20 Reasons Why Scott Disick Was The Best Part Of The Kardashian Clan

It’s a known fact that on the reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Scott Disick is the best part of the show. He’s the on-and-off-again boyfriend to Kourtney Kardashian, and they have three kids together. He’s funny, witty, sarcastic and the only one who can put Kim Kardashian in her place. He’s there to mock the family about their wealth, as well as his own. When Kim had a fleeting thought of getting her money-maker reduced and also wanted Khloe to get her money-maker reduced, Scott barked, “You guys are famous for big buttons. You guys lose your buttons we may all lose our money.” Ha! As for himself, when he jokes about his wealth, he says things like, “I like to work as little as possible to make as much money as possible.” Ha, again! He also loves to show off his wealth, as he owns eight or more luxury cars, as well as a bachelor pad that costs a cool five mill, which he keeps taking pictures of and posting them on Instagram. We got it, Scott, you’re rolling in it.

But Scott hasn’t always been this way. He used to be a bad boy early on the show. Viewers didn’t like him because of the way he kept mistreating his on-and-off-again girlfriend, Kourtney, who obviously deserved way better. He was a trainwreck, immature and perpetually partying. He had many stints in rehab as well as many girlfriends either because they were pretty and he enjoyed their company or else because he used them to make Kourtney jealous. But as he got older, around the time GQ magazine recognized him as the most stylish man, he began to evolve. He became sassier, more responsible, and more apologetic for all the bad things he’s done. He became, in short, a real entertainer. While Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe bring drama to the reality show, Scott does too. But he also brings comic relief. If he wasn’t around, the show would be dull. Ask yourself: Would you be watching KUWTK without Scott? Thought so. So in our tribute to Scott, we’ve given you 20 reasons why he’s the real star of the show, as well as the best part of the Kardashian clan.

20 His Todd Kraines Prank

Disick loves joking around and pulling pranks. One of the funniest moments ever is when Scott would call Kris Jenner repeatedly, pretending to be Todd Kraines, the son of her friend, to freak her out. Kourtney was behind the prank, too. So, now the joke, which has become famous, was when Scott phoned Kris to say, in a goofy voice, “Auntie Kris! It’s me, Todd Kraines!” The voice was the best part, as Scott admitted he used one that was reminiscent of Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol.

Kris knew that it was not the real Todd calling and she never figured out that it was Scott. She thought someone was prank calling her, like a stalker or even a killer!

And then there was the fact that she got so freaked out that Kourtney and Scott had to confess.  So when the family went to Vail to ski, everyone met the real Todd. And here’s the kicker. Todd said, “[Scott] didn’t know I was real either, by the way. “That’s the funny part. He had no idea. He didn’t know who the hell I was.” So how did Todd feel? He said it was “a lot of fun” at the same time he said “it really wasn’t that funny” because messing with people can be, on occasion, cruel. (Source: USMagazine)

19 When He Became Royalty

Now here’s another occasion why we cheer on Scott. The time when Scott became British royalty. Yeah, we know, that’s so Scott! The clever former partner of Kourtney Kardashian went to London with the clan to take part in the official British knighting ceremony. How did he pull that off? Well, here’s the kicker: he just purchased the title of “Lord” over the Internet. Yep, there’s a lot out there on the internet! As the self-proclaimed Lord said on the show,

“Whether it’s Sir Disick, Lord Disick, Count Disick — becoming royal is going to get me the respect I deserve. I don’t have to be walking around like some peasant. I’m royalty!”

It’s funny but also self-delusional at the same time, like when he also pledged his allegiance to the laws of England and Wales. According to US, Rob Kardashian “wasn’t impressed.” He said, “I can’t take Scott seriously — I can’t take this whole thing seriously. It’s kind of weird.” Kim also took offense with the title and on every occasion that Kanye West called Disick a lord for fun, she would set Kayne straight. Upon his arrival from London, Kourtney took offense to the joke, and Disick dropped the act, especially when he half-jokingly made demands on her as if he really was a lord. He said, “It’s clear I was a Lord in London, but it’s clear I’m not royalty in my own house!” Ha ha! (Source: USMagazine)

18 When He Reenacted The Notebook

We always knew that, behind Scott’s gimmicks and guffaws, he’s a romantic at heart. After all, he’s had three kids with Kourtney and remained in a relationship with her for a long period of time. On an episode of KUWTK, Kourtney, after having watched the movie Titanic, turned to Scott and asked him why their relationship wasn’t as romantic as it was in the film.

Well, Scott topped that! The ever-resourceful Lord turned to the most romantic movie ever,  The Notebook.

First Scott had a picture-perfect rowboat ride with Kourtney. As they sat in the rowboat, Scott posted Instagram pics of the two and, at the bottom of the pic, in blue letters, a caption read, “Just like The Notebook. . . But only better.” 

Scott paid homage to the Notebook again by reenacting other scenes from the 2004 film, most notably when Ryan Gosling showed off his handyman skills. Scott said, about being inspired by the movie, “I realize that the main character in The Notebook is not only good looking and in good shape, he also is a professional handyman. So if by fixing shutters and blinds around the house is gonna get her, so be it, I’ll try it.”

Keep it clean, Scott! So, while Kourtney was pregnant with the couple’s second child, Penelope, during season 7, Scott went shirtless and got sprayed-on abs, memorized some lines from the movie, and did some handiwork around the house like going up a ladder, hammering a few nails into the wall and basically showing off that he can be just like Gosling. Mainly just by him holding a hammer. (source: buzzfeed)

17 When he told kim not to go flat

Remember when Kim Kardashian wanted a flat backdoor? And also when she said that Khloe needed a flat one too? Well, we’re only mentioning it now because of Scott Disick’s response, which is hilarious.

But first let’s state the facts. All the Kardashian women are famous for their curvy bodies. Kim, above all, is the one that gets the most attention for it. In fact, part of Kim’s career is based on her body and many photos that the paps took of her while she gallivanted around the world focused on that fact. But it was in 2014 when Kim’s curves started to become more famous than her. It was her photo on the cover of Paper magazine. In the infamous shot, which was said to have broken the internet, we see Kim covered in oil.

Kim wanted Khloe’s money maker to be flatter too because Kim was convinced that Khloe was getting heavier, and that Khloe needed to “lose a few lbs.” She even said Khloe was “out of control.”

Do we even care? No, we don’t, but we can’t get over Scott’s response, which eclipsed the whole big tushie/small tushie fiasco. As Scott now famously said, “You guys are famous for big buttons. You guys lose your buttons we may all lose our money.” And there it is! Well, put Scott! (Source: Fashionista)

16 When He Mocked Kim for Her Freebies

Celebs get a lot of free things. At awards ceremonies, for example, they can find mini bags on their seats with a whole lot of free products to use, like expensive face cream. The reason why companies do this is that they hope the celebs use the items and tell their friends how great they are, who in turn would tell their other friends and suddenly you kind of get a marketing product endorsement of sorts. It happens often.

Scott decided to make another off-the-wall comment to Kim, his arch nemesis. Scott, who is sort of like the moral center of the clan, is always reminding them how much money they have, and never refrains from comments that bring the family down to earth.

Such was the case when Kim one day went through her mail and found something she liked that was free.  She said on the show, picked up by Buzzfeed, “Oh look, someone sent us a free yoga membership!” Kim was ecstatic; like all of us, to get something for free makes you feel special. But come on, as Scott might say, she can get her own membership because she’s worth billions! Which of course is true. So here’s the kicker. As Kim showed Scott the freebie, Scott, in his deadpan and spot-on manner, simply said,  “Thank God. You wouldn’t have been able to afford it.” This comment still makes us laugh!

15 When He Had To Remind Kris Of Her Granddaughter’s Existence

In July 8, 2012, Kourtney gave birth to her second child, daughter Penelope Scotland Disick. While she and Scott love Penelope, she’s definitely not high on Kris’s list.  We don’t even know if Kris actually likes any of her grandchildren. But we do know the adult whom she loves the most. The running joke on the reality show is that Kim is her favorite child, because Kim brings in the money. But things change! According to the Sun, Kris said this past month that Khloe was her favorite daughter right now, not Kim, not Kourtney, not Kendall and not Kylie. The reason why Khloe was chosen was because the two have been bonding over her pregnancy, as the two do all baby things together, like shopping for clothes and toys and strollers.

Can you believe Kris? How can she actually say she has a favorite daughter? That’s just a slap in the face to Kim and her other daughters. But then, also according to the Sun, Kris said that her favorite child changes “every day.” Well, that sounds a whole lot better, right? Not!

So the point is, even Penelope gets no love from Kris. In 2012, when Kris was asked what her favorite day of the last year was, Kris plainly said, without even blinking, “I think my favorite day of last year was probably the day when Oprah [Winfrey] came over.” And here’s the kicker. Scott’s reply, which was really funny, was: “Not the day when Penelope was born? You heartless wench.”

14 When He Had To Critique His Position In The World

Everyone knows that Scott is the best reason to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He’s there for comedic relief and due-worthy sarcasm and it’s always directed at one of the clan. It seems like everything witty he says goes viral.

A small but hilarious moment in a season is when Kris walks into Williams-Sonoma Home and Scott is there front of center sitting on a couch. And the moment he sees Kris, he says, “Welcome to Williams-Sonoma Home. How can I help you?” And then he walks around the store drinking water from a glass he found on the shelves.

It’s like he can get away with everything, and he believes he is entitled to do whatever he wants. Well, he is, remember, a Lord. That’s why he can go around and buy a Lamborghini, wear velvet loafers out in public, and use a cane to walk because he’s so damn lazy! But that’s Scott.

When he opened up about his career strategy, he jokingly said, “I like to work as little as possible to make as much money as possible.” And why? Well, Scott said, half jokingly and half not, “I’m a big star. “I’m a big star. I don’t need to be dealing with . . . peasants!” When his attitude was challenged, Scott is quick to defend himself in a Lord-like way, saying, “All the haters are just jealous. So they’re trying to bring me down. I’m young, handsome, successful, wealthy. You could say I’m a role model — I’m the American dream!” (Source: Buzzfeed)

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13 When He Claimed He Had A Hobby To Please Kourtney

In an episode of KUWTHK, Scott confided to Kourtney that they haven’t been intimate in the way he wanted.  So they go to marriage counseling and say they have set aside one night a week to have “date night.” But that rarely happens because of course, because they have kids. So the therapist suggests Scott find a hobby. So Scott does what the therapist recommends.

But Scott actually does have a real-life hobby. His hobby is shopping or buying expensive things. That’s why he has 8+ luxury vehicles, a collection of expensive sunglasses, a collection of really-expensive watches, and more. His biggest dilemma of the day is what watch to wear, or what car to drive.

But even Scott doesn’t count spending money as a hobby, which is why he decided to take karate classes for a hobby during season 9. But Scott is Scott. He’d rather rest on his royal laurels and claim that his career is to make money with the least amount of effort.  And here’s why he’s the best part of the Kardashian clan: he realized taking karate classes takes way too much time, so he ditched them. If he was asked to do the dishes, he’d probably just put all the plates in the garbage and get news ones to get out of the big effort of placing them in the dishwasher, you know, because doing that is so hard!  So, Scott kept up the act by going to class and Kourtney one day offered to come with him. Since Scott made up some of his own moves that would look as if he had been training to please Kourtney, Kourtney was definitely pleased. See how everything works out for Scott. He really is royalty! (Source: HollywoodLife)

12 scott vs the waiter

Ah! Times have changed. Remember when Scott was a bad boy back in 2010? And the way he felt he didn’t need an actual job because he was a reality star? And that’s because he has a lot of money? Scott may be sober thanks to his stints in rehab, but today he’s still the Scott we know, someone who always shows off his money and being a jokester who likes to poke fun at anything.

Like on his Instagram account, how he keeps showing off his mansion. It’s beautiful and all, but how many times have his followers seen it? So, yeah, Scott, we know you have the money.

Kim does too, and drives a Bentley, but it’s not like she has a fleet of luxury vehicles at her disposable. Scott always goes overboard and has about 8 or more cars parked in his driveway. So anyway, back in 2010 on an episode, the clan was having dinner in Vegas for Kim K’s birthday. Scott had a bit too much to drink and got into an argument with a waiter. Then, in this memorable scene, Scott actually shoved a $100 bill down the waiter’s throat. Kris, always ready to save the day, told the astonished waiter to cut him off. Needless to say, this was not the birthday party Kim was looking for. This is just one of the ways in which Scott is the best person on the reality show. We never know what he’s going to do next. (Source: Complex)

11 When He asked too much of kourtney

Scott tells it like it is. That’s why we love him so much. He’s unfiltered, which is refreshing. But sometimes he says too much. In a 2013 episode, he broke Kourtney’s heart because she still had baby fat and had not lost it as quick as Scott wanted after the birth of their daughter Penelope. He wanted the once-tiny Kourtney–she’s five feet tall–to go back to the weight when he first met her, which was 95 pounds. But then, in another shocker, he wished for Kourtney to lose even more weight, somewhere in the range of 93 pounds. He told her on the show:

“Last time around you tried to watch what you were eating, after you had Mason… at least you were losing weight.” Post-baby weight is hard to lose, as mothers across the world know. Yet Scott was clearly wrong when he added, in a harsh manner,  “Just do it faster. You’re my piece of machinery!”

As elaborated to US Weekly, Scott told the cameras while filming:

“Right now seems to be probably the heaviest she’s ever been not pregnant. When we had Mason I remember her trying to whip herself back into shape pretty quick. This time around it seems like it’s the least of her concerns, and the only thing she thinks about are the kids…I just think that she would feel better if she got back into the shape that she feels the most comfortable in.”

Then he said, also to the cameras,  “I love her, not her weight.” That seems too late, no matter how much Scott made the episode dramatic and actually watchable. (Source: USMagazine)

10 When He Became Lord Again And Used A Cane

Every fashion-forward girl or boy knows that it’s the details that make the outfits. We’re talking like wearing tights in different colors or just adding a colorful belt to make your outfit pop. When Scott became Lord, he started to look the part, wearing smoking jackets and cravats and, above all, canes. Yes, canes, the kind you use if you have a limp.

But Scott’s cane was not for the geriatric set. While shooting in New York City for Kim and Kourtney Take New York, Scott took to the pavement with his cane.

We haven’t seen someone young and healthy as Scott walking with a cane, but using it as a style piece was the best way for Scott, with all his money, to show off that wealth, which of course he loves to do. He’s famous for that! Anyway, the cane is aristocratic and ludicrous at the same time when used as a statement piece. But it also recalls refinement and conjures up the dandy who uses a monocle like New Yorker magazine’s snobby Eustace Tilley mascot. The cane also reflects the equestrian scene and the interiors of rooms displayed in Ralph Lauren Home advertisements. But you have to be careful using a cane. You may well be mocked. After all, Mr. Peanut uses a cane.

9 When He Started To Dress Trendy

Back in 2007, Scott didn’t seem to care much for dressing stylishly. He looked like a frat boy just out of college while wearing polo shirts, loafers or untucked button down shirts that looked sloppy on him. With a sweater over his shoulders and colorful shorts sometimes in plaids, he also looked ready to jet set to the Hamptons. But while these accouterments are what Hamptonites wear, on Scott he looked like a tourist. But fast-forward to 2011, and Scott made a major transformation.

According to Complex, Disick started to wear Jordans, ripped denim, Common Projects sneakers, and Saint Laurent Chelsea boots. He also rocked the Lord Disick world, and that’s when he started wearing blazers over T-shirts, whole suits, dinner jackets and, yes, that cane.

When 2013 came along, he started to look trendy, but in a good way. He wore flannel shirts unbuttoned and over T-shirts, and he became obsessed with Common Project and started to wear their jeans exclusively. And while not sporting Balenciaga sneakers, he wore Common Project sneakers. Everything he wore gave him a fitted bespoke look. From his jeans that fit properly to his plain tees, and with his good looks and trendy five-o-clock shadow, he could’ve passed as a model. This is the Scott whose own style eclipsed the stylish Ks, making him, once again, the center of the show.

8 When Kanye West Approved His Style

In his ever-changing role as a stylist, Scott took a page from Kanye West’s haberdashery and started to dress like him. Think streetwear threads, like sweatshirts from Chapter. Think ever-changing shoes. Scott started wearing some rugged Timberland boots and paired that with a Rolex for a high-end, low-end look. Add the hoodie and Kanye West’s favorite sneaker, the Balenciaga Arena, and you can hit the Hollywood Boulevard oozing in style. And rather than leave his plaid shirts unbuttoned, as he used to do in his phase of becoming a style icon, Scott started to button up them.

He even began wearing gold necklaces with oversized links, which is what Kanye sports. He topped his outfits wearing jeans and a Balmain jacket, which costs between $3000-$5000.

Sure, Scott looked exactly like Kanye, but even Kanye–global trendsetter known for being the most stylish man in the world–was a fan of Scott’s look. In an episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, West made a brief cameo and, upon looking at Lord Disick, turned to Kim and Kourtney and said that he thinks Disick “dresses amazing.” That’s when you know you’ve done it, turned yourself into a style monger that even West approved. And when West makes such comments, you better stick to the wardrobe that West saw you in. Or else! (Source: Complex)

7 When GQ Anointed Him Most Stylish

So after West’s compliments about his fashion sense, Scott started to wear outfits approved by the most influential man in the world. But in the 2014 and later period, Scott’s style started to change yet again. That’s because West’s style changed. He was often seen with a winter bomber lined with fur from neck to sleeve, which Scott copied but which made them look as if they just skinned a raccoon. West went from slim to baggy and more military-inspired.

Scott went the other way, wearing muted colors and slim-fit outfits.  But his signature piece–slim jeans, washed-out tees, and Clorox-white kicks–made him an instant style icon, despite the fact that such sartorial combinations are the staples in men’s streetwear. But when GQ magazine wrote about Scott’s style, titling the piece, Scott Disick Is the Stylish Guy American Men Are Actually Dressing Like, you have to take notice.

According to GQ, Scott’s signature is “the new basics” in menswear.  It’s not hard to tell why. You can go anywhere in T-shirts and jeans and sneakers and not feel like you’re making a statement. The look is simple yet stylish. He sticks to only a few brands like John Elliott, Common Projects, and Saint Laurent. For tops he wears plain hoodies, fitted T’s, flannel or light bombers over a plain T. For shoewear, Scott sticks to Common Projects, Chelsea Boots or Adidas Ultra Boosts. These designers will set you back a lot–a John Elliott hoodie costs $200 and goes upwards–but the reason GQ loves Scott’s look is that the clothes and accessories can be easily copied by shopping at budget-friendly stores like J.Crew, H&M, Uniqlo, Zara and ASOS. Once again, Scott is stealing the reality show with his changes in wardrobe. Anointed by GQ? You’re gold. (Source: GQ)

6 the problems

Yep, wherever Scott goes, he’s bound to get into a little trouble. Like when he landed in the emergency room and thought he was going to pass.  It may be his lowest moment, but it made for a gripping and epic episode, as before that the only drama on the show was when Kim used Kourtney’s own home to throw a party for North behind her back, leaving Kourtney peeved. Drama indeed!

Anyway, back in 2015, Scott celebrated his 31st birthday while the clan were staying in the Hamptons during the summer. At one point, Kourtney flew back to LA, and Scott took to the bottle early in the morning and his security guard had to pick him up to get him into bed to sober up. By the time he woke up in the episode, we see him ready to party again, this time at a nightclub, where cameras caught him partying again. It all led to him going to the emergency room.

According to the Daily Mail, Kourtney got Scott’s call where barely coherent, he said, “I’m not gonna make it – I don’t think I’m gonna make it.”

While Scott was unscathed, Kourtney, of course, was concerned. Scott needed to go to a facility, but he didn’t want to because, as the Daily Mail reported, “30 days away from the kids just freaks me out.” It was Kourtney who whipped him into shape: “You’re either going to be away for a month – or be away from them forever.” So Scott checked into a facility.

5 An Argument With Kourtney

KUWTK and its spin-offs have never flinched when it showed Kourtney and Scott fighting. In fact, in Season 2 of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami back in 2010, Scott had spent most of the season partying, which, of course, drew a divide between him and Kourtney.

On the episode that aired on August 10 in 2010, Scott got caught by Kourtney for doing so in their apartment. She was furious, as their son, Mason, who, at the time, was only 7 months old, was alone with Scott except for Kim. He was clearly not tending to Mason as he engaged in substances.

So Kourtney confronted him about it and wouldn’t have even been able to dream of what Scott did next. Unable to deal with a confrontation, Scott, in his state, got angry and yelled at his on-and-off again girlfriend. Then he punched a mirror in their bathroom and hurt his hand. Quickly Kourtney, Kim and Mason fled while Scott had to go to the hospital. Kourtney was beside herself over Scott’s behavior and broke up with Scott on the phone, telling him Mason was off limits if he didn’t get help. According to E!, Scott checked himself into a facility, where he learned to cope during group therapy. Now that’s drama.

4 When He Forgot His Daughter’s Birthday–Twice

My how she grows up! Penelope, the daughter of Kourtney and Scott, is six years old now. But Scott messed up again when she was four in 2016. Do you think Penelope remembered it? We hope not, because it’s kind of sad. So here’s what happened. Penelope’s mother and the clan, as well as family friends, were vacationing in the Bahamas. To celebrate Penelope’s fourth birthday, the clan went all out. Penelope’s grandmother Kris was there, as well as aunt Kim. According to Hollywood Life, Penelope had birthday greetings Instagrammed in her honor from the family. It was nearly perfect, as the theme of the birthday party was mermaids, and what girl does not love these mythical creatures?

So the clan got some actress to dress as a mermaid on the beach, clad in tail fins and sea shells to cover her chest. Then she was like, “I’m your mermaid, Penelope, it’s your birthday so tell me what you want!” And Penelope said, “I want my dad!”

Okay, just joshing. Except for one thing. Penelope’s dad was missing from the party, and no one knew where he was. Scott didn’t even take to social media to wish his daughter well. And this is the second time! Scott didn’t come to her third birthday either! He was on Instagram that day where he uploaded a photo of a convertible with the caption, “need this asap.”Anyway, how can you miss your daughter’s birthday twice? It made for great drama, but at the expense of poor Penelope.

3 When He Brought An Actress to France

While Kourtney was in Cannes, France this year with her new man, Younes Bendjima, Scott was at home getting close to Bella Thorne, the former Disney star. She’s pretty, which is why Scott took to her. While the new couple tried to stay out of the public’s eye, the two were nevertheless spotted partying together in West Hollywood.

Scott wanted to party with her, but at the time Bella was not yet of legal age to do so in the States. So guess what? He flew her to Nice, France so she could enjoy it with him, as well as attend the Cannes Film Festival.

A source told E! that Scott and Bella arrived together in Nice, but walked through the airport separately. That Scott brought her to the French film fest is a major move and he must’ve really liked her. But another source told E! News, in the same article, that Scott was trying to make Kourtney jealous. This source said, “Scott bringing Bella is 100 percent to piss Kourtney off. It’s a very ‘Let’s see how it makes you feel’ kind of thing. It’s immature but that’s Scott.” Ugh, Scott. When will you learn?

2 When He Ditched The Same Actress In France

Scott Disick moves fast when it comes to dating women. We just mentioned how Scott seemed to have felt a connection to Bella Thorne, the former Disney star, so much so he flew her to Nice, France, so they could do some partying.  For a few days, the two lived in paradise, according to the Observer, and they were seen close together near the pool while both of them had a taste for some fruit. Then they went to the Cannes Film Festival, with Bella wearing a stylish tiara.

And that was it. Bella left France and headed back home.  It was Scott’s fault again, as he ditched the young star when he ran into his ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli, a British model. The fling with Bella didn’t even last a week. And get this, he hooked up with Bartoli just barely hours after enjoying a day with Bella, as the Observer reported.

But, according to Radar, there’s another story to be told here, from the perspective of Scott.  “Bella and her sister Dani were staying in Scott’s rented villa and they were a complete nightmare,” a source said. That same source also claimed that things eventually got “really crazy,” and Scott got so “annoyed at how unhygienic Bella was” that he kicked her out. Can you believe that? Which story is true? Scott ditching Bella for his ex or Scott ditching Bella because she smells? We can’t even make this up. Scott needs his own spin-off ASAP!

1 When He Dropped A Load On A New Bachelor Pad

In 2016, Lord Disick bought a $5.96 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California, which is not far from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s house and very close to Kris Jenner’s home. For the first time, Disick had his own brand new bachelor pad where he could do anything he wanted without the clan knowing. Disick moved out of the Calabasas, California house that he shared with Kourtney and their three children–Mason, Penelope, and Reign–after the couple once again split. Disick’s move was for privacy, but he still wanted to be near Kourtney’s home so he could see his children and still be part of the Kardashian and Jenner family. But the move was not all Scott’s doing. Kourtney actually asked Scott to move out. She said,  according to ET,

“As much as we’ve tried so many different things, it’s just, this is the last resort. It’s really not helping anybody to keep living this way, and I feel like this is what we need to try to hopefully better both of our lives.”

Well, at least Scott has the bachelor pad to die for.  The seven-bed, seven-bath Cape Cod-style home has a pool, a spa, a massive wine cellar, a separate guest suite, a basketball court, multiple fireplaces, a luxury kitchen fit for a cook, a spacious backyard and, best of all, breathtaking views, according to ET. And before you ask, yes, there is an elevator, which is perfect for Scott if he’s too drunk to get to other floors. Sure, there’s no dramatic storyline here for Scott, but any news of him is always tantalizing.

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