Alison Hammond accidentally knocks man into dock live on This Morning

Alison Hammond loses her balance and KNOCKS a sailor into Liverpool’s Albert Dock during a blunder on This Morning’s floating map – as viewers hail her the ‘queen of daytime TV’

  • Alison Hammond had been sent to Liverpool to present the weather forecast
  • Balancing on the floating map she interpreted what the UK could expect
  • But as she jumped from Scotland to Northern Ireland she lost her footing
  • Grabbing on the two male assistants – who were dressed in sailor costumes – for support she managed to knock one over and he landed in the water

Alison Hammond was hailed as the ‘queen of TV’ on Wednesday after a hilarious moment in which she accidentally knocked a male assistant into the Albert Dock.

As part of This Morning’s 30th anniversary celebrations, Alison had been sent to Liverpool’s Albert Dock to present the weather forecast live from a floating map.

It was a staple of the show back in the Eighties where shamed former weatherman Fred Talbot used to present in knitted jumpers.

But during Alison’s attempt as she was jumping from Scotland to Northern Ireland she lost her balance.

Grabbing onto her two male assistants – who were dressed in skimpy sailor costumes – Alison ended up shoving one straight into the cold water of the River Mersey.

Alison Hammond accidentally knocked in one of her male assistants into Liverpool’s Albert Dock during a live segment on This Morning 

As Alison attempted the jump from Scotland to Northern Ireland, she lost her balance and grabbed onto her assistants for support but it sent one of them straight into the water

The poor sailor was left sopping wet as he was helped out of the water by Alison and his fellow sailor in the hilarious moment captured live on the daytime show 

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were watching from back in the London studio and gasped in shock at the moment before they began laughing in hysterics at Alison’s misfortune

Viewers were in hysterics at the moment taking to Twitter to hail Alison Hammond as the Queen of daytime 

The moment on Wednesday’s This Morning episode had viewers in hysterics as one said: ‘Alison Hammond is TV GOLD.’

‘Alison Hammond knocking that guy off the map into the Albert Dock is some of the best TV I have seen in a while,’ added another.

  • ‘She can record this but can¿t secure us a good Brexit…

    ‘She’d say wipe your tears and get on with it’: Rachael…

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‘Alison Hammond is just the absolute best,’ gushed one.

One said: ‘Jumping from England to Ireland mid-weather report and knocking one of the topless sailors into the water, we don’t deserve Alison Hammond, QUEEN of daytime TV.’

The first segment aired earlier in the show went off without a hitch, but then as Alison began moving up the map things went awry.

The moment was hailed as a classic by viewers who called for Alison to have her own show

Alison had been watering somewhere in Birmingham and Wales before she moved up towards Scotland and then made the jump

Alison could be seen losing her balance before she slipped, she looked like she was falling but was then was saved but in turn the sailor ended up in the water

One of the sailors looked on with his hands on his head as his pal landed with a splash in the River Mersey, unsure what to do next

They began laughing in shock as the poor sailor was left under the water in his skimpy sailor outfit before being rescued by Alison and his pal

The weather assistant had to be helped out of the River Mersey, dripping wet from the cold water of the river

Alison gave the shivering sailor her cardigan to keep warm as they waited to be taken from the water back to dry land in Liverpool

Worried that he might catch a cold Alison took off her sparkly jacket and then wrapped it around the male sailor who had a beaming smile on his face

A flustered Alison confessed she was embarrassed it had happened after accidentally knocking the sailor into the sea

The assistant was later seen getting wrapped up in a towel after making in back from the floating map a little wet but in one piece

She had just poured water from watering can on Birmingham before heading to Backside in Scotland, which according to Alison was going to be ‘a little bit cold and a little bit wet’.

Holly and Phillip were watching from the studio and looked on with worry as her sparkly cardigan got stuck on the Welsh Dragon located in Wales.

There was a tense moment before she swiftly moved on but as she attempted the classic jump she stumbled on the landing.

Making it the first time round, Alison wasn’t as lucky as things went terribly wrong and her assistant landed in the water with a splash.

She gasped in horror asking the wet sailor: ‘Are you alright? I am so sorry!’

Flustered over the mishap Alison shouted for a towel as Holly and Phil were seen back in the studio crying with laughter.

Alison vowed to carry on saying it was ‘important’ before confessing: ‘Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed.’ 

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10.30am 

Still barefoot and dripping wet the sailor had a towel wrapped tightly around his shoulders as he walked off set to go and get changed

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