‘AGT’ Recap: A Transgender Singer Leaves The Judges Stunned In Gorgeous Final Audition

‘America’s Got Talent’ is now in week 5 of the season 13 auditions, and the contestants just keep showing off their incredible acts to the four judges. Read our recap of the June 26 episode now!

Contortionist Troy James is the first contestant to audition for the judges on the June 26 episode. He doesn’t tell the judges what his talent is. He makes them see it with their own eyes first! Troy bends over backwards completely and walks to the judges’ table while upside down! While he looked creeped out, Simon Cowell “loved” Troy’s routine. Mel B said it was “spooky but really great.” He’s going through to the next round!

The next contestant to impress the judges is Vivien Vajda, who was born in Hungary. She wants to show the world her passion for jump-roping. Vivien isn’t just an ordinary jump roper. She back flips multiple times throughout her routine. “This is the absolute definition of variety on a show like America’s Got Talent,” Simon says. Vivien breaks down in tears because she was bullied when she was younger. All of the judges give her a yes!

Next up is Joseph O’Brien, who is 20 years old and has never had a girlfriend. He’s never been kissed, too! He hits the stage and performs a sweet rendition of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” on the piano. Joseph is truly adorable. While Simon admits the audition wasn’t perfect, he likes Joseph’s energy. “I think you’re going to go really far,” Howie Mandel says. Mel B adds, “I absolutely adore you.” They easily give him the thumbs up!

Glennis Grace wows the judges with her rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Run To You.” It’s always a risk to take on a Whitney song, but Glennis has the pipes. “I feel like I’m looking at a star already,” Simon tells her. Mel B admits that Glennis sounded almost exactly like Whitney! What a compliment! With these nice words with standing ovations, it’s no surprise Glennis is moving on to the next round!

Freestyle rider Kenny Thomas walks on stage next to deliver the next jaw-dropping act. He pulls Howie to the stage and has the judge lie down on the ground. Kenny then takes his motorbike and bounces it around Howie, narrowly missing the judge each time. But that’s not the most shocking thing he does. He does a complete 180 with is bike! “This is exactly the kind of act we should have on America’s Got Talent,” Simon tells Kenny. The judges are in awe and send him on through!

Illusionist Rob Lake stuns the judges with his incredible act. Brian King Joseph leaves everynoe speechless with his amazing violin performance. He performs a gorgeous rendition of Major Lazer and DJ Snake’s “Lean On.” Before his audition, Brian reveals that he’s been diagnosed with a serious nerve disease that causes his hands to go numb. Simon says that Brian’s performance was his “favorite audition of the day.”

Brody Ray is the last audition of the night. He reveals to the judges that he’s overcome a lot in his past. He’s transgender and was born a girl. He was mercilessly bullied when he was younger. He calls puberty his “worst nightmare” because he became more female than ever. Brody says he felt like he was “trapped in a burning building.” Now he’s free to be who he wants to be. He’s no longer standing in the shadows. He performs a stunning rendition of “Stand In The Light” by Jordan Smith. “I believe you could be a force to be reckoned with,” Simon tells Brody. This is Brody’s time to shine. He’s a frontrunner already!

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