The 7 Most Awkward & Hilarious Moments From ‘Drag Race’ Season 10’s "Snatch Game"

The event that many queens call the Christmas of Drag Race has finally come and gone: The RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 "Snatch Game." It’s a recurring challenge on the show where queens are tasked with doing their best celebrity impression, and it aired on Thursday night, featuring celebs from all corners of popular culture, including, but not limited to Beyoncé (for the third time in Drag Race "her-story"), Maxine Waters ("Reclaiming my time!"), and Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson.

Sports Illustrated cover star, Kate Upton, and six-time Tony award winner, Audra McDonald, played "Snatch Game" alongside the Season 10 competitors, where they wrote answers to Ru’s questions on notecards. The object of the game for the queens: Match their answers, and, more importantly, be funny as hell.

It being Episode 7, the stakes were high, which fueled some queens to do the best comedy their acts have seen, while others buckled under pressure. This made for some doubled-over-cackling, hilarious moments, but it also made for some incredibly cringe-worthy awkward ones. Although the game in its entirety is worth a watch for some quality entertainment, here are some impressionable highlights — no pun intended.

Monét X Change Brought Maya Angelou Back To Life

"Do you know why the cage bird sings?" Monèt asked Ru in a Maya-esque, low and slow tone. "Because Mariah Carey lost the key." Donning her peach-toned sunglasses, Monét as Maya was throwing shade all night long. She even prepared an original soliloquy to "inform" the hostile queens when things got heated, which ended with the line, "Maya Angelou ain’t no punk b*tch."

Aquaria Was Actually Funny

Up until this point, Aquaria has carried herself through the competition as a look queen, being outshone by other queens’ large personalities. To everyone’s surprise, she made a genius decision by choosing to impersonate someone as "cold and aloof" as she is — Melania Trump, and she hit the nail on the head with her act.

She introduced her character by presenting Ru with a boxed wrapped in a familiar shade of turquoise from "Trinity’s" with a note inside that read "HELP ME" in bold red letters. And even when the spotlight wasn’t on her, she embodied Melania with a confused, blinking expression and an accent to boot. Not to mention, her makeup, hair, and outfit was dead-on Mrs. Trump.

Asia O’Hara And The Vixen Played A Fierce Mother-Daughter Act of Beyoncé And Blue Ivy

Fierce in the worst way. The queens knew they were taking on a risk by choosing to play two icons whose personalities remain a mystery to the public (Do you know what Blue Ivy’s voice sounds like? Didn’t think so.), but they decided to accept the challenge. Their lack of material to work from showed in their inability to interject or offer commentary without resorting to shallow digs at the other queens — Asia especially. When she wasn’t playing mean momma Beyoncé or making stiff references to "Lemonade," she was eating up the awkward silence, and The Vixen resorted to whining when it was obvious she didn’t know what else to say.

Eureka O’Hara Took Southern Queen To A Whole New Level

Queen Eureka is from Tennessee, and her accent has always been present on the show, so it’s no surprise that she knew how to channel a southern child pageant queen to a T. Constantly flailing her goldilocks from side to side in true Honey Boo Boo fashion, she took frequent soda and sugar stick breaks and answered all of Ru’s questions by doodling pictures on her notecards.

No One Knows Who Miz Cracker Impersonated

In Ru’s pre-challenge work room walkthrough, he inquired with Miz Cracker about who she planned on impersonating. She decided on Dorothy Parker, whom Ru was concerned about being unrecognizable to a mass audience. I hate to say it, but Ru was right. Parker was a 20th Century poet and satirist, but all that was apparent in Miz Cracker’s drag was that she was a dark-haired, grumpy lady who liked to smoke.

Kameron Michaels Played Up Her Muscles

Kameron has been known as the "muscle queen" throughout this entire season, as she admittedly works out six days a week, according to the show. So, she played it to her advantage for "Snatch Game" by impersonating a WWF professional wrestler, Chyna. Although she was more quiet than some of the others, she provided some laughs with her rattling protein shaker and free weight lifting while the others bantered.

Monique Heart Struggled As Maxine Waters

Although she started off strong holding up her "Impeach Trump" sign and chanting "The Cheeto has to go," her humor was quickly overshadowed by the other queens, and she found herself tangled in the awkward mess that was the battle of Blue and Queen Bey.

The queens left the "Snatch Game" stage unsure of whose win it was. But after a "Mermaid Fantasy" themed runway, Aquaria’s oil spill-inspired couture was the fishiest of them all, and combined with her best Melania, gave her the gold. That marks her second maxi-challenge victory of the season, but will it be enough to take her to the race’s end? We’ll have to wait and see.

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