Amazon Denies Manager Called Driver N-Word in Viral Video — But Fires Him Anyway

He said “Nader”, apparently.

An Amazon program manager in North Carolina has been sacked after a viral video showed him berating one of the company’s own drivers.

The manager, later identified as Brad Boynton, drew heavy ire online when the Ring Cam footage appeared to hear him calling Nikolas Mayrant the n-word as they argued at his front door.

But according to Amazon, Boynton actually said “Nader” — the name of the person he was speaking to on the other end of the phone at the time.

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Nevertheless, Boynton was still fired for “bullying” the driver, spokesperson Kelly Nantel told TooFab.

“We were deeply concerned by what we observed in the video and opened an investigation into the incident,” she said in a statement.

“After speaking with both parties and working quickly to understand exactly what transpired, we determined that despite social media posts to the contrary, neither party engaged in racial slurs. ‘Nader’ was the word said by the Amazon manager in the video, and it’s the name of an individual he was speaking with on the phone at the time of the incident.

“That said, we do not condone bullying or harassing behavior of any type and as a result of our investigation, we’ve terminated the individual shown bullying our delivery partner.”

The video shows Boynton, with his back to the camera, holding the phone to his ear, as he lambasts Mayrant, stood in his front yard wearing his Amazon delivery uniform.

“I told you seven times to walk the f–k away,” he tells the driver, who then does… but not in a fashion the homeowner appreciates.

“Dude — on the grass too? Seriously? Do you not know any of the f–king policies?” Boynton shouts after him.

“Look at the grass!” Mayrant shouts back, making a not-entirely unreasonable point about the hardly-pristine lawn. “It looks like everyone walks on the f–king grass!”

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It is at this point he utters the controversial word twice; he does not seem to be addressing Mayrant at this point, but rather the person on the phone, which aligns with the company explanation.

However, the video was shared by Mayrant’s sister Heather Rose, in which she accused Boynton of racism, and several media outlets and social media users ran with that line — including civil rights attorney Ben Crump:

Rose claimed the argument began because Boynton was unhappy with how Mayrant had parked his truck, and began taking pictures of him and calling the company to file a complaint.

“I’m just so happy my brother decided to keep walkin & didn’t lash out. He probably wouldnt be here to today over an Amazon package!!!” she wrote.

She also claimed her brother was fired over the incident; however according to the Amazon statement, Mayrant is still a current employee. TooFab has reached out for further clarification on whether or not he was ever suspended over the incident.

Mayrant also started a GoFundMe, claiming he was suspended after Boynton sent the footage to his station manager.

“This is nepotism and racism at its finest,” he said.

“After waiting behind my van for no longer than 20 seconds, the individual slammed the door in my face whilst I was trying to deliver his package to him,” he claimed.

The GoFundMe page has since been removed; TooFab has reached out to GFM to ask whether they or Mayrant himself removed the fundraiser.

It is still unclear how the footage was leaked.

In the meantime, Boynton has reportedly taken down all of his social media presence.

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