‘AGT’ Live Blog: A New Batch Of Talent Wows The Judges In Round 2 Of Auditions

The second night of auditions kicks off on season 13 of ‘America’s Got Talent’! Follow along with our live blog for timely updates and all of the epic acts!

America’s Got Talent continues with season 13’s second episode of auditions! On June 5, the two-hour episode will consist of the craziest, most unique and windy creative acts, performances and talents from around the world. Here’s the deal: During the auditions, each act needs at least three of the four judges — Simon CowellHowie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B — to vote “yes” to to advance the act to the next round. If two or more judges buzz the act, it is eliminated. Now, here’s where things get interesting: Each judge has one “golden buzzer,” which is a chance to advance an act straight to the live performances. If you watched the premiere, you would have witness the show’s host, Tyra Banks hit her golden buzzer to push dance group, Zurcaroh to the live performances. Follow along with our live updates for tonight’s show!

Yumbo Dump — The sound making duo actually performed an act of making sounds with their bodies, without saying a word. They held up cue cards with what each sound was, and actually succeeded! It was so cool… and weird. “Sound of water dripping,” the first cue card read. And, they did it. “Sound of pulling a cork from a Scottish malt whiskey,” the second read. And, they did it. The same went for the last two sounds, “dolphins crying,” and the sound of a UFO flying. Each sound was created with their bellies! Mel gave the duo their only “No” with every other judge raving over their odd comedy. It didn’t do anything for me…so, I agree, Mel. — Moving on

Shawn & Lindsey — The married standup comedy duo had the most awkward skit that just didn’t work. Each judge gave the group a “no,” with Simon also hitting his red “X”. He even added that their performance was like “being at an awkward dinner party.” — Going home

Carissa & Michael — The couple, “Us the Duo”, who got married after six months of knowing each other, performed the most adorable original song together. The almost didn’t advance when Mel gave them a less than thrilled critique. But, she ended up joining Simon and Heidi in the “Yes” corner. Howie didn’t budge. Nonetheless, Us the Duo will advance! — Moving on

Lilly Wilker — The young girl lived on a farm and pretty much communicated better with animals than humans. And, it turns out, the animals were the inspiration behind her talent. She actually imitated the sound animals including a turkey, a duck, a dogs, a horse, a turkey and a rooster. She won over each of the four judges, although Simon wasn’t sure how far she’d advance after the next round. — Moving on 

Brothers Alejandro & Riccardo — Tumbling act

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