25 Predictions We Have About The Characters In Avengers 4

So, it’s been a little over a month since Avengers: Infinity War premiered and took the world by storm. As of this writing, it’s almost managed to clear $2 billion dollars, making it the fourth biggest movie of all time at the box office. And while we all deal with the heartwrenching ending, we also look forward to the next installment. The heroes are going to be coming for Thanos and they’re going to be coming angry. But after the rollercoaster of events in the last movie, it can be hard to predict what these movies will throw at us next.

Come on, even if you saw the snap coming, you probably didn’t expect to see Peter Dinklage running a star forge. But we do have some ideas where the upcoming Avengers 4 is going to take us, and we’re pretty confident about them. Some of our favorite heroes might not be making it back from this ultimate battle, and others we thought lost should be coming back instead.

Characters we forgot about in the chaos of the story might play pivotal roles in the resolution of the battle against Thanos. And to be honest? We see a whole slew of new heroes and villains on the horizon for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here are 25 predictions for next year’s Avengers 4. Spoilers ahead for just, a whole bunch of stuff, so be warned.

25 Captain America’s Days Are Numbered

Captain America is one of the fundamental Avengers, the glue that holds the team together. And in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s become known as one of the biggest heroes in the entire world, even if his home government would prefer it if he was in jail instead. But in Avengers 4, we don’t think the hero is going to come out of the battle in one piece. The films have been very good at taking iconic moments from the original comics and transforming them for movie audiences, and ever since Thanos showed his ugly purple mug after the credits of the first Avengers, we’ve been waiting for one of the most memorable Captain America moments ever to take place.

In the original Infinity Gauntlet storyline, Captain America leads the remaining heroes against Thanos, post-snap. And when most of his allies have been knocked out of the battle, Steve Rogers doesn’t back down. Instead, he stands up to Thanos and promises him that so long as one man stands before him, Thanos still hasn’t won.

They go at it, and it ends with Captain America (and even his shield itself) broken on the ground. We’re predicting a take on that moment will make it to the next movie, especially since it gives Chris Evans the chance to bow out of the role (and the MCU as a whole) with his head held high, performing the ultimate sacrifice.

24 Iron Man Doesn’t Have Much Longer Either

We’re pretty sure (like, 95% sure) that Iron Man also goes down in Infinity Gauntlet, but in a much more caviler way than Steve. And the way the MCU has developed, Tony Stark isn’t just going to be taken out off on the side. Instead, we think Tony is going to have to give it his all to help save the universe, and we don’t think he’s coming back from that. Tony has been dealing with his developing guilt and empathy throughout all the films, with the highest stakes for that arc coming at the heartbreaking conclusion of Infinity War.

For him to really achieve his total growth as a character, we’re predicting that Tony is going to play a crucial role in bringing back the fallen heroes (and the other half of the galaxy).

But the apology Dr. Strange gives Tony feels personal in Infinity War, and we’re pretty sure it’s because Dr. Strange has used his time travel abilities powered by the time stone to see that conclusion. He’s telling Tony he’s sorry he has to go to save everyone else, which feels like the natural and good way to end the caustic friendship the two developed over Infinity War. And, like Evans, Downey Jr. has gotten older and has expressed his desire to leave the Marvel universe behind.

23 Thor Will Go Looking For The Rest Of The Asgardians

One of the dangling questions that Infinity War never answered is the fate of some of the Asgardians. In the movie itself, it appears that Thanos and his lieutenants have destroyed what remains of the space fairing Viking people. After the climax of Thor: Ragnarok, there weren’t many Asgardians left, so an attack that seemingly eradicated the rest of the crew except for Thor and Hulk would indicate that the Asgardians are gone. But according to the directors, this isn’t the end of the Asgardian people.

No, it seems that at least some of the Asgardians (led by the newly introduced and pretty awesome Valkyrie) are still kicking, off in space somewhere.

According to the directors of the film, Thanos followed up on his commitment to sparing half of the people he deals with and actually allowed a ship, carrying 50% of the Asgardians, to escape his wrath. It makes sense then why Thor would send Valkyrie off as their leader, and why they didn’t appear at all for the rest of the film. It stands to reason that Thor, especially in the time of need that this movie is going to go into, will go off to find them. We predict that Thor is going to go to space to rally the troops and try to lead them as an avenging hoard upon Thanos.

22 Black Widow And Hulk Won’t Get Back Together

One of the most surprising elements of the Avengers films and one that we actually find really interesting is the relationship between super spy, Black Widow, and the Hulk. Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanov end up in a very close, will-they-or-won’t-they scenario that ends on a resounding won’t (what with him flying into space and all), but the connection was touched upon in Infinity War.

With more time and fewer characters in the upcoming Avengers 4, it makes sense that we’ll actually get some closure for their relationship. And given the histories of both of them, we don’t really have all that much confidence in their extended happiness.

Even if they both survive (which we kinda doubt), both of them would need to be in the right mindset to get back together. And we’re predicting between him abandoning her for space and her inability to really trust him again after that whole thing, that the two won’t ever find the kind of connection they had in Avengers: Age of Ultron again. And that’s sad! Apart from one very bad character moment at Hawkeye’s farm, their relationship has been strangely sweet and we’re sad to imagine it never following through.

21 Black Widow Might Not Survive, But Her Secrets Will

Of the original six Avengers, it’s always felt like Black Widow has been the one who hasn’t gotten the kind of attention that she deserves. Natasha Romanov has proven to be an extremely interesting character, and a pragmatic spy, who has revealed herself to have a heart of gold hidden underneath a lifetime of regrets. But for all that intrigue and mystery to the character, there’s been little of her actual story told over the years.

There’s been an announcement (finally!) of a Black Widow solo film, but here’s the catch: it’s a prequel, which to us indicates that Natasha isn’t going to be around after Avengers 4 to go on any new spy missions.

Our prediction is that Black Widow will be an early devastating loss for the team, and won’t be reversed. To follow on that, we also kinda expect the secrets of her past (or, to use the description she would use, the red in her ledger) are going to come back to haunt a post-A4 MCU, requiring someone like Bucky or Falcon to investigate in a future movie after they are inevitably brought back to life. But we’ll get more into that whole thing later.

20 Everybody, Meet Professor Hulk

So, Avengers 4 mined a lot of laughs out of Bruce Banner not being able to transform into the Hulk. But while his fear of Thanos (that the audiences inferred) and his exhaustion with Bruce (as the directors revealed after the release of the movie) may actually hint at something else going on with the Hulk. Bruce Banner and Hulk have never gotten along, and their relationship has never been worse than in Avengers: Infinity War. But we wonder if the resolution of that conflict might serve an important role in the eventual fate of the MCU.

In the comics, there’s a point where the various sides of the Hulk are forced to confront their dependence on one another. No matter how hard they try, they are a part of the same being. And with that realization comes a certain amount of peace.

But don’t think that means Banner can’t Hulk out anymore. Quite the contrary. Instead, the two are able to essentially meld into a single figure. A Hulk with the intelligence of Bruce Banner, called Professor Hulk. The turn would allow for Hulk to really become the threat to Thanos that the Avengers really need in a situation like this, and we predict it’s going to play a big role in the end game of Avengers 4.

19 Hawkeye Will Have Lost His Family And Become Ronin

Hawkeye has long been maligned by audiences for being, well, the most useless of the original Avengers. Whereas his allies are bringing godly might or state of the art technology to the fight, Hawkeye is always just bringing a handful of arrows and his plucky attitude. But that humanity to the character has always been his best attribute, and his heart has helped save the day multiple times in the past. But we think that heart is probably going to be a certain amount of broken by the beginning of Avengers 4.

His family was revealed to be the most fundamental part of his character during the farm section of Avengers 2, and we have no idea how he operates once they’ve been removed from the equation. And leaked set photos have long indicated that we’ll be seeing Hawkeye adopt a new identity and costume, Ronin. That sounds all kinds of ominous, what with the term “ronin” referring to samurai warriors without any home to go to. So we’re predicting that the farm isn’t going to be home anymore for him and that his family (or at least some of them) were among the people dusted by Thanos and his all-powerful snap.

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18 Ant-Man Will Be Trying To Avenge Wasp

Ant-Man & The Wasp is the next Marvel movie, and we’re pretty confident that the film takes place before Avengers: Infinity War. For one thing, the creators have revealed as much, but the world also doesn’t seem like the eternally depressed and dour landscape we would expect the world to become after half the human race evaporated in front of the other half. But we have a sneaking suspicion about what the after credits tag for the movie is going to be, and it does not bode well for the heroes.

Evangeline Lilly, who plays Hope Pym, aka Wasp, has said in interviews that she didn’t film much for the Avengers film, unlike her co-star, Paul Rudd.

That implies that one of them has way more reason to be involved in the story. We think Ant-Man is involved in the story as an actual Avenger, even beyond the team name. We predict that Wasp is going to end up being reduced to ash at the very end of Ant-Man & the Wasp, most likely during the credits tag to help tease the buildup for his role in Avengers 4. And that will help push Scott to the rest of the team to save the world and bring Hope back to life.

17 War Machine Will Become The New Iron Man

Rhodey has had a rough time of it. Like, seriously, this guy has not been able to enjoy his time as a superhero at all during the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He got his own Iron Man suit by punching out his best friend Tony Stark, and has subsequentially gotten his suit controlled by a madman, got tortured by a different madman, was almost crippled by friendly fire, and lost his fellow airman among the Avengers when Falcon was destroyed by Thanos. And with the upcoming Avengers 4 probably serving as the swan song for Tony Stark, it looks like he’s about to lose something else major to him.

But if the comics are any indication, Rhodey is going to step up, big time. In the comics, Tony Stark has been removed from the action a bunch of times over the years (even as recently as literally three months ago), but the first time it happened the comics actually let Rhodey fully assume the mantle of Iron Man in his friends’ stead. We predict the movies will go the same route, and War Machine will transition from his more bombastic look into the gold and red of a full out Iron Man armor, in honor of the late Tony. We could even see him taking on the name Iron Man too, to be honest, and come on, that would be awesome and you know it.

16 Vision Will Be Repaired But Different

One of the things established in Avengers: Infinity War is that Vision doesn’t necessarily need the mind stone to operate. A good portion of the film is dedicated to the heroes trying to save Vision by unlocking him from the stone and letting him develop as another being. And even though the movie ends with Thanos literally ripping the stone out of him (which is treated akin to Vision being killed), Vision is a robot in a world where Tony Stark is still alive.

It wouldn’t be out of the world of possibility for Vision to be repaired and restored, but we don’ think it’ll be in one piece. Bruce Banner hypothesized that a new personality would grow without the influence of the stone, and the comics have rebuilt Vision from the ground up before (with the most recent example actually being the basis for the best comic ever about Vision). We predict that Vision will be rebuilt by Avengers 4, but he’ll be a fundamentally different person, at least personality wise. Maybe a little colder, a little more robotic. And we wouldn’t be surprised if it was in his current comic look, which lacks as much yellow as he used to (without the yellow mind stone, that would make sense visually too).

15 Rocket Is Going To Be On The War Path

Okay, guys, we’re going to be honest and upfront about this. We, here at The Richest, love Rocket Raccoon. He’s quietly one of the most compelling and depressing characters in the entire MCU, and he tries to hide all that fury behind a façade of bombastic explosions. He’s Han Solo but also he’s a raccoon. He’s perfect, and we love him. And we’re absolutely terrified that he’s not going to make it out of Avengers 4.

Rocket’s whole arc has been about recognizing how much the ones he loves mean to him, and how he’d be lost and thrashing without them. And then, the finger snap (and a well-timed push) took away all of them. Rocket, almost more than anyone else left, is going to be straight up on the warpath to bring down Thanos and repay him for taking away the Guardians. And this is the kind of temperament that allows for someone to do something stupid and pull off a big sacrificial play. We’re predicting that Rocket is going to be a big gun in the upcoming fight, we just hope he makes it out of the fight in one piece and can come back for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol: 3.

14 Nebula Will Be More Important Than Anyone Expects

Okay, so this one is potentially a BIGGIE, so heads up. In an article full of potential spoilers? This is a huge potential spoiler. So if there is one you skip, make it this one. Okay, good? Good. Sooooooooooo, in the original comics, it’s Nebula who kind of Nebula who ends up saving the day. Nebula never escapes Thanos in Infinity Gauntlet, and since, in the comics, Thanos is straight up a cruel space god who even literal Satan is worried about is, he doesn’t let her off as easily as ripping apart piece by piece.

Instead, he zombifies her and forces her to stand by his side, a witness to his terrible influence on the universe. But this means that Nebula is at the perfect place at the perfect time. When the heroes have all fallen but Thanos is distracted, Nebula ends up grabbing the gauntlet. She uses it to bring the heroes back to life, who come together to fight back against Thanos. This plays a huge part in the conclusion of the film. The film has changed a lot of attributes of the comics, but we think this aspect might be more important than most realize, especially with her connection to Thanos and how great it would be to see her restore at least Gamora (who in turn would bring back everyone else). We’re predicting that Nebula at least proves crucial to the resolution of the movie.

13 Shuri Will Become The New Black Panther…

It’s really exciting that everyone left Black Panther loving Shuri, T’Challa’s little sister and tech wiz. That is great. But here’s the thing about Shuri. She gets even more awesome. We haven’t even touched on how great she ends up becoming. See, there’s a point in the comics where Black Panther has to leave the mantle of the Black Panther behind. And in his stead, Shuri assumes the mantle of the ruler of Wakanda AND as Black Panther. She gets to eat the heart-shaped fruit and gains all of his strength, speed, and endurance.

And on top of that, she also gets a pretty boss spear that she uses to fight against entire invading alien armies. Even when Black Panther resumes his mantle (and becomes known as the King of the Dead because the Panther God deemed him worthy and we eventually find out that means he has control over zombies), Shuri remains Black Panther and official ruler of Wakanda.

If we see Wakanda again in Avengers 4 (and it turns out that Shuri survived the snap), we predict that Shuri is going to have taken on her brother’s mantle and become the hero Wakanda needs.

But there’s one major complication that we see coming her way…

12 Wakanda Will Be Divided

Even when the world wasn’t trying to deal with the elimination of half the population, Wakanda still managed to find itself in some serious trouble. M’Baku was trying to gain control of the nation by just punching the crap of out his king. So what happens when that king is gone and reduced to ash? There’s no reason why M’Baku wouldn’t challenge the new ruler (in this case, Shuri) for the throne now that it’s empty. And Shuri might be a genius, but even in the action-packed climax, she was proving to be more effective with her tech than her straight combat skills.

If M’Baku challenged her to a duel for the throne, that is not going to go well. Would Shuri try to make a case for keeping control of the throne in this time of crisis?

And where will Okoye’s loyalty ultimately lie? We’re predicting that no matter who’s in control of Wakanda, the country as a whole will be divided and possibly even at war with itself. And just like that, maybe the most powerful ally the Avengers had in changing things back to normal will be too busy to be a major force for them.

11 Wong Will Be The Sorcerer Supreme

Wong might have only appeared for a little bit of Avengers: Infinity War, but he certainly made an impression with his last-minute save of Bruce Banner. But with Dr. Strange taken off world, the sorcerer decided not to help the rest of the heroes and instead refocused his attention on protecting the Earth. He even says that without a Sorcerer Supreme, the world is open to mystical attacks that he can’t just allow.

Like Shuri, we didn’t actually get to see whether or not Wong was reduced to ash by Thanos at the end of the film, but we have a feeling that he survived that whole ordeal. In fact, we’re even predicting that if Wong reappears in Avengers 4, he’ll have assumed the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme in Stephen Strange’s place. It makes perfect sense and could provide the Avengers with a mystical ally in their greatest time of need. Wong is an expert on a lot of magic after all, and all that knowledge might prove crucial to the continued survival of humanity. Here’s just hoping that he hasn’t gotten eliminated too, because the last thing we need is Dormammu showing back up to wreck the place.

10 Pepper Will Have Had A Child

At the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, we find Tony Stark jogging with his fiancé, Pepper Potts. Thir relationship has been part of the MCU since the very first entry in the franchise, so it’s perfectly fitting to see them finally tying the know just as the (apparent) end comes for Tony. But before he’s whisked away into space battles, Tony tells Pepper about a dream he had, where the two of them had a child together. It’s a sweet moment and speaks to the vulnerability that he shows when he’s with Pepper.

But we think it’s going to be more than just talk, come Avengers 4. During an interview, Gwyneth Paltrow let it slip that she and Tony will have married and had a child by the time of the next film, which was a big no-n0 on her part.

That gives us a pretty good idea of where they’ll be when the movie is done. We’re predicting that not only will Pepper have a child, but it’ll be all she had left by the end of the movie. Having a child on the line is just going to push Tony even harder to save the world, and we don’t think he comes back from that.

9 Captain Marvel Will Join The Avengers

Captain Marvel so far is the big wild card for the MCU against Thanos. The space-faring hero hasn’t been seen in a film yet and was only teased during the credits sting of Avengers: Infinity War as Nicky Fury called her for backup. But she’s also one of the biggest deals in the Marvel comics and has been implied by Kevin Feige to be the most powerful hero in the roster. So it stands to reason that she’ll be able to survive the events of the upcoming Avengers 4 and take on a larger role than that.

We predict that even after the events of the movie that Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) will remain on earth and assume a role in the Avengers main lineup. And, considering how we think things are going to play out for some of our heroes, that makes sense. There’s going to be some vacant spots by the end of this, and we can’t think of anyone we’d rather have on the new Avengers squad than USAF pilot and all around awesome character Captain Marvel. And, real deep cut here, but we’re hoping against having a Binary bit down the line (wherein she gains the power of a SUN).

8 Thanos Will Survive The Movie

This might seem the most unlikely to come to pass but bear with us. While the entire universe is going to be gunning for Thanos, the mad titan is still one of the most threatening figures in the entire cosmos. Entire worlds have gone into hiding because of him, and we don’t think the character is going anywhere. The conclusion of the original Infinity Gauntlet comic sees Thanos seemingly blowing himself up to avoid imprisonment, leading most of the universe to assume he’s gone for good.

But in actuality, Thanos survived and relocated to an undisclosed planet, one that happens to resemble the world he went to at the conclusion of Avengers: Infinity War. There, he becomes a simple farmer and decides that he doesn’t want to try and change the universe. The comic actually ends with him passing by the scarecrow that he’s dressed in his former armor, a statement that indicates how he views his past actions.

It’s a quiet moment of growth for the character and something that we think Josh Brolin would make a genuinely beautiful moment. Plus, this way Thanos can come back in future stories. We predict that Thanos won’t die at the end of Avengers 4, and will instead, go into hiding.

7 Kang Might Show Up After The Credits

Look, we’re going to need a new big bad for the Marvel heroes to contend with now that Thanos (who served as a background threat for over ten films now) has been dealt with. And we have some suspicions about who that’ll be. Set leaks and hints from the production seem to imply that the next entry in the MCU saga will see our heroes breaking the time barrier to try and save the day before Thanos even realizes what is happening.

But a long established thing in the comics (and hinted at in Doctor Strange with how horrified Mordo is at Dr. Strange abusing the time stone) is just how fragile time is. And a lot of time travel (especially the amount the heroes are going to have to use to reverse the actions of Thanos) might have some unintended consequences, specifically bringing in one of biggest Avengers villains we have yet to see in the films. We’re predicting that Kang the Conqueror (a despot from the far, far future with an arsenal of weapons and tactics from across space and time thanks to his time traveling technology) is at least teased in the after credits sting, giving audiences a new big bad to watch out for.

6 Iron Man Is Going To Be In Charge Of A New SHIELD

With a solid half of the planet gone, it stands to reason that our heroes are going to have to unite together, and they’ll need a banner for the world to get behind too. The SHIELD that the world has known is gone after the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier, but there’s no reason the heroes wouldn’t pool those remaining resources to try and fight back. And in that kind of situation, there’s only one man for the job of director— Tony Stark. It’s not without reason either.

Suspicions about a time skip would suggest Tony would have time to bring together what remains of the organization. Comics Tony assumed control of the organization following the events of the comic book version of Civil War, and was actually doing a decent job before an alien invasion left him on the run from the authorities. And with the heroes needing to work together, we predict that Tony Stark is going to be in control of a new SHIELD alongside the Avengers. That kind of support system could help the Avengers bring the full might of the world alongside the next time they go into battle against Thanos and his forces.

5 Iron Man Is Going To Have Figured Out Time Travel

Set photos can be a good window into what direction these movies are going in. And, while we may not be able to get everything figured out just by looking at them, we can use them to make some educated guesses about what’s coming next for the MCU. A lot of these set photos have shown our heroes in costumes from various other points in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, like Captain America in his original costume and Ant-Man from the events of his first movie.

For the heroes to be dropping into such specific spots suggests that they’ve gotten a degree of control over what they’re doing, and that means someone figured out what they need to do for time travel. We’re predicting that in the time since the climax of Avengers: Infinity War, Tony Stark is going to have unlocked time travel for the Avengers to utilize. What their mission is anyone’s guess, but we’re interested by them seemingly going to various points from the past movies, and if those little changes to the time stream might butterfly into something bigger and unintended. This might save the day now, but it might not work out for the heroes in the long run.

4 We’re Going To See Some Long Lost Characters…

Thanks to those time travel shenanigans, we’re pretty sure the creators of the films can see some good opportunity for some good ol’ fashioned fan service on the way out. Just think, this could give us plenty scenes of closure for the original Avengers, especially if this is indeed the last film for most of them. Just imagine Thor getting one last chance to speak to Loki, Tony getting a final talk with his Dad, Steve getting the opportunity to properly say goodbye to Peggy Carter.

Those kinds of character beats are why we fell in love with the Marvel cast of characters in the first place, even beyond the spectacle of the films. So with the time travel unlocked for the heroes (and by extension, the writers), we’re predicting that our heroes will get some final chances to see their loved ones before they are removed from the story. And we mean it when we say these moments are going to be sad. Just imagine the inevitable moment between Steve and Peggy is already making us misty-eyed, and it’s just a theory for a superhero movie that won’t come out for another year. Superheroes are the best.

3 We’re Going To Get The Young Avengers Too

Here’s the bit of casting that got many Marvel nerds more excited than we’d expected— because we really didn’t see this one coming. See, the time traveling aspect of the movie sets up a time skip like we talked about with Tony. But here’s the thing about the Marvel universe, there’s an entire legacy of heroes who come up after the ones we’ve all met and continue on as superheroes in their own right.

One of them is Stature/Stinger, who’s Cassie Lang. As in, the daughter of Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man. Now, most of what we’ve seen of Cassie has been when she was a child. Exposure to the Pym Particles ends up giving her size-changing abilities without the use of a suit. She’s actually a member of a whole team of Young Avengers, all of whom are pretty awesome. The reason we bring this up is that Emma Furhmann has been cast as an older, Cassie, and we predict this is going to be a team of new heroes who are trying to help out a while after the snap. They could even pull some real time travel tricks to bring some of those characters back into the main movies as well, giving us a whole new slew of heroes.

2 Most Of The Heroes Will Come Back To Life

Here’s the thing about the finger snap heard around the world. It’s not going to be forever. We all know Spider-Man, Black Panther, Groot, and everyone who was dusted by Thanos is going to come back. A lot of them have future movies coming out in the next few years. The Marvel Universe is alive and well. Some of the actors who were supposedly eliminated by the snap have been seen on set and in-costume, filming scenes we have yet to see. And with something like time travel on the board, it would be more shocking if the people behind the Marvel movies didn’t reverse the effects of everything.

This is very much a Marvel Comics kind of story, and those stories almost always open with the heroes corrupted/removed from the board in some way. We’re predicting that everyone brought down by Thanos will be restored by the end of the movie— well, at least the ones brought on by the Infinity Gauntlet. People like Loki and Gamora are probably still gone, which is heartbreaking but fits better with the stakes of the story. And this doesn’t apply to the people down the line who might go down fighting Thanos and won’t have the time travel to back them up.

1 We’re Getting A Full On New Avengers Team With Them

We sincerely think this is the end of the Avengers as we know it. Many of the original six have expressed exhaustion with the franchise, and want to move onto something else. And on top of that, these actors are just getting older. Robert Downey Jr. especially just seems tired of being Iron Man. So this feels like the last big hurrah for the characters, and the beginning of something new. Especially if many of the predictions we think are going to happen, we could be looking at an exciting new Avengers team.

Captain Marvel and Black Panther definitely, alongside people like a newly minted Iron Man in the form of Rhodey, bringing Ant-Man and Wasp along with it too. A repaired Vision wouldn’t be out of the question, or a restored Scarlet Witch. And we haven’t even gotten into the possibility of who will replace Steve as Captain America. There could even be some Young Avengers who came with. What we’re predicting is that a whole new team of Avengers will be here at the end of the movie to continue on the fight, even if the original six don’t make it to the end credits. And we couldn’t be more excited to see the MCU keep expanding in all kinds of new, exciting ways.

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