15 Unconventional Rules Kate Gosselin Follows To Raise Her Eight Kids

Kate Gosselin from Kate Plus 8, is well known for flying off the handle and being a strict parent. People have been judging her harshly since Jon and Kate Plus 8 first aired in 2008. She’s not exactly what you would call a patient or kind woman. On the show, you’ll often see her berating and belittling her now ex-husband over small things, and ordering her eight children around like little soldiers. There are dozens of articles from crew members and nannies that reveal that things are even worse when the cameras aren’t rolling.

After Jon and Kate got divorced, the show shifted from Jon and Kate Plus 8, to simply Kate Plus Eight. However, things didn’t get any better after their divorce. She didn’t get any nicer, and she certainly didn’t ease up on her kids.

While most people don’t understand or agree with Gosselin’s choices as a mother, it’s easy to judge a book by its cover. Very few of us are blessed with sextuplets, and it’s not for the faint hearted. Most people can’t comprehend what life with eight children might be like.

Kate expects respect and tidiness, and while it seems she’s over the top and at times, downright rude, she’s managed to keep her kids alive and healthy. Who knows how her family would operate if she didn’t give her kids endless chores and harsh punishments. With so many children, what would her house be like if she were lazy or complacent?

Either way, it’s always interesting to dig deep and look at how other families operate, whether you agree with their style or not. Let’s take a look at the 15 unconventional rules Kate Gosselin follows to raise her eight kids.

15 After Nine PM, Mommy Is Off Duty

Nannies have come forward in the past few years, telling news outlets that she’s not only strict with her kids — she’s strict with them as well. She reportedly has a strict manual that she makes the nannies follow. One nanny came forward, telling E News,

“We always had to refer to the manual because it listed her pet peeves. You couldn’t put anything on the ground. You had to put shoes in a certain spot. You couldn’t close doors loudly. You could only vacuum during certain times of the day if she was home.”

She also went on to say, “At nine o’clock, everything was done. Even if I was halfway through dishes, at 9 p.m. you had to stop. She told me her day ended at 9 p.m, no matter what was going on.” That’s right folks. She may be a stickler all day long, but at nine o’clock sharp, she clocked out for the day. It didn’t matter if things still needed to be done around the house, or if her children needed something. She was done! I might just need to steal this rule. By nine pm, I’m whooped. Of course, most people know that mothers don’t have this option. I don’t know how she does it.

14 Makes Her Kids Pull Weeds When They Misbehave

This same nanny that told E! News about Kate’s 9pm cutoff time, went on to say, “When the boys were in trouble, they were made to go outside, in their giant yard, and pull weeds.” It may sound harsh, but hey, at least she’s getting a necessary chore done at the same time. I would imagine having eight kids leaves very little time to get all of the chores done by yourself, and it teaches the kids responsibility. However, after doing some digging, it’s clear that there’s more to it than simply giving the children an outdoor chore. The problem the nanny had with this punishment has more to do with the size of the yard, and the frequency in which the boys were sent outside. Not to mention, we’re sure Kate ordered them to pull weeds over the smallest of incidents. In fact, forcing her children to pull weeds was one of the child abuse allegations made against Kate. The punishment was regarded as cruel physical labor. The documents were kept private for a long time, but were made public in 2017.

They reported that the children would often get rashes from the poison ivy present in their backyard.

Kate and her lawyer both deny all of the allegations made against her, though the evidence points against her.

13 Never Wastes Food

Yet another allegation that came out when the court documents were unsealed, Kate Gosselin reportedly fed her children moldy, unsafe food.

Whether it was in an effort to be frugal and cut costs, or simply because she often practices an authoritative parenting style, she apparently forced Hannah to eat moldy strawberries.

Kate would make days worth of bagged lunches at once to save time, which makes perfect sense. But most people know that fresh food only lasts so long, even when refrigerated. Apparently Gosselin missed the memo, because she was making lunches for a week, forcing her kids to eat all of them until they were gone. Her daughter Leah claims she had to eat the same lunch again and again for weeks. Once again, it seems as if Kate has the right idea, with poor execution. Pre-made lunches, check! Totally a great idea. Saves time, saves money, and having repeat meals is not a crime. Forcing your kids to eat food that’s gone bad, however, not so much. Kate lets her controlling tendencies take over in the worst situations, putting her children at risk, and putting common sense and judgement on the back burner. Surely they’re not that broke, right?

12 Disciplining Them In Questionable Ways

It should come as no surprise that Kate Gosselin believe that being rough with her kids occasionally is an okay way to discipline them. This is a pretty controversial topic. Some parents feel that taking a rough approach is an outdated punishment that is better left in the past. Others feel it’s necessary for some trouble-making kids. No matter where you stand on the subject, most people can agree that there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

In the same set of court documents that were released before, it was revealed that Jon accused Kate of leaving red marks on her kids. She’s been caught being rough with their kids in public, so she can’t really refute that one, though she still holds full custody. There must not have been enough evidence against her to remove her kids from the home.

Beyond Jon’s allegations, author Robert Hoffman released an expose titled Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World. The expose included excerpts from Gosselin’s private journals from 2006 and 2007. In one entry she wrote about a particularly bad day regarding her son Collin, who was two at the time. She wrote, “I am too rough with him and the girls see that. I feel so guilty that I treated him like that and I will set out tomorrow to be a better mommy.”

11 Put Them On Lockdown — Literally

In the released court documents, it was revealed that Gosselin would lock the kids in their room for misbehaving, often for long periods of time. She allegedly wouldn’t even let the children out to use the restroom. These claims are further backed up by Robert Hoffman’s expose. In one of Gosselin’s private journal entries, she wrote about the time her two year old son, Collin climbed out of his crib. She wrote,

“I heard him getting into drawers. I went up and put him back in the crib. When nap was really over, I left him in his crib til after we had already gone downstairs. I want him to know that I am serious and that I will not tolerate crib climbing!”

I think we can all agree that that’s a bit extreme. How dare a two year old climb out of their crib and go through the drawers in his room! Sorry Gosselin, but that’s a totally normal part of toddlerhood. Most parents understand that a 2-year-old climbing out of their crib is simply an indication that they may be ready to transition into a toddler bed, or at the very least, their crib needs to be lowered. Two year olds are not capable of understanding a punishment like that, no matter how aware they appear to be. I strongly urge you to not take a page out of Gosselin’s book on this one. It’s just cruel and completely ridiculous, especially at the tender age of two.

10 Doesn’t Share Clothes Between Houses

An insider came forward to In Touch Weekly with some dirt on Kate back in April of 2017. They said, “Kate says no clothing or belongings can be brought from her house to Jon’s house, so the kids arrive for visitation [at Jon’s] in their school uniforms and change into clothes Jon has for them when they get to his house. Then they put their uniforms back on before head­ing to their mom’s house.” The insider went so far as to say that the kids are “prisoners in their own home”.

“She has these insane practices and rules to ensure she has total control of everything her kids do.”

Well those are certainly serious accusations. We have no way of knowing for sure whether or not these claims are true, as the person chose to remain anonymous. Given Kate’s track record, that seems like the wise thing to do. Kate has accused her ex-husband of having an inappropriate relationship with their daughter Hannah, and she pats the kids down when they return home from his house (more on that later) so it’s totally within the realm of possibility that she would control what the kids wear when they go visit him.

9 Her Kids Can Play, But Only If Their Clothes Don’t Get Dirty

In an episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, the Gosselin’s have a fun family day on the town. They eat ice cream for dinner and play outside. Everything was perfectly fine. Until the kids started rolling around in the grass. How dare the children act like children!

Kate started yelling at them from the deck where she was sitting, even admitting that it was “excessive,” but she didn’t want them to get grass stains. Her little daughter even asked her,

“Mommy, can’t you just let them have fun?” 

It’s classic Kate Gosselin for you though. I’m not quite sure what she wants from her kids. It seems she’d like for them to sit quietly, ask for permission to speak or move, and shower her with compliments and affection. Raising eight kids is surely a tough job, and it’s always easy to judge from afar, when you aren’t the one actually going through it. But I would like to think I’d be just a tad more patient when it comes to my kids playing outside. Children get dirty, it’s what they do. It’s part of growing up. I think Kate could have handled this situation a little better, and at least pretended to not care about grass stains, just for the day.

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8 Buys Her Kids Devices So She Can Take Them Away

During a sneak peak into the upcoming Kate Plus 8 Special, Gosselin gave people everywhere a little nugget of parenting advice. She said,

“I got those girls cell phones and iPads so that I could take them away.”

I have to admit, it’s pretty genius. I mean, it does give her more leverage. However, given her track record for being verbally and at times, physically abusive, it kind of just adds insult to injury. Her poor word choice makes her sound like some sort of evil, conniving mother, when in actuality, it’s not a half bad idea. Unfortunately, that is how she worded it, and it does sound bad. Almost as if she gets some sort of sick pleasure from taking things away from her kids that they love and enjoy. Maybe it’s not quite that serious, but it’s definitely telling of her controlling side.

If there is one piece of advice that you might consider taking from Kate, it would be this one. But, you know. Maybe don’t go around stating it bluntly like that. Typically you buy your kids phones and iPads because they’ve been doing well in school, they’ve been respectful and deserving of new, awesome devices. Maybe in the back of your mind you might think about how you now have something you could take away from them, should they begin to misbehave. But I wouldn’t really recommend letting that be your driving force for buying them in the first place.

7 Yells If She Needs To, Even Out In Public

Kate Gosselin is the Queen of yelling at kids. She pretty much made a living doing it, let’s be honest. We all tuned in to see her lose her mind a few times each episode. Kate’s son Joel even once said, “She screams over everything” after a family Poconos trip. She doesn’t even really refute it. She replied, “I was screaming at high decibels.” She doesn’t seem to mind her reputation as a mom who yells. I suppose she can’t really say much about it after being caught on camera doing it so often for so many years. It’s not like it was one or two isolated incidents. It’s pretty much every 20 minutes on every episode.

 “My voice sounds like it is booming to Texas. And the truth is, yes, I was yelling and I’m not proud of that and I’m not excusing it.”

While she once took her anger out on her husband Jon, she had to turn it on her kids after their divorce. On the season finale of Kate Plus 8, Gosselin was cringing at old flashback scenes of the show. “I used to get all dramatic and just be all melty downy. As I’m getting older and I have less energy, I realize that just expels your energy.”

6 Her Kids Do Plenty Of Chores

Gosselin doesn’t play around when it comes to sharing the responsibly of chores in the house. She’s very upfront about keeping the kids busy and making sure they all pull their weight. Though, it seems there’s even more going on behind the scenes. Yes, she can be seen ordering the kids around on the show, and as we know from the released court documents, she often made the boys dig up weeds in the backyard when they misbehaved. But inside sources and ex-nannies paint an even harsher reality for the kids in regards to household responsibilities.

It’s said that Kate orders them to constantly do unusual chores, barely giving them any time to do much else. It’s also said that the kids are under “constant surveillance.”

It all just sounds like an overwhelmed moms way of coping with having eight children to care for. Nonetheless, she needs to give her kids a little room to breathe. Gosselin painted it in a much nicer light when she gave parenting advice to People regarding a new mom with octuplets. “Encourage teamwork — it gets the job done faster and more efficiently while fostering a deep family bond. (Involve kids in chores — it develops a strong work ethic.)” That certainly puts a nice spin on things, doesn’t it?

5 Gets Upset Over Everything

Yet another useful nugget of wisdom from Kate Gosselin to a new mom of octuplets: “Choose your battles – let little things go! You can’t control everything.” Wow, I don’t think I’ve heard such hypocrisy in all of my life! Yes, she was absolutely right when she told People to pass the message along to the new mama. But, does it really mean anything coming from her? No, not really. I mean, all that lady has to do is watch a couple of episodes of Kate Plus 8 to see that Kate does not practise what she preaches.

She’s been known to not only be rough with her kids when they’re acting up, but also over the smallest thing. She doesn’t know how to keep her cool. This parenting advice couldn’t come from a worse source. I’m not quite sure if Gosselin is delusional. Does she truly think she knows how to remain calm in stressful situations? To “let little things go?” To learn to not control everything?

This, coming from a woman who spanked and left her 2-year-old in his crib for an extended period of time for misbehaving. There’s no way to take this seriously at all coming from her mouth. But, it is solid advice.

4 Doesn’t Give In 

The nanny that spilled some dirt on the Gosselin’s to E! News also reported a very specific incident that she simply couldn’t believe. Apparently, the kids were ordered to build a gingerbread house one evening, to get everyone in the mood for the holidays. Sounds like a fun activity, right? Well it certainly is! But as a kid, it’s not nearly as fun as eating the gingerbread house after you’ve built it. Well, Kate simply couldn’t have that. That ruins the whole point, in her eyes. The nanny claims that the kids were told not to eat the gingerbread house, and it upset her so greatly, that she ended up caving in and letting the children eat it one night.

“They had to stare at it every night during dinner,” said the nanny. “I finally just let the kids eat it.”

The former nanny didn’t reveal what consequences awaited her the next morning, but we can only imagine that it wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t the reason she was fired, but it can be assumed that she was fired over an equally petty and unfounded reason. It’s hard to imagine exactly why Kate didn’t want the kids eating the gingerbread house, but it seems a bit ridiculous. No kid should know the joy of building one, without the deliciousness of eating it soon after. Nothing says Christmas spirit like a tummy ache brought on by dry gingerbread, gumdrops, and cheap icing.

3 She Inspects Her Kids 

The same insider that revealed that Kate doesn’t allow the kids to share clothes between houses, also told In Touch Weekly that Gosselin pats the kids down when they return to her house after staying with her ex-husband, Jon. The source asserts that while the kids appear to be having fun and “living it up” on air, as soon as the cameras shut off, the fun comes to an abrupt halt. It also asserted that the star was being vigilant about checking for cell phones, as none of the children were allowed to have one at the time.

“So after they visit with their dad, she lines the kids up and pats them down for cell phones.”

The kids have since been given cell phones and other devices, but of course, it was at Kate’s discretion. She certainly wouldn’t want her ex-husband having a say in the decision without her prior consent. A seemingly normal request, with a strange twist. It all fits perfectly with the rest of the claims against her, as well as her private journal entries. If there’s one thing we all know for certain, it’s that Kate Gosselin is all about maintaining control over every aspect of her life, and her kids’ lives.

2 Keeps Her House Tidy

Kate Gosselin likes to keep her home spotless, which we can tell from the show. But as we mentioned before, nannies have come forward explaining in detail just how crazy she is over messes. Everything has a place, and everything is expected to stay in its designated place at all times. If she’s in a sour mood and she sees something wrong with the way someone cleaned, you better hide for cover, because the whole house is about to feel her wrath. The show offers an somewhat inside look at Gosselin’s rage over misplaced items and untidy rooms. There was one episode in which Gosselin fired a cleaning lady on day one for not dusting behind a hamper. But, thanks once again to Hoffman’s expose, there is even more evidence of Kate’s temper regarding cleanliness. In one entry, she admitted to being rough with all of her sextuplets at once when they were caught playing with tissues. Remember, these journal entries are from around the time the six little ones were only around two years old.

In another entry, she wrote about Collin knocking highchairs down. She said she was “so angry” that she “grabbed him as hard as I could and thought I may seriously injure him so I sent him to his crib. And I whipped him into it very hard!” Well then, most logical adults would call that a major overreaction, but like we said, Kate takes her tidy home very seriously.

1 Her Kids Aren’t Allowed To Explain Themselves

Possibly the hardest aspect of Kate Gosselin’s parenting style for people to wrap their heads around is her authoritative nature. She doesn’t believe in explaining herself to her kids (or anybody for that matter). When she asks someone to do something, she expects you to do it, whether it makes sense or not. She doesn’t feel that it’s a child’s place to question her choices or orders. What’s even more strange about her is that she questions herself, but will admit it to no one. In her personal journals that were revealed in Robert Hoffman’s expose, she wrote about the time her 2-year-old daughter Leah soiled herself during nap time. Her journal entry said that she woke Leah up with her “angry voice”, and that she threw her in the bath.

“The poor little thing was shaking with coldness or fear.”

In another entry, a few months later, she said she “really, really lost it” with her other two year old son Collin. “I pulled Collin up by the hair and spanked him.” She even wrote that she saw her father in herself and she was scared by the thought. We’re frightened of that thought too, Kate.

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