9 Netflix Original Movies You Need To See In May

We are in the heart of Spring, and when we’re not outside soaking up the sun or getting our brunch on, we’re Netflix and chilling . . . obviously. Now that May is quickly approaching, it’s time to get ready for the monthly announcement of what’s to come next month on Netflix. When May hits, the streaming service will not only be adding some of your favorite movies to its long list of must-watch films — like Shrek, Disney and Pixar’s Coco, and Mamma Mia! — but Netflix has a lot of original films coming your way that you’re going to love.

In fact, there are nine Netflix original films coming to the streaming site next month, which means you have a valid excuse to stay in throughout the month and just chill . . . watch movies and chill, technically. Everything from dramas like Sometimes and action films like Anon will be available soon, so get your calendars ready.

Check out the complete list of Netflix original movies available for your viewing pleasure in May 2018 in our gallery now. Prepare yourself for a wide variety of movie options, which let’s be honest, is perfect, since you love to mix and match your film genres on the regular.

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