20 Things Fans Should Know About Vitaly’s Crazy Lifestyle

YouTubers have been a source of fascination ever since someone thought up the name. They’re known as online creators that use the platform called YouTube. They can create pretty much anything. Some of the most popular content on the website includes Vlogs. It’s kind of like Video Logging. Technically speaking it’s an updated version of Blogging for a generation that enjoys a lot of video content. There are even millions of people who put everything they have into trying to become a well known YouTuber but never get to it. There’s an element to it, people need to be interesting, funny and have some luck. It’s not even an easy gig, YouTubers put in hours of work into getting a video out, it usually turns out being around ten-minutes long.  The creators that do end up making it big get an unspoken award. They’re business owners, famous and in some cases a source of inspiration to their fans.

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is one of those YouTubers, the popular one. He made it big and now has it all from fancy cars to being recognized while walking down the street. His channel is based on Vlogs that he posts about his life. These include both the good and hard times of his life. Vitaly even has a unique Miami lifestyle that is sure to make many of us jealous. This all happened because of his successful YouTube channel that has generated millions upon millions of views and subscribers. It’s a dream that most of us have but he’s lucky enough to be able live the dream.

20 He was kicked out of a hotel in Miami

There was one incident in which he really wasn’t happy. He got kicked out of a hotel in Miami and actually filmed it all. This incident was really bad when the police got involved, that’s actually how it all started. Vitaly’s loyal fanbase certainly didn’t like the content and even went ahead and started giving the hotel bad reviews. This was just one incident in which this YouTube star managed to show his fans the dark side of being a Youtuber.

This particular incident was nasty because from the footage it didn’t seem as if Vitaly had done much wrong, let alone enough wrongdoing to be kicked out of a hotel. It was even a pretty fancy hotel. Vitaly basically mentioned in the video that being kicked out wasn’t an issue for him since he had a place to go to anyways but felt that he shouldn’t have been kicked out at all.

19 he does whatever he wants

Being someone who owns an online business that’s quite profitable allows that person to do whatever they want to do. They can go on a trip at a moments notice, help people out without a second thought and even buy what they want. Vitaly has done exactly that. He can live in Miami if he wants to but can also leave whenever without being too worried about the cost.

He even went to Coachella this year and seemed to have an amazing time. This is just one of his many perks from having all that cash. Allowing yourself to make money while having fun is easily the best thing someone can do when working. In this case, Vitaly has been able to do that but also maintain an interesting life that draws people in. His lifestyle is unique even to the entertainment industry.

18 how he gets his adrenaline rush

Let’s be real for at least one second in our lives. If you saw Santa Claus dropping out of the sky with a parachute, you would wonder who allowed it. Well, if you did see it then it was probably Vitaly and his friends going skydiving.

It’s a crazy idea on its own, it takes a special person to do it. This person is probably on a whole other level of intense. Jumping out of a plane dressed as Santa is literally hilarious. It’s not something that’s really thought about, but rather, frowned upon. You must have no fear to do it and yet, Vitaly and his crew said: “let’s do it.” An adrenaline rush must have happened after jumping out of the aircraft and realizing what he must have been doing.

17 he fits right in with the crowd

It’s clear that Miami is one of the many cities where people love to party. It is the city that never sleeps. What that means is that they party so much and so long into the night that they just never go to bed. This is true to some extent with Vitaly.

He doesn’t seem like an all-night party guy but rather someone who wants to party once in a while to really get the full experience of his youth. If you were to take a peek at his Instagram account you would find the occasional club environment photo, like a photo of him with his friends. This is pretty standard with youngsters and actually isn’t bad. It shows that he still socializes despite his fame and money. Being popular and going clubbing is often associated with each other but Vitaly always makes sure that he’s having a good time, not being worried about the drama of the world when partying.

16 how he makes videos

Despite him being awake most of the day and sometimes getting an early start to his vlogs, he does have to stay up late to get content and then edit. You see, content is difficult to find, especially good content. Once found it then needs to be edited together in a decent fashion that both makes sense but is also interesting and amusing to the viewer.

Staying up late to edit these shots together is common in video creators. Vitaly is no different, he enjoys making good content and then making sure the content does well. Being a night owl has probably been his life in certain cases, you’ve got to be up all day and then up all night putting stuff together.

15 Vitaly’s new haircut makes him look both fresh and modern.

Ever since games and television shows have depicted Miami being the city of blonde hair and good looks people all around the world have strived to achieve that goal. This is something unique to Miami, while everyone has a unique style, people from Miami manage to be different by looking somewhat the same.

Most recently, Vitaly has been hitting the gym and looks quite ripped. He also dyed his hair blonde. Something that suits his new body. Having a lifestyle like his gives him the ability to change his hair color whenever he sees fit, especially since his new bodybuilder type body goes well with the light colored hairstyle of Miami. Having blonde hair is something some of his fans love and hate, but that’s the case with anything. It’s also modern and doesn’t showcase a lack of style on his end. Dying one’s hair is seen as trendy and alternative.

14 Vitaly Zdorovetskiy has been able to get several beautiful cars

If there’s someone that knows how to spend all kinds of money on, it’s Vitaly. He can spend cash on anything but secretly knows that having a nice car is pretty important. Mr. Zdorovetskiy is someone who comprehends the first impression, he knows that it’s the most important part of a relationship, especially a business one.

Think about that for a second, if you saw someone who shows up just walking for a business meeting, would you work with them or rather the guy that shows up in a $200,000 vehicle that he paid for in cash! It’s important and it’s also for fun. He knows how to have fun and can mix that into his business life. Once again, look at his Instagram and you might be able to snap a picture of his many cars that he’s likely paid for in cash. That’s the case with one of his videos where he handed over a check in cash for a possible amount of $200,000.

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13 Vitaly’s tries to please his fans by doing stunts

Though we can’t show the picture here, you should know he streaked at the World Series. Having done that, he’s pretty well known for it. It’s also a pretty good marketing technique, a lot of people’s eyes were on him at that moment. When he ran out in the open he really did make every one of his fans amazed and quite frankly cheering for him. How often do you know the person who’s running across the field on television while being chased by security?

What helped him get the courage to do this was his fearless character, it takes the same person who went skydiving and who did whatever he had to do to achieve fame. Not many people have enough guts to do what he’s done but when he did it, and he certainly made many people smile.

12 Vitaly’s pranks have been called out in the past for being fake

Unfortunately, he’s been called out as being a fake prankster, and that his pranks are unrealistic.

But then again, it is just a prank. A city is a place where so much is happening at the same time and if you’re just a few minutes late it can change how well your content can do in the public world. You’ve got to create great content but at the speed of light. It’s a possibility that the city got to him and he was trying to create content super fast and couldn’t get enough reactions in a real video and had to fake it.

11 Being Famous has allowed him to meet the artist known as Marshmellow

Marshmallow is a music artist that’s quite popular. Part of the reason he has become so popular is his mysterious look. His face isn’t visible and it makes people want to learn more about him. Vitaly is so popular he’s been the lucky few that have been able to see his face, probably.

Meeting someone of Marshmellow’s status isn’t easy, but of course when you are a famous YouTuber, things get a bit easier. He celebrated by uploading an image of him and Marshmellow next to each other. Truly a historic moment was made at that point, his hard work and fame have been recognized by the big dogs in the show business. It’s something that most YouTubers don’t even get, luckily he managed to secure his time with the pop star.

10 he makes $4.6K – $73.6K per month on his channel

Now, that’s a fiar amount of cash. However, the gap is pretty big but that’s normal. His cashflow literally changes depending on his fans; so if they don’t like what he’s putting out, it means less views, and less views mean less money. The amount he makes can also change because of how much money is being put out there by companies and people who endorse him. It they put less, he can make less. If he’s making 70 grand a month, let’s just say he’s living well.

If he’s making 4-5 grand a month, he still isn’t starving. He’s making enough to sustain himself and generate enough money to live comfortably. His YouTube channel clearly gets a lot of views. Ads are likely where he gets most of his revenue and that’s a good thing since his content is all viewed for free.

9 He did it for his mom

There was a time when young Vitaly wanted to make some cash so he could move himself and his mother out of this current home as the situation wasn’t so good. Apparently, one of his buddies called him up and asked him if he’d like to act in a video. He agreed since he needed the cash.

After the video, he ended up getting his mom out of that home and moving on with their lives. This shows us that he’s dedicated to doing anything to make his dreams happen. After these videos, he ended up making some videos on YouTube. He even made a video on YouTube explaining as to why he did those previous videos and how it all went down.

8 His channel is ranked 233rd on Socialblade

Getting views on YouTube is hard enough, getting subscribers is even harder. Now the hardest is keeping all your viewers engaged enough to tune in daily to your content. It takes someone with some business knowledge, at least some natural knowledge and then someone who’s willing to hold out on selling out. Vitaly did all of that. He’s not a sellout (yet) and has slowly but surely brought his channel to the top 500.

That means he knows how to play the algorithms for views and getting his content on the screens of those who would most likely enjoy it, and find themselves coming back for more. It’s marketing as well, he has used the YouTube tags to his advantage to gain more people. Everything he’s done so far has to lead to his high ranking channel and hasn’t let himself lose it, he prevents the loss of his rank by continuously uploading videos and creating fun and amusing content that everyone can find enjoyable.

7 He knows how to prank people

Vitaly became big when the prank videos were going around YouTube. So naturally, he saw this and probably said “I should do that too”. He did and actually still does. Recently he’s uploaded many prank videos. It actually seems like he’s never forgotten his roots and that’s a good thing.

It’s possible that if he did he wouldn’t be as popular as he is right now. The root of creation can never be forgotten because it’s too important to the reality of them in the future. When Vitaly uploads a new style of content, he appeals to a new type of person, when he uploads a prank, he appeals to the person that was there when he was small. It’s simple really, never go too far from where you began.

6 Vitaly officially joined the YouTube world on Aug 7, 2011

According to his YouTube channel, his account was associated with the website on August seventh, 2011. That was the day when the world officially got their fair share of Vitaly, and we haven’t been disappointed just yet. Since then he’s tried a variety of content and managed to keep growing his audience throughout the years.

This also means that Vitaly has been able to gain success at a time in the community that was easily one of the easier times to get big. The time period of which he joined was perfect because it was a time where YouTube was still in its teen years. It’s kind of like the second wave of people who were getting careers in the industry. He joined the community at a time where history was being made and now he’s part of that history.

5 he loves his pranks

Most of us would dislike a random stranger coming up to us and bothering us. How about going up to someone, specifically a girl and asking her a personal question about eating something that she likely would not eat? Worse, right?

Guess what, you probably wouldn’t do it, likely because you’d feel embarrassed and wouldn’t want any part of it what so ever. He did do it. It shows off his fearless character. Vitaly isn’t someone who’s going to go around and do the average prank. He tends to go above and beyond.

Even his quality of content is good. In particular the resolution of his content. He doesn’t make it low quality because he is more than well aware that people will not watch it if it’s in a low resolution. Vitaly tried to ensure that he does videos in the highest form in order to be entertaining for his viewers.

4 he knows how to get people clicking

YouTubers don’t just slap any thumbnail on their content. It wouldn’t get any clicks, and this also goes for the title of a video. The title is much like a headline, it must be eye-catching and make people want to click. Occasionally he’ll put a title that will ensure that the video gets more views than if it hadn’t got that title. This also goes for his thumbnails. They’re often armed with colors and sometimes words. Vitaly does this so that a video can get more views, because more views mean more money.

The possibility of him click baiting his videos is quite real because it ensures that he can generate more money. This isn’t to say that he’s only in it for the cash but it is a business he’s running. No matter what happens around him in the world, he has to make sure that he is doing his best to put out the best content possible, in order to get in as much money possible.

3 how he spends his cash

Money is important when you’re a business owner. You can’t sit around and not generate it because then you don’t get to eat. Vitaly has the ability to spend his money that was rather hard to get each month. He probably does a budget and managed what he needs to do properly. This would include some automatic bills and what not. He’s not even afraid to spend his money. In this case, he’s spent around $200,000 for his new car. Which is an absolutely insane amount of money for a car.

Vitaly can also use his hard earned cash to support himself in other aspects such as getting more or better cameras and possibly hiring editors, social media managers and more. YouTube has certainly been very kind to Vitaly since he’s been able to generate income for himself he does have the power to probably create some jobs. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he only spends his money in these areas. It’s quite clear that he uses quality devices to record his videos and can buy microphones, computers. He even has the power to buy things that are wants, stuff that he wants to have. Most of the time this would be a new car, clothing item or anything that he, well, wants! That’s the beauty of making a living off a YouTube channel.

2 In four months it is expected that he will be getting a whack ton more views than before

According to Socialblade Vitaly will be going from around 1,576,211,926 estimated views in two months to 1,634,683,129 estimated views in four months. Take a gander at those numbers, they’re truly astonishing. What they depict is consistent growth in his channel. Despite the theories of older channels dying off within years, Vitaly’s doesn’t seem to be fitting that stereotype and that’s good, we want to see more of him. His viewership is pretty much going to go up when we look at these estimations.

It’s truly surprising that within this year the amount of views he’s going to get is tens of millions. It means more and more people are finding his content and falling in love with him. However, this doesn’t mean that his channel is going to rise in subscribers as YouTube doesn’t work that way. A view is a view, if someone really likes his content, they’ll view a lot and be a subscriber. This projected growth might even give him an advantage and ability to expand even further.

1 The freedom of an online business has awarded him the time to get shredded

While Vitaly wasn’t as fit and buff in the past, he’s now rocking muscles like you wouldn’t believe. He even kind of looks like a bodybuilder now. He’s posted content on his YouTube channel about him getting more fit. The reason he was capable of getting so fit so fast was that he owns a YouTube channel that’s incredibly profitable. It’s said that it only took him a few months to start looking like a rocking bodybuilder.

Now it’s without a doubt that he was somewhat fit in his life but now it’s like he’s super fit, a professional in the fitness world. It’s great to know that he took the time to manage himself properly and then encourage his fans to do so by posting content about fitness and his incredibly fit body. He also did some pranks in the gym. Essentially, it’s a good thing, he’s getting fit, looks good and is indirectly encouraging others to do the same via his business which is his YouTube channel. Vitaly is much like a genius, it’s as if he always doing something interesting. This fitness journey is just one of many ways he’s been able to expand his brand.

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