8 Best Diffuser Oil Refills 2021 | The Sun UK

A REED diffuser is a simple way to fragrance a room and you don't have to worry about leaving it unattended like a scented candle.

The concept is simple: diffuser sticks or reeds are partly submerged into a glass bottle filled with strongly scented oil.

The reeds draw up the oil and slowly release the fragrance into the room until the bottle is empty.

How fast this happens depends on factors such as central heating, humidity and the movement of air in the room, but an average-sized diffuser oil bottle should last around three to four months before it needs refilling.

Some oil diffusers have aromatherapy properties that don't just smell nice but can make us feel good too.

If you’re refilling your diffuser oil bottle with the same scent that came in it, then reusing the reeds is fine.

However, if your reeds are looking a bit tatty or clogged in dust, or if you want to switch to a different fragrance, it’s best to replace the reeds too.

Some diffuser manufacturers, particularly supermarket brands, don’t make refills at all which seems rather wasteful.

So you are going to buy a new diffuser for your home, it makes sense to go for a refillable model like the sweet-smelling options we’ve rounded up below. Unwinding never felt so good!

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