration for Johnson and for others also. He went on and on about how much he loves this newborn, and how adorable she is. The strong dad has many responsibilities and seems to put his kids at the top of that list of responsibilities.

Dwayne’s world surrounds his three beautiful daughters – Simone, Jasmine, and Gia. He is no doubt a man of strong values and perhaps he passes a message to the world to love and respect daughters. He adores all the strong women on earth; he values his family and friends. He is the one who has a struggling past and wants to excel in future. Dwayne believes to live in harmony with his neighbourhood and fans (especially mamas and babies). Rightly, Dwayne Johnson is an inspiration for all. No doubt he has passed on that sense of familial responsibility to his daughters, to put each other before anyone else. (Source: Babygaga.com, Metro.co.uk)


Dwayne Johnson has various priorities of life. He is superbly successful in Hollywood and occupies a special position in the hearts of his fans. His family is a lovable one, and above all Dwayne adores his daughters a lot. He has many roles to play. He is trusted by his directors and co-actors. A star who is a gem of a human being and dutiful to all aspects of life. He appreciates Corey Booker fan and spent time with him at the dinner table, thereby spending some cherished moments. He will endorse him for 2020. He has seen his documentary and mentions high of his values.

To live a prosperous family life you need to have few genuine family friends if not more. Perhaps this is a lesson for his kids: that good friends are needed for life. His daughters will undoubtedly have great relations with good people, as they follow in their dad’s footsteps. Life is incomplete without family and supportive friends. Dwayne has inherited his hard-working qualities from his dad, Rocky Johnson and will continue to promote his values to his own children throughout his life. It is important to him that his children grow up with good, solid values, keep their friends close, and do their best to make some good changes in the world. (Source: Metro.co.uk, Babygaga.com, Rollingstone.com)


Dwayne Johnson is blessed with a great family. He believes that raising a child is not an easy job. He is seen in a picture of his entire family, his daughters, and both parents. It is definitely a photo that he will continue to look back on in joy. He says that for raising children, you need the support of parents, but also just in general, a really good environment. It is not a secret that Dwayne has had some trouble in the past with some co-stars, but he has never let it get in the way of his personal life, or even his business life. He does what he has to do to keep thriving, and he has given that same kind of mentality to his children.

His family supports him, naturally, and he makes sure that his lifestyle rubs off on his children. Looks like when his daughters will grow up, they will have similar family values like their dad. That same kind of love and affection that he gives for his kids, the kids will learn to grow and learn to hand that love right back to the world. They will support each other, and never fail to have each other’s back. It is definitely not a strict rule, but it is a rule nonetheless and support one another, be there for each other, and be a good sibling, or family member in general. (Source: Metro.co.uk, Babygaga.com, Rollingstone.com)


One of the best things for any parents is that moment when a child just yells out for their father in joy. There is seriously nothing more special than that moment. Dwayne has such moments before he leaves for the gym. We all know Dwayne is a gym freak, but he likes to enjoy quality time with his kids just before he leaves for the gym. He makes sure that even for the things he loves, like going to the gym, it all comes after being with his daughters if they want or need him.

When parents grow old, children become their guardian, and role reversal occurs. Well, today as Dwayne has passionately brought up his child, it’s expected that the girls will care for their darling daddy when they grow up and the dad grows old. After all, this is the cycle of life.

Johnson was not really as cool as he appears to be. Once while he was in school, he was caught in a brawl and sent one kid to the hospital. He vowed that it was the last fight he had before he went to school again. But the short-tempered Dwayne was changed entirely after his daughters were born. Well, Dwayne can be called as the coolest dad on earth. With three darling daughters and other strong women around, there is nothing that can stop The Rock from being a successful actor in Hollywood. God bless this fateful dad. (Source: Rollingstone.com, Babygaga.com)


Dwayne has a big tattoo on his shoulder, and that is always appreciated by his daughter. His daughter seems to love to look at it and touch it. The Hollywood hero describes this as “daddy-daughter chat.” The tattoo had many ideas which were drawn from the past of the strong man, and those ideas and lessons of life were reflected in the tattoo. Maybe this was his way of explaining his rich heritage to his daughter.

Emphasizing kids on the greatness of forefathers is no doubt a great way of recollecting your past. In fact, families should share stories on the legacy and keep the great spirit going ahead. His daughters will definitely keep the spirit of their forefathers intact. Dwayne always tries to give good lessons to his daughters. By interacting with his kids, Dwayne induces principles and values in his kids. Perhaps any father would love to do that. Going forward in life, a definite rule they will have to follow will be to always remember where they came from, in order to keep themselves grounded. Growing up in the limelight has never been easy for any child of a major Hollywood star, but when you remember things like this, the teachings of your family, it should be enough to ground you back into a safe and humble place. (Source: Rollingstone.com, Babygaga.com)


The person Dwayne has become in the limelight is a prime example of hard work paying off. Dwayne mentioned that his dad Rocky Johnson was a professional wrestler too. He saw his dad getting up at 5 am and then go to the gym. Rocky was a hard-core disciplined man. He says that he follows his dad’s path in many ways. He was being dragged to the gym by his dad.

Now, one thing is quite clear that Dwayne is highly motivated by his dad in all ways. The one big and strong son who sets the example of how his dad influenced him, is undoubtedly a great story of emotion. His daughters will also value hard work as much as their dad. Moreover, the legacy will carry on, and the hardworking generation will get success in whatever profession they choose. There is no doubt that hardworking men and women achieve success in life compared to those who are lazy and expect inheriting forefather’s wealth. Dwayne has made it clear, in interviews and on social media, that no one can get anywhere without a lot of hard work, and it is certain that he makes sure his children have that same mindset. (Source: Rollingstone.com, Babygaga.com)


When Dwayne had a day dedicated to Weider’s Olympia body contest, he was accompanied by his daughter Simone, who was fifteen years old. The whole time he was found kidding with her and posing unusually. Well, he knows how to get along with his teenage daughter. He also often brings his daughter around while he was attending shows like MTV movie awards, Golden Globe and People’s Choice awards. To his daughter, he is always a hero.

As we all know, teenage daughters are often looking for a role model, but luckily, Dwayne is already one for his kids. His daughters will eventually want to get married and now she will know that she will want someone who is as hard working and down to earth as her own father. She knows what to look for in a man who can be his future life partner. Though he sometimes plays eccentric characters on screen, that does not mean he is not a hero in real life (and more often than not, he usually plays some kind of a hero on screen). Still, his daughters still have someone to look up to. People never really have a bad word to say about him, and for good reason. So naturally, he has instilled the thought process to his daughters that they should always be themselves, so long as they are being good people. To have fun, but to make sure they know who they are in the world of stardom.  (Source: Babygaga.com)

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Dwayne loves giving time to mammas and babies. One day on set, when he finished up the day of shooting for Jumanji, he came out and met a group of mamma and babies. His popularity has skyrocketed during his time from wrestling to Hollywood, but he continues to make time for his fans, which is the most important thing someone could do as a celebrity. Dwayne understands that he wouldn’t be anywhere he is today if not for the legion of fans behind him. Any celebrity who hopes to make it anywhere needs to have an army of fans to support them, and he has that. So he, in turn, shows them his appreciation by never ignoring them and dedicating as much time as he can to them.

Well, he has set an example for his daughters and also the entire world that fans are the most treasured possession of a celebrity. To dedicate a bit of time for the fans will forever be remembered by them, as you are pretty much making their entire day. As such, the wrestling champion has great love and respect for babies and their mamas. Since he adores the ladies of his life, it’s natural that he will adore those ladies whoever is a great fan of him. After all, he has set a great example for the strong men, who can vow to take women seriously and with respect. His darling daughters will definitely follow his footsteps once grown up, and now know his rule about caring about the people who appreciate you. (Source: Babygaga.com)


Dwayne has admitted that he wasn’t a very cool-type of person while he was in college. However, he was lucky enough to land a football scholarship while studying at the University of Miami. During that time, he was involved in brawls all over. He said that he wasn’t a cool type of person; instead, he was more of a hot-tempered one. However, as time has gone by and as he has grown and learned from his more juvenile ways, he has become a very caring and nurturing person. He has said how his daughter likes to get up during the night, or even will ask to watch the same movie over and over again, and maybe once upon a time that would have annoyed Dwayne. Now however, he has nothing but love, and loves taking time out of his own day or night to spend that kind of time with his children.

What rule is he leaving here for his daughters? To remember to create a space for each other, and for the people around them. That sometimes it takes a lot of growth for people to achieve any kind of zen, or to be able to slow themselves down to appreciate the finer things in life. It is not easy, as he has said many times before that all things take hard work, but focusing on personal growth is very important. His daughters must be able to to do that in order to become well functioning adults in a world that changes every single day. It is a noble goal. (Source:Rollingstone.com)


Sometimes it seems as though Dwayne just cannot let go of his daughters. His youngest daughter clings to him whenever he is ready to go out to work. And, this is not something that we have not seen before. Usually, children also do cling to their parents when they want to go out to work. But, for the strongest and the most hardworking man of Hollywood, this is so cute.

For Dwayne, she is the whole world. One should remember that however hard he works or whatever he does for his family, nothing about Hollywood compares to the joy he gets when he is around his daughters. The rule, or lesson, rather, is that his daughters must grow up and always remember to value the relationships with their family above everyone else. In the same way that he does his best not to let them down, they must follow in those same footsteps for one another.

Once upon a time, he wanted to learn criminology and was motivated by Dr. Paul Cromwell, to go for a degree in law. Dwayne was definitely inspired at the time. Dwayne’s kids already have a great father figure to look up to, and who will continue to help them be inspired in the same way that Dwayne’s own father, or Cromwell helped him. While it is important to remain inspired, Dwayne makes it clear that what matters more is his daughters always remember the importance of family. (Source: Rollingstone.com)


Dwayne is surrounded by strong and beautiful women. He is a father to Simone, Jasmine, and newborn, Tiana. He is husband to Lauren and son of Ata Johnson. Well, he is blessed with talented and strong women in life who nourished him with their best affection and love. Dwayne always portrays that the women in his life are most important. They are strong and have diverse qualities. He also sets an example of how men should treat women.

He says that these women inspire him regularly to become a better father, husband, and son in his life. His love and respect for his family are boundless. The world is a better place because of these women, and at the end of the day he just seems grateful that they are in his life. A man who considers himself luckiest to be surrounded by quality women deserves to be regarded as an ideal man. And no doubt, Dwayne is a role model to any strong man and he also admitted that with all those loving and caring women in the family, he is the luckiest man on earth. It is important to him, especially in the world of today that his daughters grow up and try to take examples from the women who came before them. Not only that, but to respect other women, and make no effort to tear one another down. It must all be about lifting each other up, and being a source of kindness for one another. This is definitely one of his most important rules. (Source: Babygaga.com, Rollingstone.com)


Above, Dwayne is pictured changing his daughter, which is something all men should know how to do, and yet a lot of them refuse to do it anyway. Not Dwayne though. He has never turned away from anything. This man is always full of energy. There is no dearth of stamina for any job he does. Be it his shooting schedule, gym schedule or looking after his daughters, this man always gives every bit of energy he has to whatever it is he is tackling.

Well, for achieving success it requires both energy and hard work. Dwayne’s daughters will definitely remember this and accept it as an important lesson in life. There are many secrets that he would like to hand down to his daughters. His struggles and attitude toward life are all great things his daughters can learn from. Not to mention that the fact that he is able to give everything his all, probably impresses his wife, which definitely doesn’t hurt. This caring father doesn’t shy away from his duties, and takes them as seriously as anything else he does. A constant rule for his children is to always be working towards being better than ever, working hard and making sure you come out on the other side a better person than you were before. (Source: Babygaga.com, Rollingstone.com)


The Rock was found dressed as his daughter’s favorite character Pikachu. When he wore the costume, and his daughter ran all over the house chasing him, that was just a spectacle to be seen. Well, according to Rock, Jasmine ran all over the house for 2 hours, thereby asking his dad to be chased all over. Although it was a tough job for Dwayne to take a break from his busy schedule, it was simply unlimited fun.

Great dads are always successful in meeting the tiny demands of their darlings. Well, this was just a demand that his daughter had before Easter. The Fast and Furious star was tired and exhausted. He says that the temperature was 118 degrees inside the costume. Well, being a dad is not an easy job. In case you check the energy level of the dad Dwayne, he is a super energetic athletic actor. Dwayne loves every bit of being a dad. Fatherhood is not an easy thing to do or be. Dwayne, can be a bold actor and go for bold shots, but he is a more daring and stronger action hero when it comes to his kids. Kudos to a dad who takes up challenges again and again just to be a ‘super-dad.’ The Rock, therefore, leaves a message that parents should behave like kids to be with the kids. A similar message also goes towards the kids that they should treat their parents with care and courtesy when they require. The rule of understanding has been imposed on his children, that when they grow up, sometimes you have to do what is best for someone else. Not everything is about you. (Source: Babygaga.com, Rollingstone.com)

2 it’s okay to be vulnerable

This photo of Jasmine was taken minutes after she was born. The newborn was cuddling skin to skin with her dad. Well, this photo was posted on Instagram, for his fans to know how protective he is towards his kids. That was not the only message though, as he kept saying that the women in his life deserve the best. He made sure his fans knew and understood that the best thing anyone could do would be to care for a child, and to protect the women in their life. If a man is not up to the task, then he should not bother to be a father, as it is very serious business.

He has mentioned that no matter what happens to him, the ability to protect his daughters matters most to him as a father. Well, these words come directly from the heart of a tough man and the one who is unanimously one of the most popular figures in the Hollywood. He has always proved to be a great dad, a protector, and teacher to his darling daughters, as well as to all his fans who are fathers. Johnson tells the world that girls are precious and girls should be strong, but that it is also okay to be protective.

So while he makes sure that his girls give life their all, he also makes sure they know that every once and a while, it is okay for them to give up. Giving up isn’t failure, being protected by a father, mother or significant other isn’t being weak. It’s being vulnerable, and that’s a good rule to teach your kids. And as it seems, they have no trouble with that rule, as they often lean on their father for a lot. (Source: Babygaga.com)

1 own womanhood

Dwayne shares a lot of special moments of him and his daughters on Instagram, where he often shows just how much they mean to him. This photo of he and his daughter is definitely adorable, and he makes sure he takes these moments to himself in order to really enjoy life.

In general, a major rule for his daughters is for them to be themselves, and not be afraid of who they are. The star is a proud supporter of women, even showing his support for International Women’s Day. He makes sure that his daughters know just how strong they really are, and that they should take that strength and be confident about it so they can succeed at anything they want in life. While he knows that he can’t place confidence as a rule, he makes sure that he lets his daughters know that one rule they must always abide is owning themselves. Everyone has bad days, but with hard work, anyone can make it out. So he wants them to be the best kind of women they could possibly be, and his eldest daughter is certainly abiding by that rule, as you can see on her Instagram. Owning womanhood is something very important to him, because although he is always willing to protect them, he is more concerned with them being their own person. That is the most important rule of all. (Source: People.com)

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