25 Travel Destinations That Are Giving Us FOMO

We are seriously experiencing FOMO this summer, so to help everyone narrow down their search for the perfect vacay spot, we’ve made a list of some of the most beautiful places around the world that we all need to visit and visit ASAP. FOMO, a.k.a. the fear of missing out, is a reality this hot summer. This list will hopefully tone down the stress of choosing a beautiful spot, but everyone will still need to make a choice out of these options we’ll be exploring. From the sandy beaches of Los Cabos where the sun is shining bright to the culture hub of Toronto, there’s bound to be a place on this list that will help anyone quench that travel thirst in their system.

We also made sure to include quite the variety of places within this list so there’s no way everyone won’t find something that will jump out at them! Having trouble choosing your dream vacation? We totally understand, but after reading through this long list of some of the most stunning locations around the globe, that won’t be for long! We’re ready to explore the globe one vacay at a time.

25 The Beautiful Solta, Croatia

Solta in Croatia is a series of islands that all have their own unique and beautiful charm. You can even spend a day island hopping if you really want to take in all the sights. Or if you want to stick to just a handful of islands over the course of your vacation, that’s perfectly fine too. Many people don’t even think of this area in Croatia because it’s not usually mentioned in everyday conversation. It’s just a small place, but it has so much to offer to those who visit the islands. Not to mention the water is so blue and clear. It’s beautiful, you’ll fall in love the moment you get there!

24 Exploring Greenville, SC

If you’re looking for a travel destination that’s a bit closer to home, head to Greenville in South Carolina! With the southern flair that’s located here, you’re bound to fall in love with the food and the more laid-back feel of this location. There are tons of boutique hotels that will be able to offer some southern comfort as well, so you’ll feel like you’re right at home. It might even feel better than home! It’s a total revival here in Greenville and it’s worth exploring.

23 All Of Grenada

Grenada is such a special place, no matter where you go on the island. It’s a very quiet place that’s perfect for relaxing and taking that beautiful holiday selfie! There are many villas to choose from if you want to stay a while, and it often attracts the most adventurous people because of the colorful local culture that will help you open your eyes immediately to a bigger and better worldly view. You can even fly there straight from NYC if you use Jetblue!

22 The Classic Bueno Aires, Argentina

With so many different industries blooming in Buenos Aires in Argentina, from the arts to sports, this culture hub literally has everything you could ever want if you want to take a big vacay trip this summer. There are so many different activities to enjoy in the city as well. If you wanted to take an art class or learn something at a lecture, there’s something for everyone. There has been so much development as well to help encourage more traffic and economy throughout the country.

21 Los Cabos, Mexico Is The Place To Be

Los Cabos, located in Mexico, is a very popular travel destination. With so many different scenes throughout the coast, from the food scene, nightlife, or even the beach life, you’ll find all of it here. There are so many amazing aspects to this location that will allow the adventurous explorer and traveler to find their niche in something they love. Not to mention the luxury hotel industry is bigger than ever here. Everything you could ever want, you’ll find here!

20 Washington State Is Breathtaking

If you want to visit a place that offers a ton of sun almost every single day, then you need to go to Washington State. There is so much to see if you love a more natural approach to vacations and exploring different places around the world. There’s so much agriculture here and the place is full of individuals who love to practice outdoor sports. Not to mention the amazing selections of wine that come from this amazing state. You have to try everything that comes your way here!

19 Relaxing In Uzbekistan

While it might not be the first place that comes to mind when you want to start planning a vacation, Uzbekistan really is an amazing culturally rich area of the world that really needs more attention, especially if you already plan to explore on a global scale. This country is also very affordable to visit and spend time in as well. This area is also very rich in diversity. It is a must if you want to learn and relax all at once!

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18 Exploring Egypt

While Egypt has taken on a lot of stress from the world around them, the industry has also helped uplift this area of the world so people can really appreciate what there is to offer from this country. With some of the most important worldly treasures, there are so many fascinating areas of this corner of the world. If you love to explore, you’re going to seriously miss out if you don’t stop by here and discover everything you can.

17 Living It Up In Marrakesh, Morocco

A very artistic area of the world, Marrakesh in Morocco has been a hot spot for those who like to live a more creative and free lifestyle. The culture is colorful and totally unique. It’s an amazing place to explore if you have time to visit it and there are many art galleries to see, which is one of the biggest attractions for most people that make this trip. If you are looking to experience new things and really explore a fascinating cultural place, head to Marrakesh.

16 The Islands Of Fiji

Many people are very into the idea of the classic vacation with pristine beaches, which is perfect if you stop by the islands of Fiji. You can explore many different areas featuring exotic fish, life on the sea, and the reefs that you can see through the crystal blue waters. With misty tropical gardens and resorts around every corner, there’s so much to fill your time with so take one thing at a time and embrace as much as you possibly can!

15 The Booming City Of Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a beautiful mix of cultures, and runs the gamut from big city to rural. They have a massive creative center and they often have fantastic events to help excite people who are visiting and those who live there full time. They’ve even gone out of their way to make it easier to travel there as well. Many airlines now allow you to fly there nonstop so you don’t have to worry about constant stops and wastes of time. You can just fly right there and enjoy the start of your vacation!

14 The Bright Stars Of Zambia

Zambia isn’t always the first place you think of feeling FOMO during summer vacation, but we’re going to be honest with you when we say that this place is beyond stunning. You can find everything from the safaris to the wide array of nature and animals. If you want to connect with nature and find a deeper meaning within your day-to-day life even after vacation, you need to stop by Zambia and explore until your heart’s content. It’s a magical place that needs more love and attention.

13 Finland Meets The Archipelago Sea

The Archipelago Sea in Finland contains so much shoreline, more than anywhere else in the world with its huge amount of islands you can travel to. While it’s not the most popular place for tourists because it can be difficult to get there, it really is worth it. You can find very cheap flights and you can really embrace the bright sun at all hours of the day, even at night. Some islands are even family owned and will let you stay there for a very affordable price.

12 Colombia And The Coast

The coast of Colombia is a place you need to see before your vacation is up. It’s full of amazing markets, resorts that embrace the land around it, and most of all, it’s so easy to get there and travel around, especially with all the boats you can take to the different areas of the coast. It’s a great location to soak in the sun and enjoy the thermal springs, which is quite rare to find in many other areas of the world. Will you be dropping by?

11 The Falls In Argentina

The massive falls in Argentina are a sight to behold. You can even take a jungle train to really glam up your holiday trip, especially if you want to save money on transportation. There are even trails you can hike that are led by informative biologists as well. Many other activities include a spa day or a nice picnic at any number of the locations they have to offer. Most of these activities come with the resorts in the area.

10 Italy Is The Place To Be

Italy has so much to offer to those who have the time to plan a vacation there. Not only is there natural beauty all around, but there are also exquisite resorts and cities to explore. This is a wonderful vacay spot for those who have family since there’s literally something for everyone to enjoy no matter what kind of hobbies you happen to be into. Whether you want to go to a private beach or try the local wines, you’ll enjoy every second of it in Italy.

9 Views In Montenegro

Montenegro offers so much more than what most people would think. They have had a huge recent expansion in the hotel scene so there are resorts everywhere, but it’s also a little quiet coastal town that will allow you to reflect on your thoughts and goals. If you love warm places and European flair, this is the spot for you, especially if you want to see all the changes happening across the landscape because of development.

8 Toronto Is A Culture Hub

If you’re in the states and you don’t want to travel super far, Toronto in Canada is a great choice, especially if you love the complex community that’s been built over the years around fresh youth culture in music, art, and fashion. The city is so full of excitement it’s not really a question as to why this spot has become the newest culture hub on the map. Plus, this city is also in love with vintage flair, which is always nice. This hub has become an international center of community and growth.

7 The Architecture Of South Korea

South Korea might not be on everyone’s bucket list, but it should be and here’s why: South Korea has so much rich history and culture, it’s a place where young and old have their own unique roles in society, and it has shaped the culture of the land to reflect that. This unique area of the world that is changing every single day. Not to mention it’s so beautiful here. Everywhere you look there’s something you’ll want a picture of!

6 San Antonio, The Fast City

San Antonio is a city that has no limits. It’s not exactly what you expect when you think of having your vacation in Texas, but it offers so much more than you might ever think. There are tons of events and festivals hosted in the city, plus there’s some amazing old history here that has been transformed to fit into the modern world, making it unique and unlike any other place you’ve seen. Be sure to take tons of photos!

5 The Culture Of Valletta In Malta

Malta is surrounded by beautiful waters that are dotted with colorful boats. It has a very special charm and it’s basically the same as going to Sicily, but not as many tourists stop by here, which is what you want when you’re on vacation and trying to relax, right? There is a very strong African vibe here but still with a Mediterranean twist you might not expect, especially with these two cultures combined. It’s a must-see stop on your bucket list, even if you just want to see the Carnival.

4 All Of Ireland Is A Must-See

Just picture rolling green fields that go on and on for miles. Dotted with old castles and beautiful horses, the wind in your face and a small chill in the air, Ireland is the place to be. No matter where you go in this beautiful country you’ll have so much fun and you’re bound to enjoy every second of it, especially if you have roots in Ireland. It’s always fun to see your history right there in front of you.

3 The History Rich Jordan

While it might not be full of lush lands and waterfalls, Jordan has so much more to offer than you might think. Very big history lovers have been brought here out of their own curiosity because of the landmarks, and the lost cities. While it’s not the safest place to visit right now because of the current climate, it is still an interesting place to add to your list of places to visit someday.

2 The Wonderful City Of Bangkok, Thailand

A city that shows the modern mixed with the classic and traditional, Bangkok in Thailand offers so much to those who visit the city. It has a seriously rich culinary industry that keeps the world watching, not to mention the massive feats of technology that have made this city stand apart more than you could ever understand. So much is changing here. It’s about time we give the attention to where it should be! There are so many amazing things to see here in this beautiful city.

1 Who Can Forget Mauritius?

Last but not least, we have Mauritius! This is another very tropical destination that is very remote and quiet. Located on the coast of Africa, many new airlines have now added this destination to their flight choices, which is a very big jump in advancement they needed. There are many new resorts popping up but still the goal has been to keep this spot quiet and relaxed moving forward.

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