24 masks and face shields to protect yourself during COVID-19

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The coronavirus pandemic has made masks and face shields a way of life in the United States and around the world. As New Yorkers are well aware, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that masks are one of the best ways we can protect ourselves from catching or spreading the virus.

If you’re looking to freshen up your collection of reusable masks or need to restock your one-time-use inventory, check out the 24 on-sale options below.

Particulate Respirator Face Masks: 10-Pack, on sale for $23.95 (52% off)

Made from 100 percent cotton to guarantee comfort, this mask features military-grade filtration and four-layer protection that will filter out up to 95 percent of particulates. It has an adjustable nose piece for a contoured fit.

FDA-Registered KN95 Face Masks, on sale for $26.99 (54% off)

These masks are made of high-quality non-woven fabric and feature a five-layer design to protect you against 95 percent of airborne particulates. The adjustable strap and nose clip make them comfortable on your face.

FDA-Registered 3-Ply Face Masks, on sale for $16.99 (65% off)

You’ll get a pack of 10 three-ply masks made from polypropylene non-woven fabric that’s breathable, moisture-proof, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The high-elastic ear loops and adjustable nose bridge guarantee a perfect fit.

TAKTA Form-Fitting Mask with 5-Layer Filter Technology, on sale for $32.95 (34% off)

This mask gives you a five-layer filtration system and dual valve system to keep you protected when social distancing isn’t possible. It features adjustable velcro straps, an adjustable nose clip and is washable to guarantee its longevity.

Go Incognito Outdoor Cap, on sale for $34.99 (30% off)

This full covering cap protects you from the head to the neck against the scorching sun, the wind, and other bad elements. It is made from high-tech polyester microfiber and cotton blend to provide excellent ventilation.

KN95 Folding 4-Layer Face Masks, on sale for $27.99 (20% off)

You’ll get five of these masks, which offer four layers of protection. This mask filters out harmful substances with at least 95 percent efficiency thanks to its 3D ventilation technology.

Silverplus Tech Washable Cloth Face Mask: 3 Pack, on sale for $27.99 (29% off)

These masks are made from two layers of treated fabric and feature elastic ear loops and a central flat seam to secure a close fit. These masks are machine washable to extend their life and are made with technology that prevents the growth of bacteria and deterioration.

Bone Conduction Audio Mask, on sale for $84.95 (14% off)

This is more than a mask, with an ultra-fine filter to block out particles. It also features Bluetooth 4.0 technology to allow you to listen to music, podcasts or take phone calls while you’re wearing it. The speakers keep your eardrums free from traditional buds.

KN95 Sports Training Mask, on sale for $14.99 (49% off)

This mask is designed for the active person in mind, with ear straps and nose clips designed to adjust and secure tightly on your face and allow you to move freely. They feature dual one-way discharge valves and mesh construction for comfort.

Luminous 3D LED Mask, on sale for $24.95 (28% off)

This mask, made with fiber-optic cloth, comes with LED beads that light up in seven different colors and five modes. It’s perfect for running or walking in the dark or just to make a personal statement. The 450mh battery holds a charge for up to 10 hours.

STOGO Antimicrobial Masks: 2-Pack, on sale for $29.99

These three-layer masks are up to 99 percent effective at blocking germs and bacteria. The middle layer is a non-woven bonded fabric, while the two outside layers are made from recycled fabric.

Cooper.Ion Mask, on sale for $19.99 (20% off)

The fabric mask has copper woven into the fibers, providing durability and reducing odor. But copper is also a key to your protection, having recently been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency as the first solid antimicrobial material, capable of eliminating 99.8 percent of bacteria.

Masks2Heroes Mask with PM2.5 Filter (2-Pack), on sale for $25.99 (43% off)

These face masks are made with a double-layer soft fabric and come with PM2.5 filters to give you extra protection from allergens, germs and other particles. They also have embedded wires to fit securely around your nose.

Accushield Dual-Protection Face Mask and Shield, on sale for $27.99 (29% off)

Give yourself double protection with this mask that has a removable face shield built-in. The mask is a washable cloth design with PM 2.5 filter inserts, while the shield snaps on and off to cover and protect your eyes almost like a sun visor. When you have a face-to-face encounter, put it on and snap out of it when done.

Electric Respirator LED Fan Mask, on sale for $49.99 (64% off)

This mask features an integrated battery and two-speed fan cycle designed to circulate the air, making it easier to breathe underneath the four-layer mask. The KN95 certified filter removes up to 99.9 percent of contaminants.

Strapless Anti-Fog Face Masks (20-Pack), on sale for $16.99 (43% off)

You’ll get a full seal around your mouth and nose with these strapless masks, which come pre-cut with a shield pre-installed. The fabric is designed to mimic skin, allowing for a comfortable, flexible fit that conforms to your face without straps.

Ultramasx UltraOne Fan Mask with 4-Stage HEPA and Activated Carbon Filter, on sale for $69.95 (21% off)

This mask features an active two-speed turbofan that helps you breathe better thanks to its electrically powered ventilation system. The fan provides optimal airflow, while the four-stage carbon filter removes more than 99.9 percent of particles. The fan/mask is rechargeable via a USB port.

Tekto Copper.Ion Mask with PM2.5 Filter, on sale for $20.99 (30% off)

This copper-infused mask filters up to 99.8 percent of particles, thanks in part to the five-layer technology. Adjustable ear loops make for a personalized fit.

FitAir Mask + Personal Air Purifier Kit, on sale for $109.95 (7% off)

You’ll have your own breathing device with you all the time with this mask and air purifier kit. The purifier comes with a strap that attaches the device to your arm or backpack straps. The FitAir also connects via Bluetooth to your phone to keep you informed of the air quality around you, as well as calculate the HEPA filter and battery life.

VYZRTech Personal Air Purifying Shield, on sale for $329.99 (12% off)

You’ll get the ultimate protection with this shield that provides a 360-degree seal around your entire head. It features a built-in air purifying system, using a positive pressure environment that keeps external, unfiltered air from reaching you.

Electric FanIntelligent Mask with 4 Filters, on sale for $41.99 (67% off)

This mask is powered by a small electric fan that is rechargeable and can be used for up to a month. With four replaceable masks included, you’ll get an extra four months of coverage. This mask blocks formaldehyde, second-hand smoke and bacteria.

MaskFone: Smart Face Mask + Filter Bundle, on sale for $49.99

Not only will you get maximum protection from this mask, but the built-in wireless headset and microphone allow you to take phone calls and listen to music. The lightweight earbuds provide clear audio, while the mask features multi-layered protection and three PM2.5 filters.

Photofast Refresh N95 Personal Purification System + 30 Filters, on sale for $144.99 (19% off)

This medical-grade silicone mask blocks more than 95 percent of contaminants, while a built-in circulation system helps you breathe better and easier. it includes 30 N95-grade filters that are disposable and replaceable. The air filtration will work up to eight hours between charges.

ClevAir Wearable Purifier and Interchangeable Mask Set, on sale for $62.95 (21% off)

You be hard-pressed to find more layers of protection than you’ll get with this six-layer mask that comes with an anti-purifier unit. The fan removes heat, moisture and carbon dioxide, while the filters block up to 99.5 percent of microorganisms.

Prices subject to change.

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