Amy Schumer Was Hospitalized for 5 Days With This Horrible Condition No One Ever Talks About

Amy Schumer | Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Getting rundown and not paying attention to your health can make you more susceptible to illness. Busy star Amy Schumer recently experienced her own serious health scare while promoting her film, I Feel Pretty.

The star’s health scare was so severe, it landed her in the hospital for five days. What happened and what are the signs everyone should watch? Plus, why does no one really talk about the condition (hint: check out page 7)?

1. The condition typically starts like this

UTIs also start with pain. | Dirima/iStock/Getty Images

Getting a lower urinary tract infection (UTI) is common for women, plus having a weakened immune system can create the perfect environment for illness. Urinary pain, feeling the need to pee, and pelvic pain in women or rectal pain in men are common for a standard lower UTI, according to Healthline.

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2. These UTIs are easy to treat

Luckily, UTIs are very easy to treat. | Nensuria/iStock/Getty Images

The typical lower UTI requires a round of antibiotics and typically the patient feels better in a few days, according to Mayo Clinic.

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3. All UTIs are not the same

Upper UTIs are serious problems. |

UTIs that can be treated with home care and oral antibiotics remain in the lower area of the urinary tract. However, if the infection moves into the upper urinary tract, which impacts the kidneys, you are dealing with a far more serious situation, Self reports.

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4. Signs you are dealing with something more serious

These severe symptoms mean that something is very wrong. | /Wavebreakmedia/iStock/Getty Images

Beyond urinary issues, you may also have fever, chills, back pain and possibly nausea and vomiting when your infection becomes more severe, according to Self. This is when you have a kidney infection or an upper UTI.

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5. Schumer had this serious illness

Amy Schumer in the hospital. | Amy Schumer via Instagram

Schumer landed in the hospital for five days thanks to a serious kidney infection. Severe kidney infections require IV antibiotics and hospitalization, according to Mayo Clinic. The severity of the infection dictates your hospital stay.

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6. Can a kidney infection be deadly?

Kidney infections can land you in the ER. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Left untreated, a kidney infection could become deadly, according to Self. Your body could go into sepsis, which is where chemicals are released into the bloodstream, creating massive inflammation, Mayo Clinic cites. The impact could mean organ failure, septic shock and possibly death if your blood pressure drops severely.

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7.  Some people think UTIs are embarrassing

Amy Schumer in the hospital with her husband. | Amy Schumer via Instagram

Sex, poor urinary or rectal hygiene and even an STD are often thought to be the reason why people get UTIs, according to Mayo Clinic. Which makes talking about them a little embarrassing and sometimes people even lie about what’s really going on.

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8. This is Schumer today

Amy Schumer on the mend. | Amy Schumer via Instagram

The good news is Schumer is well and even posted this picture on Instagram looking relaxed and healthy. Her post said, “On the mend.”

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