This $16 Dry Shampoo Had a 5,000-Person Wait List

I’ve been using Verb’s powder dry shampoo for years. It soaks up the oil sitting on my scalp and adds a boost of volume to my roots without my hair feeling coated. My only complaint? Because it’s a powder, not a spray-on formula, it takes a little more time to strategically apply it without getting it all over my shirt. Finally, though, Verb is coming through with a brand new, game-changing dry shampoo spray. 

I’m not the only one who’s psyched, either. Before the spray launched, 5,000 people signed up on a waitlist to be the first to score a bottle. 

The launch actually includes two different versions: one specifically made for lighter or blonde hair, and another made for dark hair. The Dry Shampoo Light has a faint purple tone meant to counteract the brassy hue that typically forms on hair that’s been dyed or bleached. While it soaks up the oil in your hair and adds volume, it’s also correcting your color, and all you have to do is spray it eight to 10 inches away from your scalp. Meanwhile, The Dry Shampoo Dark was made to quickly disappear in dark hair without leaving a chalky residue behind. 

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So is the $16 formula worth the hype? I’d say yes. Its fresh, light scent makes you feel like you just shampooed, but it isn’t overpowering. (Bad fragrance has been known to make me physically ill, so you should take that review seriously.) It makes your hair look and feel cleanerrun your fingers through it, and you won’t feel like they’re coated with product when you’re done. It feels weightless and looks invisible. 

To the 5,000 people that signed up on that digital wait list, I’m with you. 

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