Alfie Deyes apologises for ‘living on £1 a day’ challenge

YouTube star Alfie Deyes is forced to apologise after challenge to ‘live on £1 a day’ is criticised by fans who claim he is ‘making poverty entertainment’

  • Alfie Deyes, 24, lives in a £1.7m mansion with his girlfriend Zoella, 28
  • The premise behind the YouTube star’s video was to survive on £1 for 24 hours
  • But fans were unimpressed with the influencer’s challenge calling it ‘insensitive’
  • He took to Twitter to issue an apology and insist he wasn’t ‘mocking others’ 

Alfie Deyes has garnered millions of fans – and a vast fortune – with his lighthearted YouTube videos, but his latest challenge has sparked a backlash.

The 24-year-old vlogging star had to issue an apology after social media users branded a video where he challenged himself to eat on just £1 a day as ‘insensitive’ and accused him of ‘making poverty entertainment’.

Alfie, who lives in a £1.7m Brighton mansion with girlfriend and fellow vlogger Zoe Suggs, complained during the challenge that he had to drink tap water – all while continuing to visiting his personal trainer and driving around in his Range Rover.

Alfie Deyes explained that he had set himself a challenge to spend just £1 a day on food and drink

Many social media users criticised the challenge taking to Twitter to brand it ‘insensitive’ and ‘making poverty entertainment’

The multimillionaire posted a statement on his Pointless Blog page explaining he’d seen other YouTube stars completing the same challenge and wanted to try it for himself.

‘I just got to Twitter to some people are unhappy with the video I just uploaded,’ he wrote. ‘I’m so sorry if this has upset you, that was never my intention. 

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‘I’d seen many others do this video recently and wanted to try it myself. Some people have seen the video as me mocking others, which I for sure was not doing in the video.

‘I’ve seen a few people asking me to the change the title to “Spending £1 in 24 hours” and I’ve since changed the title so it’s more fitting and less misleading. Hope this clears up some of your concerns.’

People responded to the post claiming it wasn’t enough, saying: ‘The point of the matter is, this is a reality for some, and you’ll never have any idea what poverty feels like. 

‘Making poverty a game or entertainment is straight up offensive.’

Another agreed: ‘Making a video on what it’s like to live in poverty all for the sake of clicks and views? Real cute. This is many people’s reality, not entertainment. 

‘One year ago, I didn’t have a job. Trust me, scraping pennies together for food is not a “fun internet challenge”.’

Alfie, who was seen in the video complaining about drinking tap water, managed to bag himself a pack of Krispy Kreme donuts for free

He managed to bag himselg a bargain at Tesco at the end of the day, spending 28p on a tin of beans and mac and cheese

Noticing the backlash the vlogger posted a statement on his Twitter page insisting he wasn’t ‘mocking others’

Many people didn’t appreciate the apology and pointed out that he had also monetised the video 

‘A classic non-apology. This basically says “sorry if you got offended but that ain’t my fault” not, “I take full responsibility for my actions and behaviour and I admit I acted wrongly on this occasion. I apologise whole-heartedly for the offence I caused”,’ fumed one person.

‘This doesn’t clear up any concern. Even my four children can see what an insensitive idea this is. 

‘Trying out poverty for a day surrounded by luxury just for YouTube likes is disturbing. The fact you uploaded it on the anniversary of Grenfell is disgusting,’ added one parent. 

‘Did I really just watch Alfie Deyes complain that he had to drink tap water instead of bottled water with ice,’ asked one bemused social media user. 

Many of his fans were quick to jump to Alfie’s defence, claiming that he

Some of his fans jumped to his defence saying he didn’t intend any offence, but others were less than impressed

Alfie, who lives with is girlfriend Zoella in a £1.7m mansion, was also seen driving around in his Range Rover 

In the video Alfie, who is wearing a £300 Apple Watch and two Cartier bracelets worth around £10,000, realises he can’t put ice in his water as it would count as expenditure.

The vlogger explained that the £1 was only limited to food and drink and so  documented driving his car around Brighton – and using petrol – to go to the gym for a personal training session and a shopping spree ‘which doesn’t count because it isn’t food’.

At the end of his day he’d managed to get a free coffee and four pain au chocolat for 65p for breakfast, a coffee and 14 Krispy Kreme donuts for free for lunch, and heading to Tesco at the end of the day for mac and cheese and beans costing just 28p.

He explains his day to his amused girlfriend as they settle into watch a TV programme in their mansion, concluding his success: ‘That’s insane, I am so happy.’

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