‘AHS’ star Leslie Jordan’s memorial held in Tennessee

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Hundreds of fans gathered to remember Leslie Jordan in his hometown of Chattanooga, Tenn., on Sunday.

The celebration, which took place at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium, featured music, singing, comedy, and audience participation, which was what Jordan’s family wanted, according to the local ABC channel.

Tickets were priced at $20 each and all the proceeds went to one of Jordan’s favorite causes CEMPA Community Care.

Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly spoke beforehand.

“If Leslie were here with us today, I would want to thank him for his contributions to our culture throughout his acting career, for getting us through the dark days of the pandemic with his wicked sense of humor, and for always inviting us into his heart and his world,” Kelly said. “Leslie opened himself up to all of us and never stopped sharing the love and light he carried within.”

The memorial date was posted on the actor’s Instagram account featuring a recent photo next to an adorable black-and-white photo of Jordan as a child.

“We will never say goodbye. We will keep you alive in our memories and with your stories. Funeral and Memorial, 11/20/22 — Chattanooga, Tennessee,” read the caption.

Plenty of celeb pals commented on the post, including Justin Long.

“If there is a way to access Instagram in the hereafter, I feel like Leslie is checking these messages and being ‘tickled’ by them. I remember once referring to people following him on here as “followers” and he corrected me, ‘I prefer to call them friends,’” he said.

Jordan appeared in both “Will & Grace” and “American Horror Story.”

©NBC/Courtesy Everett Collectio

Jordan appeared in both “Will & Grace” and “American Horror Story.”

©FX Networks/Courtesy Everett C

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