Alan Titchmarsh reveals his 'stunning' garden for the first time EVER

Alan Titchmarsh gives fans a rare glimpse of the garden at his Georgian farmhouse, boasting ten mini waterfalls and a wildflower meadow – and viewers brand it ‘heavenly’

  • Alan Titchmarsh, 70, revealed his garden to viewers for first time ever last night
  • It was featured on ITV’s Fifty Shades of Green and viewers were left impressed
  • Many praised broadcaster’s garden with one comparing the size to ‘a county’  

Alan Titchmarsh has revealed a rare glimpse of the ‘gorgeous’ garden at his grade II listed Georgian farmhouse – and impressed viewers branded it ‘simply heaven.’ 

In last night’s episode of ITV’s Fifty Shades of Green with Alan Titchmarsh, 70, the broadcaster celebrated half a century spent in gardens around the world and visited his favourite horticultural locations around the UK, but he saved the best until last – his own.

He’s previously revealed photos of the garden at his Hampshire home, but last night was the first time he’s ever allowed a film crew to visit the four-acre garden, boasting 10 mini waterfalls and a wildflower meadow. 

‘It’s only now that I’ve been happy to let the cameras in for the first time,’ he explained. ‘It’s here to impress me really, and to please me and my family and to be a place I want to go out into and to be in.’   

And it wasn’t long before green-fingered viewers took to social media in praise of the garden, which features ten mini waterfalls and a water fountain – with one even asking for a special hour programme dedicated to it.

‘So, I’m off to live at Alan Titchmarsh’s. What a stunning garden and a lovely man,’ enthused one, while a second penned: ‘Wowsers! Titchmarsh’s garden … or should that be county!!’

Alan Titchmarsh (pictured) revealed his own garden for the very first time in last night’s episode of ITV’s Fifty Shades of Green with Alan Titchmarsh

Viewers were left astounded by the  impressive greenery – including the impressive water feature (pictured)

While one who tuned in branded it ‘simply heaven,’ another dubbed it their ‘dream garden.’ Pictured, ten mini waterfalls surrounded by colourful plants and sculptures

Following the episode, one viewer joked: ‘So, I’m off to live at Alan Titchmarsh’s. What a stunning garden and a lovely man.’ Pictured, an array of bright plants

Viewers enjoyed the episode so much, one even requested an hour-long special just featuring Alan’s garden

A third commented: ‘Thanks Alan for that wonderful hour of TV and letting us see your beautiful garden,’ while a fourth added: 

‘So, I’m off to live at Alan Titchmarsh’s. What a stunning garden and lovely man.’ 

Before offering viewers a tour of his outstanding masterpiece, Alan explained he has been in the house with his family for 17 years – so everything in the garden is less than 17-years-old.

‘There is a moment at half past 11 on a June day that the sun shows right down that reel and turns each of those ten tiny waterfalls silver – and I can set my watch and it’s lovely,’ he said, showing off one of its standout features. 

He continued: ‘Because it’s an old Georgian farmhouse I wanted to create a garden that was to a degree in keeping with it. And as with a lot of houses, the best thing to do is to have the formal buts nearer the house and the informal bits further away.’ 

‘So I wanted a big terrace going right down one side – and I’m particularly fond of this view. In a way it’s the signature view of my garden.’

Alan’s garden boasts several water features (pictured) along with a big terrace which runs right along one side

Alan took viewers on a journey of his garden – including the shed where he keeps all of his tools (pictured)

One viewer was astounded by the size of the gardener’s surroundings and compared it to a ‘county’ (pictured) 

And many who tuned in were left inspired by Alan’s garden – with one even calling it ‘simply heaven.’ 

‘Alan Titchmarsh is one of the most genuinely lovely people on TV and his garden is not too shabby either. Quite rightly at number 1,’ wrote one, while another penned: 

‘Alan, your garden is what dreams are made of, simply heaven,’ wrote a further, while a fourth added: ‘Alan’s garden looked fantastic (not surprisingly). 

Another penned: ‘I enjoyed #FiftyShadesOfGreen with Alan Titchmarsh, especially his wild garden,’ while a further wrote: ‘Loved this but so glad Alan’s was number 1. So beautiful too.’ 

While no one could deny the impressive scale of Alan’s garden, a few viewers offered the expert their own top tips. 

‘What an absolute joy. Have garden envy! But so many ideas. Some of which I’m going to have to persuade my son to let me cultivate in a bit of his! He had too much lawn,’ commented one, while another added:

‘I notice Alan Titchmarsh has no decking in his garden. Lovely water feature though.’ 

Others took the opportunity to provide some constructive criticism, with one pointing out: ‘I notice he has no decking in his garden’ (pictured) 

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