5 INSANE Stories Of Celebrities Suing Other Celebrities

Every day there seems to be a story about a celebrity lawsuit. Whether it is a celebrity suing a company or another person, a celebrity involved in a lawsuit is no big deal these days. In fact, it has sadly kind of become the new normal. What isn’t normal though, is celebrities suing celebrities. Yes, there are cases of bad blood, famous feuds, and even Twitter wars but, in general, something really bad has to happen for a celeb to drag another celeb into court.

However, there are some cases where celebrities sue other celebrities for the most insane and ridiculous reasons. Check these five insane stories of celebrities suing other celebrities. They prove that a person can pretty much sue for any reason, especially if you are a famous person.

Rob Delaney vs. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries was the subject of a lawsuit against her only, filed by stand up comedian Rob Delaney. According to the lawsuit, Delaney believed the marriage was a scam and sued the reality star for ruining the true meaning of marriage. He also included Keeping Up With The Kardashians producer Ryan Seacrest in the suit for promoting and profiting off the shame of a marriage. The case clearly had no merit and was tossed out. However, the comedian did gain a lot of attention and support for his take on celebrity marriage.

Mariah Carey vs. Mary Carey

Mariah Carey took legal action to make sure that she would never be confused with porn star later turned politician Mary Carey. Back in 2006, the singer went to great lengths to protect her brand, when Mary applied to trademark her name Mary Carey. The ‘All I Want For Christmas’ singer felt the two names were confusing to her fans and that Mary was capitalizing on Mariah’s famous moniker. In the end, the courts agreed with the singer and the adult film actress, whose real name is Mary Ellen Cook, was blocked from using the moniker.

Nicolas Cage vs. Kathleen Turner

Nicolas Cage brought a libel case against his Peggy Sue Got Married co-star Kathleen Turner after she wrote some false details about him in her 2008 memoir, Send Yourself Roses. In the book, the actress claimed Cage had been arrested twice for drunk driving and that he had also stolen a Chihuahua. Along with suing Turner he also brought a lawsuit against her publisher and the Daily Mail, who published an excerpt from the book. In the end, the lawsuit was settled with all parties, including Turner, apologizing to the actor for the false claims and making a donation to the charity of his choice The National Adult Protective Services Foundation.

Lindsay Lohan vs. Pitbull

Thanks to her public arrests and stints in rehab, Lindsay Lohan has been the butt of many jokes for years. Although for the most part she kind of rolled with the punches, there was one line in a Pitbull song that was apparently too much for her to handle. In the song ‘Give Me Everything’ there is a line that goes “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” The actress sued the singer claiming the line violated her privacy and caused her emotional distress, which is insane considering there were many worse things said about her back then. Pitbull countersued Lohan for making such a weak claim against him. The case was of course eventually thrown out, because the line was protected by the constitution under the First Amendment since it was viewed as art.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Jay-Z

Everyone knows who Jay-Z is, however, unless you are a wrestling fan, you might not know Diamond Dallas Page. He was one of the top wrestlers in the World Championship Wrestling world and has a signature symbol that he uses at the end of each match called The Diamond Cutter. When Jay-Z started using a similar symbol during his concerts and in his videos, the wrestler took him to court for copyright infringement. A lawsuit for a hand symbol is crazy, but when all was said and done the rapper had to pay up in order to end the case. The amount Jay-Z ended up pay Diamond Dallas Page was never disclosed.

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