Amazon Gives Lorena Bobbitt the Spotlight in a Docuseries Revisiting Her 1993 Scandal

“This was a modern love story. Boy meets girl. Boys falls in love with girl. Boy marries girl. Girl cuts off boy’s penis.”

Lorena Bobbitt’s story made headlines all around the globe in 1993 and made her a terrifying household name. Now, Amazon is releasing the Jordan Peele-executive produced docuseries that brings her side of the story into the spotlight. The four-part series, Lorena, re-examines the infamous scandal that began when Bobbitt went to trial for cutting off her husband’s penis. When the trial began a media circus, Bobbitt’s side of the story got lost in the frenzy, and the shock value eclipsed any scrutiny into the domestic abuse and sexual assault allegations she made against her husband, John Wayne.

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