Aidy Bryant Reveals Doctors Have Given Her Unsolicited Gastric Bypass Advice

“They assume that’s the reason I’m there at the doctor’s office.”

“Shrill” star Aidy Bryant has brought a lot of her real life experiences into the Hulu series — including an interaction with a doctor in the upcoming third season in which her physician recommends gastric bypass surgery to lose weight, unsolicited.

Speaking with the Washington Post about the new season, Bryant revealed that, in real life, she was told by a doctor “people do it all the time,” even though she hadn’t asked about or mentioned losing weight.

In fact, the “SNL” star said the conversation happened during a routine checkup ahead of filming “The Big Sick,” as is standard for insurance purposes.

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“Their assumption is that I have that as a goal, and just by looking at me, they assume that’s the reason I’m there at the doctor’s office,” she explained. “And there’s an assumption that if you’re fat, you’ve given up on yourself. And it’s like, I exercise all the time. I don’t eat doughnuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Bryant has been very vocal about reclaiming the term “fat,” telling the Post, “It is a descriptor and, like, I am fat.”

“To me, it’s like taking the power out of it. It doesn’t have to be so loaded,” she explained of using the word herself. “It’s just true, and sitting with that, it makes it easier for me. It just feels a little less frightening.”

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She also opened up about how the show is changing the way women like her are seen having sex on screen.

“I can think of about a million examples, and I won’t name names, where sex between a plus-sized woman and a man is represented by her jumping on him and then he falls over,” she explained. “That’s a classic. And there’s something so demeaning and devastating about that to me. It feels like trying to joke it away rather than sincerely finding an actual funny moment. In a normal sex scene between two normal-sized people, you could still find comedy in that. And I think our show does.”

The third and final eight-episode season of “Shrill” debuts May 7 on Hulu.

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