20 Female Celebs Who Never Want To Settle Down

The world of women seems to be changing so rapidly that it’s crazy, but unfortunately, the pressure to get married, have a family, and “settle down” is still an expectation that most people have for most women. And while that is an awesome thing for women to do if it’s something that they really want, it’s not the kind of commitment that anyone should actually commit to unless they really and truly do want it. Now that most women develop careers and lives for themselves, it’s understandable that a lot of them are reconsidering the traditional life and asking themselves whether or not it’s the right kind of life for them, and that seems to especially be true for rich and famous women.

That makes a lot of sense because none of these famous ladies need to be in a relationship unless they really want to be, and considering how much they’ve managed to accomplish in their own lives, it’s more than reasonable that they want to wait for someone who is a good match for them (or just go on their lives if Mr. Right never actually shows up). Plus, now that women living their lives only for themselves has become more common and more acceptable more celebrity women have become comfortable with expressing their unwillingness to settle down permanently with someone. And while they all have different reasons for wanting to stay permanently solo, they all have pretty understandable reasons for wanting that. What exactly are those reasons? Read on to find out!

20 Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is one of the foxiest and most successful actresses out there, so if she really wanted to find a dude to marry, she presumably would have no problems. However, Theron acknowledges that marriage might not be in the cards for her, and while she does want to have a serious and long-term relationship with someone, she doesn’t actually put a whole lot of stock in being married, and the whole ceremonial aspect of it is not something that’s important to her. And she’s certainly a woman who can afford to be incredibly picky about the guys she chooses to be with, but considering her familial history, it’s also more than understandable that she places little to no value on the institution of marriage. Sadly, Theron grew up in a household affected by serious issues, and that bad situation only came to an end when her father passed away.

Growing up with that kind of relationship model would certainly make anyone hesitant to a serious long term commitment.

Now that Charlize is a mom to her two own adopted children it makes a whole lot of sense that she’d want to ensure that they have as stable and happy a home life as possible.

19 Chelsea Handler

Considering comedienne Chelsea Handler’s personality and personal style it’s not hugely surprising that she’s not the commitment-minded type. She has always said that having children was not in the cards for her, and that getting married seemed like something that would only make breaking up infinitely more complicated. She also used to say that marriage just seemed like commercialized nonsense to her, and while she hasn’t budged on her decision to never become a mom, she has had a bit of a change of heart when it comes to getting married.

While it’s not on the top of her priority list, it’s not something that she actively wants to avoid now either, and she says that she understands the value of committing to someone and not making it about the event of a wedding.

But we’ll see if that change of mind actually results in anything down the line because while she says she’d be open to it, she also isn’t in a serious relationship at the moment and hasn’t been in one for a while. And while it’s unusual for a woman to be so averse to commitment, it’s also good that Handler doesn’t want to commit to someone just for the sake of commitment.

18 Kristin Davis

It might be a bit of a surprise, considering how traditional and relationship minded her alter ego, Charlotte York, was on her hit show, Sex and the City, but the actress, Kristin Davis, says that she was never that little girl who dreamed of getting married when she was older. While she says she would still consider getting married, she also says that it’s not something that she feels like she has to do, and she’s perfectly happy being by herself. Davis hasn’t let her lack of a husband stop her from becoming a mom, adopting her daughter, Gemma Rose, seven years ago and reportedly adopting another son just this May. And while she has never actually taken that walk down the aisle, that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t had an incredibly impressive relationship resume.

The actress has dated rich and famous guys like Alec Baldwin, Aaron Sorkin, professional athlete, Rick Fox, and legendary comedian, Steve Martin. And frankly, if none of those guys were good enough to tie the knot with, then maybe she really is destined to be single forever.

If your dating pool seems to be eternally filled with amazing options, then not wanting to settle makes sense.

17 Mindy Kaling

Unlike a lot of the other ladies on this list, actress and sitcom writer, Mindy Kaling, says that she really wanted to get married when she was younger. Apparently inspired by the great relationship between her parents, Mindy couldn’t wait to find someone to settle down with and experience that kind of love with. But things don’t always go according to plan, and while she would still be open to finding someone and making her relationship more permanent, she says that it’s not something that she feels the need for, and she likes knowing that she can take care of herself and handle her life on her own.

It would appear that she needs a pretty significant reason to settle down too, Kaling recently welcomed her first child, a daughter named Katherine, and hasn’t made things official with her father or publicly discussed the father at all, for that matter. And one thing is clear, if you can handle life with a kid and don’t need the comfort blanket of a marriage to help you, then you’re 100% fine on your own. And while it would be nice if everyone who wanted a serious relationship would find one, Mindy is totally right on how important it is to know that you can handle yourself.

16 Marisa Tomei

Over the course of her long career, Marisa Tomei has become a wildly successful actress who has managed to get steady work at times when most actresses hit the skids or fall off the map completely. So when you take that into account, it’s easy to understand that Tomei’s real long-term relationship has always been her work, and she has made her romantic life take a backseat to that intense work ethic. And although Tomei has had a string of serious relationships with some very high-profile boyfriends, she ultimately has never decided to settle down with them because she doesn’t feel that she needs to get married or have children in order to be a fulfilled and complete person.

Despite snuggling up to some very famous faces like How I Met Your Mother star, Josh Radnor, musician, Lenny Kravitz, and superstar actor, Robert Downey Jr., she has never made anything official with anyone.

She reportedly came close in her relationship with fellow actor, Logan Marshall-Green, but when rumors of their engagement started to swirl, Tomei’s representatives were quick to claim that they weren’t engaged, nor were they planning on getting married. And obviously, they didn’t, since their relationship ended, and Tomei is, once again, single.

15 Tracee Ellis Ross

The actress (and daughter of the ultra-famous, Diana Ross), Tracee Ellis Ross, says that when she was younger getting married was one of her life goals, but as she has gotten older, she has come to the realization that getting married and having children might not be the right path for her. Ross says that she has always gone after her goals and has been able to create an amazing life as a single woman and that she can have a fulfilled life on her own. She also has expressed frustration at the idea that women can’t have fabulous and well-rounded lives without getting married and having a family, and that remaining single and childless is seen as somehow failing as a woman.

It’s not certain that Ross doesn’t ever want to get serious with anyone, but she definitely wants people to stop asking her why she hasn’t started a family or acting like being single is some kind of personal flaw. It seems like a good perspective to have though, being in a relationship is great but it shouldn’t be the one thing that makes your life awesome, and being single doesn’t mean that your life can’t be great.

14 Rihanna

Rihanna isn’t one to shy away from intense relationships, but, considering her relationship history, it’s no big surprise that settling down isn’t an enormous priority for her. After her abusive relationship with Chris Brown, it makes a lot of sense that she wouldn’t want to commit to anyone unless they were an exceptionally great person, and after witnessing her parents’ troubled marriage when she was a kid, and her father’s substance abuse problems, it’s understandable that she would want to take things slow. And now that she’s with her new boyfriend, billionaire, Hassan Jameel, there have been rumors that they were possibly getting serious, but thus far, those rumors seem to be completely unfounded.

Obviously, if you have to settle down you could do worse than settling with a literal billionaire, but seeing as Rihanna is already crazy rich and wildly successful in her own right, there’s no reason for her to settle for anything, ever.

And even though Rihanna has been spotted wearing a giant diamond ring on occasions, sources close to the star have said that it’s just a piece of jewelry, and she and her current beau aren’t even close to making their relationship permanent.

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13 Diane Kruger

Although the German actress, Diane Kruger, has had some successful long-term relationships (she was with Dawson’s Creek alum, Joshua Jackson, for nearly a decade, and now, appears to be getting serious with The Walking Dead star, Norman Reedus), she says that she has realized that marriage isn’t the right choice for her. She was previously married to the French actor, Guillaume Canet, but when they divorced after five years of marriage, she said that she realized that it wasn’t something that she really believed in. Her reasoning behind that change of heart is that she says that a commitment is a choice that you make for yourself, and a piece of paper isn’t going to stop you from leaving if that’s really what you want to do.

She does have a point. While it doesn’t seem like she’d have a hard time finding a man willing to make a serious commitment to her, she has also managed to make a lot of her relationships last as long if not longer than her marriage.

Marriage can be a wonderful thing if it’s something you actually want, but if it’s not an institution that works well for you, then there’s no reason to partake in it.

12 Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly is yet another actress who’s failed marriage seems to have inspired her to abandon the idea forever. The stunning actress was briefly married to an unknown Canadian man named Murray Hone before she hit it big on Lost, but their marriage only lasted about a year before falling apart. She went on to have a few more serious relationships before finally settling down, or at least, as close as Lilly says she wants to get to settling down, with the Lost producer, Norman Kali. The couple has stayed together long after the show they met on ended, and they’re now the parents of a young boy and a baby girl.

While most people probably wouldn’t want to procreate with someone that they don’t actually want to marry, Lilly says that it’s something that works best for the both of them.

While they both love each other and their relationship is clearly serious, Lilly simply says that she doesn’t think making a promise to be with someone forever is very realistic. Most people don’t factor in realism when they imagine finding real love, but if it’s something that has worked out for Evangeline then why mess with success.

11 Oprah Winfrey

When you’re a self-made billionaire, it does make some sense that you might not want to legally commit to someone and legally commit half of the money you’ve made to someone who you might not be with forever, but considering that Oprah has been in a relationship with boyfriend, Stedman Graham, for longer than most people’s relationships ever last (over 30 years!), it is a bit surprising that she never wanted to make things official. But Oprah’s reasons for never making things official do make sense and aren’t actually motivated by money.

Winfrey says that she’s not the traditional kind of lady and that the sacrifices that are usually associated with becoming someone’s wife weren’t ones that she was willing to make (which might explain why she has become so successful in the first place).

And ultimately, it doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference anyway. I mean, her relationship with Stedman has lasted longer than a lot of people have even been alive, and Graham is still very well known as Oprah’s partner, despite the fact that they’ve never gotten hitched. If it isn’t broken then don’t fix it, so if this is what works, then stick with it.

10 Lauren Graham

Gilmore Girls star, Lauren Graham, seems like quite a catch, but she might not be the kind of woman who actually wants to get caught. Graham fell in love with her co-star, Peter Krause, while they were working together on Parenthood, and although the couple has been together ever since, Graham is still iffy when it comes to the topic of marriage. Krause and Graham actually knew each other since the ’90s but didn’t get together until much later, and while Graham raves about the relationship and her feelings for Peter, she also says that things are just so good that she’s reluctant to change anything up.

And while not wanting to settle down for good is an understandable decision for a lot of people, deciding that you don’t want to marry your boyfriend because your relationship is somehow “too good” for marriage is some kind of backward logic. Everyone has to figure out what is right for them, and it is more than possible that Lauren just isn’t the marrying kind, but I think most people out in the world would be beyond thrilled if the biggest “problem” in their love life was that their partner and relationship was just too awesome.

9 Katy Perry

Katy Perry definitely didn’t start off as the kind of girl who was shy about committing to a guy. As the daughter of two evangelical Christians, she was obviously raised with the intention of getting married at some point, and when the actor and comedian, Russell Brand, proposed to her, it seemed like it might be a match made in heaven. But it would seem that their love wasn’t built to last because the couple wound up getting divorced a little more than a year after they were first married. And to add insult to injury, the marriage was apparently ended via text message.

Perry says that Brand sent her a text to say that he was divorcing her, and she literally heard nothing from him again after that. Divorcing is not a fun time for anyone, but having your husband break up with you in the most informal form of communication possible, and then ghosting you forever after, is an exceptionally brutal way. And while Perry has gone on to have a serious relationship with Orlando Bloom, she hasn’t expressed any interest in getting married again, even though rumors were swirling that Bloom may have been getting ready to propose before their breakup.

8 Kourtney Kardashian

By now, it’s pretty obvious that Kourtney Kardashian has very little interest in making any of her relationships permanent. While she has never gotten super specific as to why she has avoided marriage for so long, she has said that she doesn’t want to marry someone just for the sake of marrying them. And considering the fact that she spent about a decade in a relationship with Scott Disick and had three children with him without ever actually tying the knot, it would seem that she truly does want a REALLY good reason to get married to somebody.

To be frank, it’s no surprise that she did not want to make it official with Scott, considering his roller coaster of personal problems that have negatively affected their relationship, but procreating with someone three times seems like a way more serious commitment than a marriage. The reluctance seems to be entirely on her end though, Disick has suggested marriage before and implied quite a few times that he’d be up for marrying Kourtney before their relationship ultimately ended, but everything that Kourtney has ever said or done has made it pretty clear that she has no interest in it, at least, at this point.

7 Tyra Banks

Supermodel, Tyra Banks, has definitely proven herself to be quite the jack of all trades. On top of her super successful modeling career, she has launched multiple successful TV shows and businesses over the years. And it’s not that surprising that such a driven woman wouldn’t really have “settling down” as a top priority, and even though Tyra has been crazy successful and is obviously crazy beautiful, it seems like she has yet to find a guy she would be willing to marry.

Banks actually welcomed her first baby recently, a boy named York, with her boyfriend of a few years named Erik Asla, but she and Asla broke up in 2017. Tyra hasn’t been super public with a lot of her previous relationships either, but it’s pretty hard for a celebrity to keep their romances a secret if they’re actually anything close to serious. But Banks seems like a perfect example of the fact that anyone can have it all and have an incredible life without having a long-term life partner, and, considering everything she has accomplished in her life, it is more than reasonable that she wouldn’t want to permanently tie herself to someone that isn’t on her level.

6 Sophia Bush

Once burned, twice shy, is a common saying for a reason, and when it comes to Sophia Bush and marriage, it’s understandable that she might be super cautious about committing to someone after her disastrous and short-lived marriage to her One Tree Hill co-star, Chad Michael Murray. Bush actually said that she hadn’t planned on settling down until she was in her 30’s, but when Murray proposed to her when she was still in her mid-20’s, she thought that it must be because it was the right relationship for her to be in.

The pair did wind up tying the knot, but once Sophia discovered that Chad was a not being faithful, she decided to end the marriage after five months of togetherness. Sophia has gone on to have some serious relationships since, namely, with fellow One Tree Hill stars, James Lafferty and Austin Nichols, but none of her relationships have ever moved beyond the boyfriend and girlfriend stage. Her logic is understandable though. If you’ve made a mistake doing something once, then you probably want to be extra careful about never making it again, and seeing as Sophia’s career has gone on to bigger and better things, it makes sense that settling down isn’t at the top of her priority list.

5 Nina Dobrev

The Vampire Diaries star, Nina Dobrev, has a successful acting career and isn’t even 30 yet, so it’s not that strange that she hasn’t decided to settle down with one guy yet. And while Dobrev has had a string of relationships with some smokin’ hot dudes, rumor has it that she isn’t ready to make the final leap into marriage and a family. Dobrev’s most high-profile relationship has probably been with her Vampire Diaries co-star, Ian Somerhalder, who she was with for years until they broke up before the end of the series.

The pair tried to keep mum about the breakup, but allegedly, Somerhalder wanted to get serious and started talking marriage with Nina, and she decided she wasn’t ready for it.

And since Somerhalder married his next girlfriend after the breakup and Dobrev decided to leave the TV show that made her a star, it made it seem like the supposed reason for the end of their relationship could be very legit. Dobrev has gone on to have a smattering of short-lived and apparently non-serious relationships since then, and nothing about her public behavior or statements would indicate that she’s really looking to settle down any time soon.

4 January Jones

Actress, January Jones, has had a few high-profile relationships over the years, but as of now, it doesn’t seem like she has any interest in settling down, and her personal behavior might indicate that she doesn’t have much interest in settling down ever. After hooking up with some famous hotties like Ashton Kutcher, Seann William Scott, and even Jim Carrey, Jones has become more private about her personal life and doesn’t seem to have gotten very serious with any guys since. She’s reportedly dating The Bachelor contestant, Nick Viall, but they haven’t really gone public as of yet.

What has probably raised the most eyebrows in January’s love life is the fact that she gave birth to her son, Xander, a few years ago, but has been a totally single mom for his entire life and has refused to discuss who his father actually is (although she has said that she thinks her son is better off without his father, whoever he might be).

If a woman doesn’t feel the need to get married to the father of her child, then it’s fair to speculate that she might not feel the need to get married or settle down at all.

3 Kendall Jenner

Considering that Kendall Jenner is still in her early 20’s, it’s hard to already say that she’ll never want to settle down in her life, but when you contrast with the many other people in her family who seem incredibly eager to make things permanent, it’s really quite surprising that she really hasn’t had any public relationships at all. She’s now with NBA star, Blake Griffin, but they seem to be a lot more low-key than the rest of the Kardashian and Jenner girls when it comes to relationships.

Kendall says that she has gone out of her way to avoid having these super intense public relationships. When Khloe married NBA star, Lamar Odom, after about three weeks of dating, or Kylie had her first child with boyfriend, Travis Scott, before they’d even been together for a year, it’s easy to see what a stark contrast Kendall’s relationship style and goals seem to be.

Seeing as Kendall is one of the most successful models on the market today, it makes a lot of sense that working is her focus, and, considering the normal success rate of Kardashian Jenner relationships, it makes a lot of sense that she’d be a little more reluctant to get serious.

2 Naomi Campbell

Perhaps Naomi Campbell’s moodiness have prevented her from ever actually settling down with someone, and perhaps her unwillingness to actually get hitched stems at least partially from the fact that her most recent long-term boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin, had not yet divorced his wife when he began his relationship with Naomi and hadn’t even divorced her by the time their relationship ended. Campbell was actually engaged once in 1993 to a man named Adam Clayton, who also happened to be the bassist for the worldwide smashing successful band, U2. Their engagement didn’t last more than a year, and a few years later, she got engaged to businessman, Flavio Briatore, but none of her other relationships have ever gotten to that point since.

Naomi definitely isn’t lacking when it comes to male attention though. The list of successful entertainers and obscenely rich dudes who have gone after her seems almost never-ending, and when you’re 47 and still have the looks of a supermodel, it’s easy to understand why you might want to explore your options. And her relationship options don’t seem to be slowing down at all as time goes on, so if she hasn’t found the one then why not keep looking.

1 Kylie Minogue

Australian pop star, Kylie Minogue, has been a very eligible bachelorette ever since she hit it big in music in the ’80s, but, despite her obvious personal appeal, she has never actually decided to get hitched, and reportedly, doesn’t have an interest in ever making that happen for herself either. While Minogue has had several serious relationships that have lasted for years at a time, she says that she just feels comfortable with the knowledge that she always has her own freedom. Even if she doesn’t actually want to be free, just knowing that she has it makes her happy, apparently happy enough that she probably won’t ever end up settling down.

And while most people are always looking for someone that they genuinely want to be with for a long time, it does make a lot of sense that Kylie doesn’t want to actually, officially commit to someone just so she can be in a committed relationship on paper. Not to mention, when you look like Minogue looks and have the kind of career success that she has had, it makes a lot of sense to be as picky as possible, aiming for a guy who is the total package and nothing less is understandable when you’re the total package yourself.

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