25 Surprising Reasons Why Disney Is The Happiest Place In The World

Disney is known for their iconic movies and classic music. However, they are also widely known for their epic parks around the world. What brings everyone closer together are the messages and the meanings in the movies. Whether a child is going to meet their idol or a couple is jetting off for a romantic proposal by Cinderella’s castle, there is something for everyone.

The parks are filled with magical moments. For those who love the majestic animals of Africa, or would like to dine in Japan while they still in Florida, there are plenty of fun options. There are those who need the thrill and seek adventure surfing the large and tall rides, going down into a huge splash of water. There are other guests who’d rather stroll through the streets of downtown Disney World and watch live shows of the classic movies they once grew up watching. And of course, there are Disney guests who make this the memorable spring break for their young family. Lastly, the most magical proposals and weddings can be found at the Disney World park.

If that wasn’t enough to convince anyone to book a flight to Florida right away, than these 25 reasons may be more persuasive.

25 Childhood memories live on forever

As millennials are beginning to grow their relationship status from “in a relationship” to “married,” they’re also beginning to post a million and one pictures to their Instagram page, in the hopes of becoming the next mommy vlogger and baby product influencer. They will also be introducing the magic of Disney to their unborn children (you know, so they can know the songs when they’re born). The magic of Disney is real and it will always stay alive in the hearts of its fans.

24 4 different parks to choose from

It wouldn’t be Disney if they didn’t fulfill the wish and dreams of every single child and adult who walks into the Disney parks. Disney caters to every experience with parks that include characters, rides, culture and food, and a safari jungle to remember forever.

The main park is called Magic Kingdom, and it entertains guests with cast members from every Disney movie that interacts with guests as their played persona. They also treat spectators to parades, rides and attractions, daily fireworks and live shows. Animal Kingdom has a similar experience to Magic Kingdom, but it’s also home to hundreds of animals to fit the African safari theme. The Epcot themed park is dedicated to honouring the many different cultures, cuisines and languages that enter the Disney World parks. And, to top it off Disney’s Hollywood Studios graces the Disney parks, where more cast members, including the Disney Junior crew, appear.

23 it’s as large as a city

Take a walk around the old town of San Francisco and you’ll feel a little something in the air, but in a good way. A sense of belonging and happiness fills the entire space. That would be because Disney World is as large as the entire city of San Francisco, which is equivalent to 40 square miles. Disney’s park size and capacity to hold large numbers at a time, while being the most magical place on earth, and profiting a total $2.2 billion. Crazy!

22 free transport (and wheelchair accessible)

Disney World parks offer free transportation from the airport all the way to your themed hotel resort. In addition to your shuttle service to and fro, guests are bus serviced around each park. Furthermore, each of these Disney buses are wheelchair accessible at no additional charge.

However, for those who are not staying on site, it may not be as easy. See, Disney offers guests onsite a free way of getting around, but the moment you leave the front pearly golden mystical gates, the free service is no longer offered. Guests are then suggested to rent a car to drive back to their accommodations or another big attraction, like Universal Studios.

21 the food will be the best reason to go

Considering the list of foods that are served at the happiest place on earth, it is the best place for foodies. For example, on a long hot day, guests must check out the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor’s Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich. This bad boy is made out of two humongous chocolate chip cookies sandwiched between your choice of ice cream. Umm, yes please. Or, on colder days or romantic date evenings in the park, eating at the Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant is perfect, even if it is only to indulge in the signature French Onion Soup. Yes, you can make it gratin (baked with a layer of cheese).

20 Dole Whip – Enough said

But, beyond their signature and Instagram worthy foods, Disney World is also known for their highly praised and ultra yummy Dole Whip. The Florida Disney park introduced the world to Dole Whip back in 1976. Disney World cast members swirl pineapple soft serve ice cream into a cup and then they pour sweet pineapple juice on top. It’s both tangy and sweet, and a refreshing moment of pure bliss under the hot Floridan sun. And for our Instagram influencers looking for the next photo opt, the Dole Whip is currently hot on the foodie trend lists at the moment.

19 The cast members are as magical as the movies

Cast members at Disney World are nothing less than magical. Before their “auditions” (which is their hiring process), they’re thoroughly interviewed so that Disney knows they have the right stuff to work around children and to spread the message of Disney to everyone. The Disney theme parks offer children and adults to imagine and keep hope when times are tough. Cast members must be able to offer each of their guests that same feeling of comfort and nostalgia.

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18 Ability to travel the world without leaving the park

One of Disney World’s parks, Epcot, is where one could travel the world without leaving the bar. That may be a slight understatement, as you do have to leave the bar at some point to get from one inner country to the next. However, the meaning is clear. Imagine dining in Japan, taking an afternoon safari in Africa, and end the evening with a boat ride around Arndale, before experiencing Germany’s Oktoberfest. However, the most amazing experience may just be the underwater coral reef restaurant, that houses sharks and sea turtles, while you enjoy a freshly cooked seafood experience.

17 it doesn’t need to be a holiday to celebrate in a parade

Disney Parks offer guests the experience of a lifetime where it doesn’t need to be a special holiday (which makes the vacation state even more expensive), but save your pennies because parades don’t need a special day to celebrate happiness. However, if you do go during a holiday celebration, the parade is changed to meet the holiday occasion.

These parades include the best of the best, like Ana and Elsa, Nemo and Dory and their friends, the enchanting princesses, Moana, and of course, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. While most of them ride on the huge floats, there are some that dance around and interact with the crowd, making the Disney experience that much more memorable.

16 the fireworks are simply out of this world

At the end of an already perfect day, Disney World ends the evening with a magical and breathtakingly beautiful firework display. Guests are invited to stay around for the night showing of the lighting of the skies, every night at 9 pm, as Disney blows up the sky in reds, yellows, blues, greens, and sparkling whites.

For those who’d prefer watching with a view, there are certain spots in the parks that have free seating for those looking for a more romantic approach.

Fun fact: Disney Parks spend anywhere between $44 000 and $51 000 on fireworks per night, meaning the famed parks spend a large $18.25 million a year on the event.

15 Each ride is inspired by a movie

Back in the good old days, Disney World had an amusement park ride that would drop tens of floors. However, ancient rides, like the It’s A Small World boat ride, are a constant remember of the good ol’ Disney rides. Today, each ride is inspired by a different movie of the Disney classics. For example, the park recently opened Toy Story Land, there is the classic Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and you can even travel away on Peter Pan’s flight. And that’s why we love the power of Disney. Not only do we fangirl when we see our favorite character, but we can also feel as though we’re a thrilling ride-on version of the movie.

14 The park constantly grows

Every year, the Disney parks around the world grow in size and as a family unit. With new Disney movies coming out each year, their child-approved Disney and Disney Jr. channels being such a hit amongst children and preteens, it was no surprise to read that they had to expand every year.

At the moment, Disney World has characters from Puppy Dog Pals, Avatar, Elena of Avalor, and a Pirates of the Caribbean park. They recently opened the Toy Story park and are currently working on the Star Wars park and the wonderful French edition to Epcot’s foodie hotspots, a Ratatouille themed restaurant, celebrating the life of a tiny little mouse with big dreams of becoming a chef.

13 the Disney magic is real

There is something so gratifying about the Disney movies. Maybe it’s because I’m 26 and my idea of a perfect date night is five Disney movies back to back, with a campfire and some sandwiches, but it’s a special moment for those who need a little more oomph in their life.

When you travel to Disney World, it’s like you have entered an entirely new realm, where it’s okay to laugh until milk comes out of your nose and it’s okay to break out into song while waiting for the next ride. The magic in Disney has always been there and will always be there so long as they make movies.

12 The live shows are better than the movies and Broadway (sorry, New York)

If you’ve never been to Disney World, then you are truly missing out, especially if you’re a Broadway lover. However, one cannot put a price watching their favorite childhood movies come to life right before their eyes. Though some of the live editions of the films have new songs instead of learning all of those lines, they remain as true to the movie as possible.

When traveling to New York, one is expected to watch a Broadway play. The Lion King often goes to New York, and tours around the world, performing their live show using real people, and Disney has a new thing for recapturing the classic movies and turning them into exceptional live broadways for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention that an eight foot talking and dancing candle from the Beauty and the Beast is always fun to watch.

11 the architectural structures are breathtaking for adults

It’s safe to say that Disney World is a gorgeous place that fills our old hearts with youth and the ability to believe in fairytale endings and pirates, but Disney World is more than the magic. The enchanting park is also an architectural landmark, with every structure carefully planned out. Take a look at Cinderella’s very own castle, and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. This castle is also the main mark for Disney World, where most of the Disney proposals and where most people take their Facebook profile pictures. However, we checked, and Disney’s not hiring architects at the moment.

10 there are hidden mickeys everywhere

Disney World houses architectural engineered hidden mickeys. These “HM’s” started off as a hidden joke and are now considered a treasure hunt around Disney World for children and parents to enjoy finding, but they can only be found with a lot of patience and a keen eye. There is no known number as to how many HM’s there are at the Disney park, but it is safe to say that they are everywhere and at every park. In fact, an aerial view of Disney World will show that the entire Disney studio is a large Mickey Mouse silhouette. In addition to the aerial view that, let’s face it, without a drone you’ll never see, there are also books that document where these hidden Mickeys are. One book has so far counted over a thousand HM’s. However as time goes on, rides and structures close down and are rebuilt, taking away and adding to the HM count.

9 Adults also lose themselves in happiness

If it wasn’t for adults showing their children the magic of Disney, the new generation would have no idea what Disney is and was to all of us. As our children grow older, we as parents get excited about the fact that we get to take our children to the happiest place on earth. Let’s not forget that it gives us an excuse to watch the classics over and over again. So now, our children are old enough for us to fly our fake-boogie behinds all the way to Florida and act like children that our kids need to parent. As you step foot inside the DW park, you’ll notice a sense of belonging and a sense of nosralgia that, in Peter Pan’s own words, will make us “never want to grow up,” until the trip is over and we need to adult again.

8 Characters know how to handle tantrums

Disney cast members are known for the way they handle themselves, especially around children. It is their jobs to know what to do in the event of a birthday celebration, a celebrity attending the parks, and children who can’t wait to meet Cinderella! But, what can we expect after a long day in the Floridan sun without a nap time? Of course, there will be tantrums. However, cast members know how to handle toddler and children tantrums like a boss. In fact, there are a few videos on the internet that showcase how characters handle tantrums. Some throw themselves on the ground with the children, while others will patiently sit and wait until it’s over so they can take a picture with an exhausted child.

7 Disney has a “downtown” called Disney Spring

After a long day at the Disney parks, riding the rides and sword fighting with Captain Hook, there is always a good time to shop. In fact, there is a “downtown” to the Disney World park where one can “shop till they drop” (if they haven’t dropped after buying a plane ticket, hotel room and the park’s Fast Pass service). This is where guests can shop for staple vacation t-shirts, Disney memorabilia, kitchen accessories and home accents.

In addition to the shopping district, there is also a fantastic area dedicated to food, from elite recipes to retro pink diners for the most perfect milkshake.

6 There’s a water park

Above the entertaining rides and the hundreds of different characters walking the streets of Disney World, guests are welcomed and encouraged to cool down at the one and only Splash Mountain. Splash Mountain is also considered a ride at the Disney parks, where guests can ride through a 6-seater log boat around a faux-thorny bush that looks like the Elephant Gravesite from The Lion King.

After climbing into the log boat, the boat then goes around the flat site. It climbs 3-stories and comes down. That is when guests are welcomed with a cold splash of water, before returning to the exiting platform.

5 The animals are healthy and well taken care of

At the Animal Kingdom park, Disney houses and cares for many different species of animals. While they try to cater to the African safari feel, they also care for some of the ocean’s most beautiful creatures (okay, no humpback whales, but they do have large sea turtles!).

Whether the animals are on land or sea, vacationers don’t get to witness the most majestic creatures looking frail. Instead they are healthy and full of life. That’s due to the fact that cast members are the best of the best. They are experienced and trained for the types of animals they house. Giraffes, bongos, waterbucks, zebras (and that’s just to name a few) call Disney World’s Animal Kingdom home.

4 Cast members never get out of character

We’ve already touched base on the fact that cast members never get out of character, but there is one thing we purposely left out because it needed an entire entry to itself. Cast members are exceptional people; they make children and adults’ dreams come true. Unfortunately, there are guests who come to visit the parks and are held back from doing everything others can because of a physical limitation. While all rides are wheelchair accessible, there are some children who cannot communicate with their words, but only using their hands.

This was the case recently, when Mickey Mouse was able to sign to a young boy using the unique signs. This was also the case for Shaileen Mansfield, whose video of Tinkerbell and the young girl went viral. Shaileen was then greeted by other cast members also using the unique signs.

3 The rides are better than Six Flags any day

From the classic “It’s A Small World” to Alice and Wonderland’s Mad Tea Party ride, the Disney World experience is like nothing anyone’s ever seen before. In fact, it’s very common for DW repeaters to go back to the park and see that something has been changed, removed or added. Disney World continuously changes the park every year, and not just in a small way. Instead of just adding a ride here or there, Disney adds entire new themes of parks. For a lovely example, the Pirate of the Caribbean park and Toy Story Mania. Beat that, Six Flags.

2 The hotels are amazing, and the campgrounds are perfect for larger families

The Disney World experience isn’t complete without staying in one of their signature hotels and resorts. When we say resorts, we don’t mean a Mexican Sandals’ resort. Instead the Disney World resorts can range from villas to campgrounds. However, it wouldn’t be a resort site without a spa for the adults.

When travelling with a larger crowd who want to stick together, the campsites and cabins are a perfect way to vacation as one big happy family. But the best way to experience the Disney vacation is by staying at their gorgeous Disney themed hotels. Each of these hotels are decorated (and named) after a leisure activity, such as movies, music, sports and animation.

1 Everyone falls in love

If you weren’t obsessed with the movies and the music, then you won’t be crazy in love with Disney World. It will be an experience, but not the experience that everyone else is going for. But, for anyone else who attends the park, it is something that they will remember forever, unless they’re too young to remember. Whether you’re going to meet your idol, Snow White and her tough self, or even Stitch for the party animals out there, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re going for food, a romantic getaway, rides or the celebration for the Disney movies, there’s something for everyone! #Disneymagic #Disneyforever

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