After Missing for Nearly Two Years, Bobby the Cat from Montana Turns Up 900 Miles Away in Nevada

Homeward Bound just got real.

Bobby the cat went missing from his home in Great Falls, Montana, more than 18 months ago, but his 73-year-old owner, Kyle Peterson, never stopped trying to finding the feline, reports KOLO TV. And on Sept. 25 that persistence paid off.

On that day, the orange tabby was found roaming the streets of Fallon, Nevada. According to the Reno Gazette Journal, Bobby was picked up as a stray by Fallon Animal Control and brought to SPCA of Northern Nevada. A scan of the cat’s microchip, which he luckily had, revealed that the kitty had traveled more than 900 miles from home.

With the microchip information, the shelter got in touch with Peterson — who never stopped leaving out Bobby’s favorite food — to let him know his cat was safe and ready to come back to Montana.

Peterson, after hearing how far his cat had travelled, believes that Bobby wandered away from home and accidentally hopped on a train; not an unlikely scenario, given that there are tracks just across from his home.

Luckily, the trip back was a little less dramatic: A family friend of Peterson’s that works for Delta picked Bobby up in Nevada and brought him home to Montana.

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