Adam Lind Can’t Get A Job Because Of The Negative Publicity He Receives From ‘Teen Mom 2’?

Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy is reportedly suffering due to his past role on the show.

Adam Lind is reportedly having some major financial struggles as he attempts to make child support payments to his ex-girlfriends, Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur, and on last night’s Teen Mom 2, fans learned why he’s having trouble paying up.

On the show, as an In Touch Weekly magazine report revealed on June 12, Lind and Houska came face to face in court to address their ongoing child support and custody issues and during their court hearing, Lind requested his child support payments be reduced.

As Houska revealed, her former boyfriend has no job, no car, and no bank account and blames MTV and his former role on Teen Mom 2 for his struggles.

“He went on this rant, that he can’t get a job because, ‘the publicity against me from MTV is negative,’” Houska told a friend after their court meeting. “You’re not getting a job because you did that to yourself, and because you were a huge d**k. Well, you are a huge d**k and they probably don’t want to work with you because you’re a huge, irresponsible d**k!”

In addition to his child support issues with Houska, Lind is also facing hardships with Halbur and in February, a warrant was put out for his arrest after he fell behind on payments totaling $16,000 for their 4-year-old daughter, Paislee Mae.

While Lind is no longer featured on Teen Mom 2, the drama between him and Chelsea Houska continues to be a focal point for Houska’s storyline and recently, it was revealed that he can longer spend time with their daughter, Aubree, without supervision. It was also confirmed that Houska was granted a request to add her husband’s last name, DeBoer, to her daughter’s name.

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Following the recent custody change for Adam Lind’s visitation, the former reality star shocked fans when he shared a photo of himself and Aubree outside of their court-ordered visitation center on Snapchat. A short time later, it was revealed that Lind’s parents had allegedly facilitated the violation of their agreement for the child.

“Chelsea let his parents have her for a couple of hours. It wasn’t their time to have her,” a source told Radar Online. “[Chelsea is] livid and won’t do that anymore. These grandparents haven’t learned a d**n thing. [One] can definitely tell where Adam gets the rules and law don’t apply to him attitude.”

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