20 Unique-Looking Houses We Can’t Imagine Living In

The most important purchase many people will ever make, the homes we buy end up defining the kind of life we lead. For instance, if you end up moving into a house in the country, you are much more likely to lead an existence that is more in tune with nature. On the other hand, if you get a place in a major city like New York City, then you are bound to be much more on the go.

While the average person has options when it comes to where they put down their roots, there are some incredible homes out there that are beyond our reach. On top of that, if we had the means and availability to buy some of the mind-blowing houses out there, it would be so different that it would be hard to fathom. Realizing that inspired us to put together this list of 20 incredible homes that we can’t imagine living in.

In order for a house to be considered for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost needs to be absolutely incredible for one reason or another. Next, there needs to be something about it that makes it seem like it would be insane to live there. For the purposes of this list, it makes absolutely no difference what about the home makes it so remarkable so you could find incredibly large and just plain out there houses included here.

20 The One

A little bit of a cheat as this home is made up of more than one structure, on top of that this living space is still being built and as of yet, does not have an owner. Those things aside, Bel-Air, California’s the One is expected to fetch as much as $500 million and has some pretty mind-blowing and ridiculous features. For instance, it will include 20 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, a “night club,” a bowling alley, a cinema, and for some reason, it has some ceilings that are made up of jellyfish aquariums.

19 Xanadu 2.0

Named after the mega-mansion seen in the classic film Citizen Kane, Bill Gates’ Medina, Washington mansion Xanadu 2.0 is a perfect combination of form and function. Situated on a body of water and surrounded by greenery, the view is incredible, but it is the home’s tech that really makes it stand out. Featuring things like a high-tech sensor system that identifies everyone inside and changes the climate and lighting to their preferences, there are also screens on many walls that display art. On top of that, there is a trampoline room with 20-foot ceilings, a large pool with an underwater music system, a ballroom that can welcome 200 guests, and lots of other incredible things

18 Just Room Enough Island

Likely the smallest inhabited island in the world, the tiny property that has come to be known as Just Enough Room Island seems like it should not exist. A part of the Thousand Islands that straddle the Canadian and American borders near New York and Ontario, this home has become a local landmark for good reason. Built on an island that is just big enough to contain the home, a tree, a patio set, and a tiny bit of walking space, just looking at it makes us feel claustrophobic. Aside from that, imagining the amount of effort that went into building the house, considering all materials would have to be brought in by boat puts a smile on our face.

17 Villa Leopolda

A historic piece of property, this Villefranche-sur-Mer home in France has been linked to some important figures and moments from the past. Built on a 50-acre estate in the French Riviera, it came to be on the instruction of King Leopold II of Belgium who gave it to his girlfriend. After that, the home went on to serve as a military hospital during World War I. On top of all of that, many classic films like The Red Shoes and To Catch a Thief were also shot in part on its grounds. Containing 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms on top of its commercial greenhouse, this huge home was purchased in 2008 for $750 million.

16 Can House

A relatively small home that could be completely normal from the inside looking out, the so-called Beer Can House from Houston, Texas boasts a downright peculiar exterior. Owned by John Milkovisch, he got sick of mowing his lawn so he chose to lay down “thousands of marbles, rocks, and metal pieces into concrete and redwood to form unique landscaping features.” From there he turned to his house and began installing unique aluminum siding made up of flattened beer cans. Also featuring strings of beer-can tops hanging down and other unique pieces, if you lived here, it would mean dealing with a lot of attention.

15 Versailles

Considered such an ostentatious symbol of excess that the building of this mansion inspired the documentary The Queen of Versailles, the Siegel family has a ridiculous home planned. Still in a state of construction after several years, this Windermere, Florida building will contain 32 bathrooms, 11 kitchens, 14 bedrooms, and 6 pools. Far from finished, it also is set to have an arcade, gym, salon, and movie theater. Amazingly enough, at one time, there were also plans to build an indoor space for ice skating, but that was abandoned in favor of a roller rink instead.

14 Dr. Seuss House

A home that looks like it was intentionally built to mimic the look of the houses seen in the stories of Theodor Geisel, this building is known as the Dr. Seuss house for good reason. Despite that, it is clear that the beloved stories of that author had nothing to do with why this house exists and the reason it looks the way it does. Instead, it turns out that a previous owner bought it after the surrounding area had been decimated by a forest fire. Enthralled by the view it provided when he first owned it, as the trees that surrounded the house continued to grow, he added new floors from which he could still enjoy the vistas.

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13 Fairfield Pond

Considered by some to be the “largest and potentially, the most expensive home in America,” Ira Rennert’s Sagaponack, New York Farfield Pond mansion is something to behold. Valued at $200 million according to tax assessments, one of the most attractive aspects of this property is that it is situated on 63 gorgeous waterfront acres. Considering how large the estate is, it should come as no surprise that it contains things like 3 pools, 2 squash courts, 2 tennis courts, a basketball court, and even has an on-site personal power plant.

12 The Hobbit House

Clearly, someone that is a passionate Tolkien fan, a man named Simon Dale built himself a simple home that looks like a Hobbit habitat in Wales. Said to cost him only time and £3,000 since the land was free, this tiny domicile was designed to be in tune with the nature that surrounds it. For instance, stone and mud were used to create the walls and straw bales were used as insulation. On top of that, water is collected by the roof, the home is solar powered, the fridge is cooled by underground air, and the toilet is used as compost.

11 Witanhurst

Currently owned by the Russian billionaire Andrey Guryev, this massive home was built between 1913 and 1920 and was designed to incorporate part of an already-existing estate. At the time, a 40,000-square foot home, now that it is owned by an insanely wealthy person, he put together renovations that would add 90,000 additional square feet to the mansion. Building two new basements, it will now contain things like a 70-foot swimming pool, movie theater, massage parlor, a sauna, gym, and so much more.

10 The Purple House

Frankly, even looking at photos of the interior of this Middlesex, England house gives us a little bit of a headache. That is because everything that is contained within this semi-detached house is one shade of purple or another. Bothersome in theory, considering how dark the walls, floors, and much of the furniture are, we feel like it would be virtually impossible to relax within its walls. For that reason, of all the homes on this list, this one is by far the one we would want to live in the least.

9 The Flintstones-Inspired Home

The man that millions of people turned to on New Year’s Eve for many years, Dick Clark’s lengthy television and radio career involved hosting many shows like American Bandstand and Pyramid. Able to amass a significant fortune, as a result, evidently, he used some of it to own this one-of-a-kind Malibu, California home inspired by a classic animated series. Put up for sale in the early 2010s, this recreation of the Flintstones home only had a single bathroom and two bathrooms. Built on a 22-acre lot, even the taps are designed to look as though they were chiseled from stone.

8 Safra Mansion

Something of a riddle wrapped in an enigma, this Sao Paulo, Brazil mega mansion is owned by the Safra banking family who are known to be extremely private people. A little bit odd since they live in a gigantic home that is sure to garner attention, they have failed to boast about the amazing features that exist within this 117,000-square-foot house. Despite that, it has been reported to contain 130 rooms and the property is surrounded by a high wall to keep the looky lous out.

7 Biltmore Estate

There are oodles of large mansions that exist around the world but they aren’t all created equally and in a lot of ways, the Biltmore Estate from Asheville, North Carolina stands above the rest. Completed in 1895, it has been owned by the heirs to the fortune of shipping and railroad magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt ever since and allows them to live in luxury. Built on a gigantic property, there are things like an 8,000-acre winery arm, stables, and amazing garden. Not impressed enough, yet? Then keep in mind there are 250 rooms in total, 43 bathrooms, a 23,000-book library, a bowling alley, 65 fireplaces, and a 70,000-gallon indoor swimming pool.

6 Skysphere

A home that looks as though it came straight from a science fiction film, the so-called Skysphere is a unique abode that was built in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Created by the engineer Jono Williams, not only does its look garner attention due to its cylindrical shape and red windows, but it has a voice-controlled beer dispenser in the couch as well. If all of that isn’t remarkable enough for you, then we’re sure that you’d be amazed that it comes prepared with a “zombie mode” in which it can quickly be locked down.

5 World’s Slimmest House

Quite possibly the dream home of someone that is really committed to be a minimalist, the world’s slimmest house was built in Warsaw, Poland. Only 5-feet wide at its peak, that is all the space that was available in between the two pre-existing buildings next door, a pre-World War II house and a modern apartment building. Despite its extremely limited space, its main floor has a kitchen, eating area, toilet, and shower while you can climb up a metal ladder and enter an upstairs bedroom. Of course, this home would be a nightmare for those who suffer from claustrophobia.

4 Antilla

A Mumbai, India building that is so odd looking that its design has been mocked by some, it seems quite clear that the person that owns it, Mukesh Ambani, is proud of his home. Valued at over $1 billion, the fact that a single family resides within it has also been the subject of much conversation. Said to be as tall as a 40-story building, the ceilings within it are so high that it actually only has 27 floors. Within that space are things like a 50-person theater, 9 high-speed elevators, space for 168 cars, a ballroom, and a floor where man-made snow flurries can be created. Then you have the 3 helipads and a garden covered atrium that are on the outside as well.

3 Star Trek Voyager House 

At first glance, a home that seems as though it may be the dream residence for passionate Star Trek fans, in our opinion, the appeal would likely wear off quite quickly. We say that because it would be really fun for a fan to pore over all the details they got right with this Hinckley, Leicestershire apartment, but it is pretty overwhelming. After all, in real life, the tech isn’t actually functional and in order to be accurate, you won’t find things like an oven or microwave within its walls. On top of that, all of those lights would have to do a number on your eyes and mind after a while.

2 House NA

We’re not sure what the designers at Sou Fukimoto Architects had in mind when they designed and built this transparent home, but if they wanted to garner attention, it worked. Constructed with only a few opaque surfaces, you would need to be comfortable with a lack of privacy in order to live in the Tokyo, Japan abode known as House NA. In fact, even the bathroom is see-through on all but one side, so even the things you do in that area of your house could be seen by strangers without too much effort.

1 Istana Nurul Iman Palace

By far the largest home in the world, the Istana Nurul Iman Palace is the official residence of the Sultan of Brunei. So large that is is more than 2 million square feet in size, it contains 1,788 rooms and 257 bathrooms, but that is to say nothing about its more flashy features. After all, it has an air-conditioned stable, 5 swimming pools, a 110-car garage, all of its door handles are made of gold, and so much more. Fortunately, if you want to see part of this palace then you gain access if you make the cut over 3 days after the month of Ramadan and even meet the Sultan or his wife, depending on your gender.

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